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Try Proteus 2.0 for Internet chat needs Apps
I'm sure this isn't high on most people's priority list, but I'm so excited I had to share. I've been using Fire as my chat utility ever since I started using X. It has a tendancy to crash from time to time, and does so consistantly when receiving a message from someone using Web-based ICQ.

So I tried out the new 2.0 release of Proteus, and I must say I'm absolutely thrilled. Simply put, this is the best ... chat program ...ever. If you were like me, and thought you were stuck using Fire due to the lack of a Mac version of Trillian or the many other PC multi-chat programs, try this one immediately.
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A few things
Authored by: swgs on Jul 03, '02 10:11:28AM

I have a few things to say about Proteus 2.0. First off, let me say, i am not out to bash this program, it seems it would be very good, if i could ever figure out how to use it. When you launch Proteus, it gives you a setup assisstant, i liked this, since chat clients with many features can be quite difficult and overwhelming. Well the setup assisstant stops before it sets up any of our IM accounts. It just gives you a screen that says "go to prefrences to finish setting up your IM accounts". WTF!? Then when i do it prefrences, i never seem able to connect, it shows my buddies as offline.

Anyways, i dont mean to drag on, but my point is that its not a very good interface, the prefrences were just confusing. I think this is a great lesson that even if you use EVERY technology OS X has to offer in it's APIs, doesnt mean it will be a good interface.


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My (very good) take on Proteus
Authored by: Graphite on Jul 03, '02 11:38:30AM

I really wanted to like Fire.

When OS X PB was out, the thought of having one IM client for all my accounts was amazing to me, and I immediately downloaded Fire. I got rid of it quickly, mainly because I disliked the interface and it refused to stay connected for me.

But this is going to be about Proteus. :)

I found Proteus about 3-4 months ago, and fell in love with it. Now, when I first used it, it had a much more confusing preferences pane (something that's been specifically revised for ease-of-use in 2.0 PP). I have a technical bent, so I plodded through setting up my accounts (although it's not even that bad if you're somewhat familiar with the options), and it never gave me a whit of trouble with connecting.

The flexibility of the main interface was what drew me in. The developer had gone to great pains to add options for just about everything people requested on his forums. While it resulted in quite a bit of preferences to choose from, this means that you can set up Proteus to look the way you want it, from the contact list down to the dock menu, floater window, or menuling (it's your choice!)

The latest releases continue to improve on everything I liked Proteus for in the first place, adding some things I'd never used before (but saw in other programs). For example, there's a new "Message Conter" window, useful for saving screen space on multiple conversation, that is a new take on Adium's tabbed windows. File transfer is now included, although only on the MSN and Yahoo networks. A lot of the connection problems I had in previous releases (related to MSN and Yahoo, mostly) are history now, and I have an AIM, Yahoo, MSN, and two ICQ accounts all connected, all the time, without problems. I understand form the developer's forums that many people are indeed having difficulty, but I know from past experience the developer sees the posts, replies to the problems, and fixes them. Besides which, this is a preview version, released JUST SO we can find the kinks. :)

Anyway, if you use one IM service or another, give Proteus a shot, I think you'll find the interface a lot easier on the eyes. If you use more than one, and/or use Fire, DEFINITELY give Proteus a try, heck try them both (Proteus _and_ Fire). I know which one I prefer. :)

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My (very good) take on Proteus
Authored by: Zimphire on Jul 06, '02 05:44:43PM

Too bad the latest beta still has the same lame problems as the first version.

What is with all the lame proteus drones? Really, this app SUCKS!

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This is a Preview Release
Authored by: biscuit on Jul 03, '02 11:37:31AM

I've been using Proteus for a while now and its definitely the best Mac chat client.

Just remember though that Proteus 2.0 is a Public Preview at the moment, and does have a few bugs to be sorted out. Hopefully the final edition will be out in a week or so. Then it will undoubtedly rule the roost!


