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Access iPod MP3 files directly in the Finder Desktop
To see the hidden MP3 files on your iPod, you can use the Terminal or the Finder. To do this using the Terminal, open a new Terminal window and then type cd and a space, and then drag the icon of your iPod into the Terminal window. Type ls to see the directories present within your iPod. Note the one titled "iPod_Control" -- this is where you're going next. Type cd iPod_Control to switch to this directory. Take a look at the directories present in the iPod_Control directory. You want to switch to the directory titled "Music" with cd Music.

You should now see a number of directories, probably with a letter and numbers naming each folder. You can navigate to any of the directories using the "cd" command in the Terminal. Once in a directory, to open a new window showing that directory's contents in the Finder, simply type open . -- note the trailing period!

Read the rest of the article for isntructions on using the Finder directly to view these files...

Once you know the directory names on the iPod, you can access them directly from the Finder. Open a Finder window by double-clicking on your iPod icon on the desktop. Hold down the Command (Open-Apple) and Tilde (~) keys. A navigation bar will appear with the title "Go to the folder:". Enter the directory to which you want to navigate into the input box, beginning with:
The ## stands for the numbers of the directory's name in your iPod. For example, mine might look like this:
/Volumes/Babbit III/iPod_Control/Music/F00/
Babbitt III is the name of my iPod, and the first directory listed in the Music directory of my iPod is F00. You can now access your MP3 files directly -- just don't use this hint to pirate!

[Editor's note: A previous hint covered how to use OmniWeb or IE to view the files on your iPod...]
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A slightly easier way...
Authored by: Loren on Jul 01, '02 02:47:05PM

If you have tinkertool installed, just set your preferences so you can see invisible & system files. Then navigate down the folders in your favorite way. I like single-clicking in column view, but you might prefer to ...
Double-Click on your iPod
Double-Click on iPod_Control
Double-Click on Music
Double-Click on any of the f folders...


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A slightly easier way...
Authored by: nonjo on Jul 01, '02 05:18:39PM

Yes, tinkertool is a good way to do this, but only if you don't mind seeing invisible files throughout your travels: the effect is not confined to your iPod only. You also have to restart the Finder to enable this, which doesn't hurt, but is something you routinely do unless it is locked up. Furthermore, you have to reset the tinkertool option and the finder again to restore your mac to its previous state.

Using the "Go to" trick is probably easier once you know where to look.

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a far easier way of finding a specific song...
Authored by: monkeyvoodoo on Jul 02, '02 04:18:15AM
I'd recommend just firing up, cd'ing into /Volumes/iPod/iPod_Control (where "iPod" is the name of your iPod), and doing a

find . | grep songname

Where "songname" is a word that appears in the name of the song (be careful to prefix a space with a backslash in the terminal). this will output the path to the file you're looking for.

As I've found after putting a large number of songs on my iPod, this is far easier than using the finder to visually look through the entire contents of each folder.


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an even far easier way of finding a specific song...
Authored by: fxg97873 on Aug 16, '02 04:17:04PM
Use the Finder's "Go to Folder..." function to locate the Music folder inside
the iPod_Control folder.

Open Sherlock
Drag the Music folder to Sherlock's volume selection window.

The Music folder is now a search selection.

Click on the "Custom" radio button and select "Edit" from its pop-down menu.

In Advance options, make sure that "is" checkbox is selected and that "invisible" has been selected from its pop-down menu.

Click OK

Deselect all the other volumes except for the Music folder
Type the name of the song you are looking for and click Sherlock's search button.

Happy Hacking!

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Authored by: prosper on Jul 01, '02 07:07:41PM
Try this: Ittec

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