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Use DragThing's Disk Dock to control volumes Apps
I love the new Disk Dock feature in DragThing 4.3 for Mac OS X. In the DragThing Preferences menu, click on the Miscellaneous tab and then check the box labeled "Show these items in a dock".

With the DragThing Disk Dock enabled, you have a "dynamic" list of some or all of your mounted volumes (disks, CDs, Disk Copy .dmg volumes, and Connected Server Volumes), plus you can include your "Home" folder and a "Trash Can" if you like. The items can be sorted by "Name" or by "Kind".

As with all DragThing docks, you can float docks on top at all times, or have a "Hot Corner" and/or "Hot Key" to bring them to the surface on demand. I prefer using the "Hot Corner" so that I can use the entire screen for work windows, but then pop the Disk Dock to the surface whenever I want to access a mounted volume.

Read the rest of the article for more information on using Disk Docks in DragThing...

Disk Docks can also be adjusted to whatever size you desire, they can be positioned anywhere on the screen, they can be set to grow horizontally to the left or right, or vertically from the top or bottom, and you can use Preferences -> Items -> "Show tool tip for dock items" to have the full name of the item displayed when the cursor is placed over the dock item (great for volumes with long names that do not fit in the dock at the dock size you prefer).

I like the DragThing Disk Dock so much, I've turned off the Finder -> Preferences -> "Show these items on the Desktop" setting for Disks, CDs, and connected servers, and rely almost completely on the DragThing Disk Dock.

I have only had only two minor gotchas with the DragThing Disk Dock. If you mount a lot of dynamically mounted volumes and the list grows too large, the Disk Dock has a tendency to grow off the edge of screen. The author knows about this. The other problem is if I want to copy the entire contents of a mounted volume (typically a Disk Copy .dmg volume). In the Finder, I would just hold the "Option" key and drag the volume to a folder and the Finder would copy it. However, all that happens if I do this with a DragThing Disk Dock item is that I get an alias to the volume. My current workaround is to use the Finder's "Command-N" command to open a Finder folder of the mounted volumes and then option-drag the Disk Copy .dmg volume to the folder of my choice to get a copy. I consider these two problems to be minor compared to the other advantages that the DragThing Disk Dock gives me.

DISCLAIMER: I have no affiliation with, nor do I receive any compensation (neither direct nor indirect) from DragThing or the author. The only reason I'm writing this is because I really like the new DragThing Disk Dock feature and I think that maybe DragThing 4.3 does not make the existence of the Disk Dock very obvious to users.
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Use DragThing's Disk Dock to control volumes | 3 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: CraigG on Jul 08, '02 01:09:17PM

I used this for a while, but found it very clunky (although I still use DT 4.3 for holding apps, utilities and current project folders and documents).

These days, I use a Prefs pane called DockDisks. When you mount a volume, the Dock restarts and said volume appears inside it (in a user-defined position). Drag said volume off the Dock and it unmounts (so CDs, for example, eject).

The previous version was a bit iffy, but the current one works every time on my G4/466 running OS X.1.5

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Authored by: wfolta on Jul 22, '02 12:27:45PM

I use the Dock Disk to manage things like CDs and disk images. I've set up a look-alike but normal Dock that has my usually-mounted disks in it, ordered as I want them.

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Authored by: ZooP on Jul 08, '02 09:36:21PM

Dock-It has been able to to this for a year. Not to mention its $10 cheaper.

Check it out :

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