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Proteus is better than Fire
Authored by: usfgpm on Jul 03, '02 11:38:37AM

I was an avid Fire user for quite a while. I liked its features, but it crashed too much for me. I switched to Proteus and have been very, very happy. I haven't upgraded to the 2.0 version yet because the author mentioned on versiontracker that someone submitted 2.0 before he was ready and that it is still a preview. The finished 2.0 build should be out later this week, I believe he said.

Proteus (at least the version I am still using) only seems to crash or hang when my internet connection goes down and then comes back up. Also, when you first launch it and it is attempting to log into 3 or 4 services at one time, it can slow the computer down quite a bit.

Proteus' author is extremely responsive and quite actively developing the app, so I plan to stay with Proteus for the foreseeable future.


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Needs little UI work, but its good
Authored by: MadProphet on Jul 03, '02 11:51:14AM
I have used almost every chat client out there for several different OS's (mainly linux & BSD, not Winblowz) & I have to say that the feature set is nice, the preferences are real nice, the only problems/features I have had with it are:
  1. You can't say don't accept messages from people not in your contact list.
  2. Seems like the window focus is a bit off, it doesn't want to focus the IM contact window when you click on it.
It would be nice if the menubar icon had a submenu for service users and actions to take on them, then you wouldn't have to open the contact list to send a message to one person. Overall I am very pleased with this client & might even pay for it if the author continues to develop it.

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Needs little UI work, but its good
Authored by: MadProphet on Jul 03, '02 12:49:27PM

>>You can't say don't accept messages from people not in your contact list.

Sorry, this should have said:

The feature don't accept messages from people not on your contact list doesn't always work.. It's alittle flakey.

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Authored by: Zimphire on Jul 03, '02 11:54:01AM

I've never seen so many good Proteus comments in one place.

My luck with it wasn't as good.

It has a huge learning curve (yeah it's just a IM app)
When I did get it set up, it didn't work. Quit the app, relaunched, forgot ALL the settings.

Did this three times then trashed it.

I REALLY hope this isn't a release version. As it's a total dodgy build.

I'll stick with Fire and Adium,

Lets hope the author gets it right next time. This app looks like it has promise.

But as it is now, it's pretty useless.

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Authored by: Areh on Jul 04, '02 08:07:37AM

Mmmmhhh. Hard to understand. I never used any IM soft before but figured out Proteus right away. No idea what could be "difficult" about it. It's so obvious when you just think about what this app is supposed to do...
Also, for me, it never "forgot" any settings. Well, perhaps you'd want to give it anyother try.
It's not just you but that other guy saying it wasn't "intuitive". For me it is.
Anyway, please don't blame the program for your lack of brain power. This is not rocket science !

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Authored by: Zimphire on Jul 05, '02 03:39:27AM

Well it is a PITA to configure, and it DOES forget settings. ANd I am not the only person who has said as much. Macnn is ful of people having the SAME problems.

Proteus is a good idea, but until it get fixed or reworked, it's not replacing anything.

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Authored by: Jay on Jul 03, '02 12:23:35PM

I really, really like Proteus, but I can't seem to get it to work over AIM with my account. It keeps saying "AOL has been disconnected," but never seems to connect! I've tried changing the host name to the one AIM uses (which works in AIM) with the same results. Can anyone use their account with this? BTW, my Yahoo and MSN accounts work fine on it, and AIM works fine in AIM, so it's not a firewall issue.

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Authored by: Zimphire on Jul 03, '02 12:51:42PM

Seems a bunch more people are having problems with it as well;f=37;t=003798

Proteus, while a good idea, still needs TONS of work before it is a Fire or Adium or whatever replacement.

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Authored by: Maran on Jul 03, '02 12:52:44PM

I suspect, that like most 3rd party AIM clients, Proteus uses the TOC protocol which is what AOL developed for their Java web client. It is my understanding (and I could be wrong), that using the username/password is restricted to the OSCAR protocol which the official AIM client uses, and is additionally only made possible by changes to the newest version of the official AIM client.

