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Using BBedit to edit system files Apps
Parts of this have already been submitted, but here are a couple of very cool things with BBEdit. I found them out while editing various system files to make my default paper size A4 (please, Apple, let's have a system-wide setting for preferred paper size!).
  1. If you open a root-owned file using BBEdit (either by drag-and-drop, or by using the command line), you will be able to edit it. When you start making changes it will ask you if you're sure; and when you save it it will ask for an admin password. Much easier than "sudo pico ..."

  2. What's more, if you drag-and-drop any package onto BBEdit, the package contents will be viewed in BBEdit's Disk Browser. This gives you a hierarchical view of the files in the package; and if you select a file (e.g. a .plist file) it will preview the file's contents in the Disk Browser. If it's the right file, simply double click and edit as in step 1.
Much easier than fiddling around in the Terminal!
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Authored by: dfbills on Jul 05, '02 08:22:02PM

You can open hidden system files with the open hidden command on the File menu. You can view and edit pretty much any file that you don\\\'t have ownership priveledges on, including locked files from within BBedit with the proper authorization. Nice!

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Authored by: Søren Theilgaar on Jul 08, '02 05:25:09AM

BBEdit is not only easier than pico, it also support Unicode, which is a must if you edit other than the English localization of files. pico completely fails to display unicoded files--well at least it displays them ascii coded, which is not human readable.

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Page defaults, the lazy way
Authored by: pettri on Jul 06, '02 03:23:17AM

There is a great product, "A4 Paper Sizes 10.2" avail from that does page default settings automatically. I am all for getting into the nitty gritty of the system but sometimes it is a lot easier and more productive to stand on someone else's shoulders.

have a Great day!

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Page defaults, the lazy way
Authored by: JoseyWales on Jul 06, '02 07:38:11AM
I did try this, but there are three different places I needed to change:
  1. The main printing setup file in System/Library/Frameworks (this is the one the A4 utility changes)
  2. The .plist files for my Brother printer driver
  3. The 'Normal' template for Microsoft Word - which affects Word only.
Wouldn't it be nice if everything took print settings from the same place?

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File group
Authored by: dperetti on Jul 08, '02 04:14:49AM
It's very handy to keep your favorite system files (php.ini, httpd.conf, system.log, ...) in a file group.
(New > File group)

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Default paper size in Jaguar!
Authored by: JoseyWales on Jul 08, '02 04:35:56AM

I'm happy to report that (according to ThinkSecret) OX X 10.2 - Jaguar - will include a setting for default paper size!

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Default paper size in Jaguar!
Authored by: JoseyWales on Jul 08, '02 07:04:53AM
Here is a screengrab - it's a setting in the Print Center.

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