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Run Office98 to fool Entourage X Apps
I use Entourage X for managing more than a dozen email accounts. I always have found the "feature" in Office that prohibits switching between Entourage email accounts if Word, Excel or PowerPoint were launched very frustrating and annoying.

However, thanks to the Classic Environment, I can have Entourage X open, and with Word, Excel and/or PowerPoint in Office 98 launched, I can switch between email accounts easily. Hence, I can copy/paste/embed data from open Office documents into email from multiple accounts without having to quit an app such as Word in order to make a switch in Entourage, only then to have to re-launch.

The other benefit here is that I find Office 98 in Classic to be all around faster; easier to scroll through large documents, quicker to print, and vastly quicker to launch large files than Office X in 10.1.4 or 10.15.
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Run Office98 to fool Entourage X | 3 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: alajuela on Jul 01, '02 12:34:22PM

I have 9 different accounts in Entourage X, and I routinely switch among them, while running other Office X apps. In fact, I just did it to test and be sure [while running Word, Excel, and PowerPoint].

Perhaps I am missing something here, but I don't see the need to run Classic to get this capability.

FWIW, I agree that at many tasks Office 2000 [I haven't run Office 98 in a LONG time] can be snappier than X.

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Authored by: MtnBiker on Jul 01, '02 07:01:10PM
It's not Accounts you can't switch between while other MS Office Apps are open, it's Users . Easy to miss the distinction.

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Another Way
Authored by: monickels on Jul 01, '02 06:55:14PM

I have more than 12 email accounts, each one for a different client or purpose, but I receive and send all of them under just one user identity in Entourage. This means I never have to switch between identities. Upon "send and receive all", mail which comes through the various addresses (plus many one-time addresses I use for registering and tracking sources of spam) is sorted by sender or recipient to the appropriate folders, many of which are shared between the different email "hats" that I wear (so, for examples, email receipts from a vendor I use for several clients can be saved together). Another advantage is this: many of the locations to which I bring my laptop everyday have SMTP limitations that may prevent me from using an outside SMTP server, or vice versa, certain SMTP servers for certain of my accounts will not let me send mail unless I am attached to that specific network. Having all of my accounts in one identity allows me to swap SMTP servers on the fly and, using custom Reply-To headers and other tricks, making it look like my messages are still coming from the right server (except, of course, to the savvy user who looks at the headers). I have several dummy accounts set up in my Entourage identity solely for sending mail through certain servers when I am in a bind. Works pretty well. Finally, one more small plus: Mail that goes to accounts I use regularly will be received in a timely fashion. I don't have to remembers to check those hardly used accounts, where mail my otherwise sit for weeks or even expire because I neglected it.

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