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Fix for invisible WebDav volumes Network
My company deals in part with WebDAV, the technology used to mount iDisk volumes. Although iDisk seems to work fine, I run into problems when attempting to mount our document repository. Using the 'Connect to Server' dialog I enter:
I'm prompted for my username and password, and then nothing happens. If I start a terminal session, I can see the webdav volume in my /Volumes folder, and can mv, cp, etc., and generally interract with it with no problems. However, the disk does not appear on the desktop or in any Finder windows. It's worth noting that very rarely, the volume does just mount and displays properly

On a whim, I did a force-restart of the Finder, after which the volume was visible and fully usable in Aqua.

I'm curious as to others' experience with WebDAV, as I know one of the other (few) Mac guys here has run into similar problems.
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Same for me and with CompactFlash card
Authored by: Arrakis on Jun 28, '02 01:06:09PM

I have the same problem. But it was working fine before (10.1.5?).
I didn't know that if you restart the finder the Webdave folder shows up.
I have a similar problem with my CompactFlash PCMCIA adapter with a 128Mb card in it. The drive is not apearing on the desktop but some applications shows it and I can browse the content.
Hope that Jaguar fixes those issues. As well as the refresh problem when folder are displayed in "List" and sorted by "Last modified".

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Same for me and with CompactFlash card
Authored by: taikahn on Jun 28, '02 01:12:51PM

You could also simply hit command ~ which will bring up a location box.... then type /Volumes/nameofvolume/ and it should open that directory in the finder without a force quit....

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Same for me and with CompactFlash card
Authored by: xSmurf on Dec 11, '02 07:22:19PM

I have had the exact same problems with some PC burnt CD-Rs, unfortunatly the owner of the disk was unable to tell me with which apps and settings it was burnt.

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to make it bearable
Authored by: zink on Jun 28, '02 02:22:10PM

Sometimes I have similar problems when I (try to) mount CIFS/SMB volumes.
If Force-restarting Finder is a solution you could...
1. Install TinkerTool and "add Quit to Finder menu".
2. Refresh the list of mounted volumes with the command "disktool -r" at the terminal. (why not making an AppleScript for mounting & refreshing?)

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Solution that works for me
Authored by: mithras on Jun 28, '02 04:13:25PM

is to do the following:
* In the Finder, press command-tilde (or select Go: Go To Folder...)
* Enter '/Volumes' and press return

Usually, there's an alias-looking icon for the missing server or disk.
* Double-click on the icon

And poof! The folder opens, an icon appears on the desktop, and all is well again.

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IIS WebDav problems - beachball
Authored by: jfaughnan on Jun 30, '02 10:12:51AM

I'm quite interested in this topic. WebDav is interesting as a relatively open file server protocol with cross-platfrom and web management integration.

In my testing the OS X 10.1.15 client works well with Apple's WebDav and MyDocsOnline (both are perhaps mod_dav?). It does NOT work with the WebDav server bundled with Win 2K workstation (IIS 5/personal). I get a spinning beachball of death and Finder lockout that lasts about 5-10 minutes, after which my IIS webdav folder does mount. I can browse it, but if I try to copy a 2K file to it I get another 5-10 minutes of spinning. (Looks like some process is blocking until it times out?) If I persist in moving files I see some evidence of HFS+ corruption, but that may be related to the inevitable forced shutdown.

I have downloaded several free (personal use) non-IIS Win2K (Java) webdav clients for further experimentation, but have not installed them. I am avoiding Win2K Apache for now becase of my perception of its complexity.


PS. Ironically the MacOS X web-board doesn't have wrap=on attributes set in the HTML textbox control, so the textbox entry works as intended with IE but not with many other Mac browsers.

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