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Some general hints on using Entourage X Apps
Here are four general tips to ease your work with Entourage X.
  1. To speed up Entourage: Under the "Entourage" menu, turn off "Office Notifications".

  2. To stop bouncing Entourage icon in Dock: Go to General Preferences -> Notification -> When Mail Arrives and uncheck the "Animate" icon.

  3. To get more space for mail folders: The amount of room on the left side of Mail window is minimal; to increase it, go to General Preferences -> General, and then check "Display small navigation buttons".

  4. To successfully send email attachments: This works for nearly all email clients on nearly all platforms; select Mail and News Preferences -> Compose -> Attachments -> Encode for, and then choose "Windows (MIME/Base64)".
Tip #4 is the same for Outlook Express. Microsoft email clients on the Mac have problems sending attachments to Microsoft Windows computers. The preference setting to fix this is misleading, because "Any Computer" doesn't work for any computer. It's been like this for years. Stupidity on Microsoft's part, or are they deliberately trying to make Macs look bad? The truth is out there...
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Amazing hint
Authored by: Maran on Jul 01, '02 12:50:49PM

That small navigation icons thing is what I have been longing for forever. I never saw it though -- thanks so much!

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Amazing hint
Authored by: tetsuo_ on Jul 02, '02 09:14:43AM

Me too! I've always overlooked that one! Thanks!

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Authored by: asxless on Jul 02, '02 05:49:54PM

Thanks! I've always disliked those big navigation icons. I can't believe that I hadn't noticed the small icon preference setting before.

asxless in iLand

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encoding in
Authored by: mclbruce on Jul 01, '02 01:06:11PM

After this hint appeared I received two queries about encoding in Apple's Mail application. As far as I know there is no way to change the default enccoding in There are rumors other encoding will be added in a future release, but I don't have any inside info about that.

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uudecode in
Authored by: Noer on Jul 01, '02 02:22:03PM

Hmm... I still use Mail, because I like it (and hate Entourage). However, when a Microsoft Lookout (errr, I mean Outlook) user sends an email attachment, it always shows up as a uuencoded attachment (begin 600 filename followed by a bunch of garbage). Is there any simple way of getting Mail to recognize that this is an attachment, or allowing me to extract it? If I save the message as a file in the hopes of running uudecode on it, it saves it as RTF rather than ASCII text.

Ideas? (don't say 'use such-and-such mailer' - I like Mail best, it's just not perfect yet).

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uudecode in
Authored by: mclbruce on Jul 01, '02 06:31:02PM

Try dragging the attachment to the desktop, then dropping the resulting file on Stuffit Expander.

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uudecode in
Authored by: chip on Jul 03, '02 07:13:15AM

I too have found this wierd. But, it happens to me (every time) when I connect via a modem (either in my titanium, or an airport acting as a modem). If I connect as a direct ethernet device, the same message with attachment is perfect. So, the modem does this somehow. Anyone have a clue?


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Entourage encoding
Authored by: tomem on Jul 02, '02 07:37:17AM

I've been using the Appledouble encoding since Entourage appeared, assuming that was best for mail going to "any computer". My impression is that folks on PCs receive two files for each one I send, one of which corresponds to the data fork, the other to the resource fork. Sometimes the recipients seem a bit confused by this, but overall, I think they find what they need. I believe that the two files are encoded in MIME/base 64.

This seems best for Mac users, at least, who may be able to use the resource fork information. But is it really a problem for PC and Unix users?

Also, can anyone clarify whether this situation may or may not change in OS X, and how OS X is managing files with resource forks?

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getting rid of IMAP deletes?
Authored by: chip on Jul 03, '02 07:20:29AM

The thing that I hate most about Entourage is the inability to permanently get rid of deleted or filed messages. They keep coming back. If, after a large cleanup (I get a couple of hundred a day) I delete/file a bunch of messages, either none or half will return. If I open Entourage with the option key (which is a database synch of some sort), that will sometimes help to get rid of more - but usually not all by any means.

The only solution for me is to 1) use Netscape to delete stuff - it's usually successful or 2) use pine to delete stuff - it's always successful.

Any way to do this efficiently?

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getting rid of IMAP deletes?
Authored by: mclbruce on Jul 04, '02 12:40:34PM

Have you tried playing with the settings in
Tools: Accounts: Advanced Settings
Empty deleted items on quit looks worth enabling

Also, in
Tools: Accounts: Options
try enabling Download complete messages in inbox

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Use mail views, and hide the preview pane
Authored by: thinkyhead on Jul 04, '02 09:40:48PM

Mail views can come in handy if you have a lot of rules to move items to their own folders as they arrive. I keep just a small window open to the "Unread" mail view with both the folder list and preview pane hidden. All new messages appear in this small window as they arrive. Once I've read a few messages, deleted them, or whatever, I press Command-L to refresh the list. If I need to do any mail-organizing I just open a second mail window with Command-option-shift-N.

By keeping the preview pane hidden I'm guaranteed that spammers can't use embedded images or javascript in the email to determine if I've received their message, and I don't have to wait for complex emails to render before I can delete them.

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hide preview pane - good!
Authored by: mclbruce on Jul 05, '02 12:45:56AM

I wish I'd mentioned hiding the preview pane in my original post. I'm glad you brought it up. For me hiding the preview pane is automatic an any email client. It's definitely safer.

Once in a while I get someone who can't delete an email. When they click on the email, Outlook Express (or whatever) freezes up. Turning off the preview pane usually solves that problem. The problem email can be selected without trying to display, and then deleted.

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A sad day on Tour in my life...
Authored by: mattdenton on Nov 23, '02 09:55:33AM

I felt I had to share this small sad change: I've been waiting for Apple from 10.0 to fix up the Mail encoding issue (base 64/Apple Double etc) that both Outlook Express and Entourage have options for, and sadly after countless calls to Apple (and some clever friends), turning off our internal Mail server (back to the ISP), lots of testing and other hair-pulling experiences, I moved over to Entourage.

The absolute beauty of Mail is pulled down by this one fatal error: it can't send and receive all types of enclosures! I'm sure there must be more to it that this... surely. I took a file that Mail couldn't decode, copied the text, pasted it in to a little utility I wrote, decoded the base 64 file, and there it was, the simple JPEG I needed! BTW all the files that Mail wasn't able to open, when transferred appeared in Entourage.

Is this Apple with their head in the sand? And I know there won't be an export or AppleScript out of Entourage back to Mail...

Chow, a very sad...

M@ Matt Denton

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