I guess that AOL makes it very difficult (near impossible) for third party developers to use OSCAR, in order to retain advantages for their client. This is why no 3rd party AIM client (that I have seen) supports file transfer. iChat will be a different story, because it has AOL's official blessing.

I'm just trying to shed some light - there is a chance that one or more of the things I have said aren't totally accurate. I welcome corrections.

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try adium
Authored by: saranrapjs on Jul 03, '02 12:56:42PM

if any of you are looking for solely an AIM client, Adium ( the best one I have seen in my entire mac career. You name it, it does it, customization like you've never seen, and great os x design.

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I prefer Fire
Authored by: georgemp on Jul 03, '02 05:08:36PM

Sure, Fire crashes for me too. But, Proteus is pretty confusing to set up when u first launch it. After I finally got it set up, I noticed there is no preference for me to flash the dock icon or something like that on receiving a incoming message (or did i miss this? ). I prefer Fir because of this. I haven't used Proteus enough tho to make a real comparison, but this feature is essential for me. I can quickly look at my monitor screen from my bed and check if I have received any new messages (easier I feel than a message counter)....

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Authored by: Nafai on Jul 03, '02 08:28:42PM
I guess I can see how it would be overwhelming for some, but these are the same reasons why I love Proteus. Everyone I'm chatting with in ONE tabbed window, and TONS of preferences. The preference pane is almost as extensive as OS X's own System Preferences, hehe. Hasn't crashed on me once, or given me a hard time about logging in, icons are Mario Bros.. Can't get much cooler than that, hehe. Incidentally the only bug I have found is when you first install it and setup your accounts, they don't "stick". You have to open your account window *after* logging in once with your profile. I had that happen both at home and at work, so I'm assuming it's a known bug. But it wasn't any more confusing or less-friendly than Fire, imho.

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Ok tried Proteus again
Authored by: Zimphire on Jul 06, '02 05:48:16PM

The latest release STILL has the crappy setup process, and it STILL forgets all the information I put into it. And it STILL wont connect right, but crashes at attempt.

What did this latest version fix again?

Proteus should send out daily builds to more people. Obviously it needs more work.

I'll stay with Fire, it hasn't crashed on me in many many versions

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Goodness Gracious
Authored by: readparse on Jul 09, '02 09:11:58PM

Wow, I really had high hopes for this. I absolutely LOVE Fire, and figured I would like this one just as much or more. Here's a pointer for those who would write an IM client: <b>It's instant messaging!</b> It's not an IDE, or an office productivity suite, or even a web browser. Please don't make it more complicated than it needs to be.

Having said that, let's get specific. Yes, I agree with many other posters that the interface is extremely confusing and it's hard to even get a single account set up.

When I connected to AOL (at least I think I was connected, because I got booted off AOL on my other machine because of it), it didn't download my "mobile users" list, or whatever that list of "buddies" that AOL remembers for you.

Here's the absolute worst part. Having installed Proteus, connect to AOL. Now go to another machine. Connect to AOL. Hilarity ensues, as your new AOL connection kicks your Proteus connection (as it should), and Proteus AUTOMATICALLY reconnects, even though you could be on the other side of the world by now as far as it knows, which results in getting kicked off your new connection at the non-Proteus machine (or non-Proteus client, as the case may be). When you MANUALLY (as it should be) tell your non-Proteus client to reconnect to AOL, Proteus will once again get kicked off, and the cycle continues.

One could argue that there is a preference somewhere in the VAST preference field of this monster application that turns that off, at which point I would retort that an IM client should NEVER behave this way, even if you get drunk one night and tell it to. In cases where only one sign-on is permitted, the LAST sign-on should always win... always.

This is as far as I got. The interface sure is pretty, I'll give it that. I might launch it again when I have absolutely nothing to do, to see if there's any chance that I was wrong about what I reported. In the meantime, I have always loved Fire, and I'm in the dark when it comes to the crashing that others are reporting.


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