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Search Google from the desktop Apps
In the course of my browsing for cool OS X software this morning, I ran into shadowGoogle (alternate download here). This freeware Cocoa application puts a floating text box (optionally floating over all windows) on your screen. To find something on Google, just type in a word or phrase in the search box, and hit return. Your preferred browser then opens the Google search results page.

There's not much more to it than that - you can set the size and color of the "Search for" text which appears next to the search box; you can even turn it off, which is what I did. You can also control how many results to display on the page, what languages to search in, and whether to search keywords, images, newsgroups, or Mac sites.

You can also switch which type of data to search for without opening the prefs panel -- just hit command-K for keywords, -I for images, -G for groups, and -M for Mac sites before you hit return in the search box.
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Authored by: bhines on Jun 29, '02 09:32:23PM

The site has been slashdotted... er, macosxhinted...

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Mirror site...
Authored by: robg on Jun 30, '02 02:10:00AM
I added shadowGoogle to my download site -- click here to download the .sit file.

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Download space and bandwidth for this file, as well as the OS X Solutions Guidebook, is kindly provided by CocoaTech, the authors of SNAX, the Cocoa alternative to the OS X Finder. Thanks, Steve G!
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cool, but...
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Jun 29, '02 09:57:44PM

Since you need you browser anyway, I have Mozilla set to use Google. Just type your request into the address bar, and hit the down arrow, and enter.

Easy as pie! :)

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Authored by: robg on Jun 30, '02 12:09:35AM

I'd have to find my browser window first, though - which could be hidden or buried. I have the Google search box stuck in the lower right corner of my screen, where I never have anything located. Just click there and enter the text, and it finds Mozilla for me. It's all about laziness :-).


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Will it work with IE
Authored by: WillyT on Jun 30, '02 02:56:35AM

Since IE won't let me choose Google as a search site this will come in VERY handy.

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Alternate Program
Authored by: goad on Jun 30, '02 02:13:38PM

I have a application called Huevos that, by your description, does the same thing. (downloaded from What I like about Huevos is the option to search other sites than google. The Shadowgoogle's option to float in front of other windows sounds interesting though, my Huevos window keeps getting hidden behind other ones.

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