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More useful key combinations System
I was reading your recent tip on the Eject key and I accidentally discovered some other uses on my G4/500 DP. I have always lamented the loss of the power key on the newer Apple keyboards, so I was very happy to discover this:

1. option + apple + Eject = sleep immediately

2. control + apple + Eject = shutdown and reboot immediately

3. control + Eject = shutdown/restart dialog box (like hitting the old power key used to do).

The only combination I can't find is "shutdown immediately." I don't know if these key combos are posted anywhere, but I never heard of them before. I began experimenting with some other keys:

4. option + (any sound key) = open audio alerts panel in system prefs

[Editor's note: A couple of these have been published here before, but a couple of them are new to me, too...]
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shutdown now
Authored by: saint.duo on Jun 28, '02 08:39:17AM

command + option + apple + eject = shutdown immediately

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i'm sorry
Authored by: saint.duo on Jun 28, '02 08:41:00AM
the correct shutdown combination is:

control + option + apple + eject

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Great !
Authored by: jyu on Jun 28, '02 09:08:09AM

All the combinations apply to OS 9 as well.

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Power Off
Authored by: ironwolf on Jun 28, '02 01:25:56PM

And for those real emergencies and exceedingly rare lockups, hold down the power key for 3 seconds-- immediate power off. But use shutdown if at all possible.

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Easier way...
Authored by: CaptCosmic on Jun 28, '02 07:57:40PM

If I want to shutdown now, I simply press the power button, then press enter to select Shutdown on the window that pops up (it's the default). Seems quite a bit easier than remembering which of the modifier keys I should be holding down.

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Easier way...
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Jun 29, '02 01:02:49PM

You can also press Control-Eject to bring up the shutdown (restart, sleep, etc.) dialog box. Handy if you keep your tower under you desk and don't feel like bending to press the power button.

The keys that work with the Shutdown dialog are: Enter - Shutdown, S - Sleep, R - Restart, ESC - Cancel. No Command key needed with those, same as with OS 9.

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Easier way...
Authored by: ebow on Jul 01, '02 03:35:30PM

Macs like the iMac (CRT model, at least) don't give you that dialog box when you push the "power" key -- the computer goes to sleep immediately instead. Therefore, these key combos can be quite handy on such machines.

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resource for key sequences
Authored by: mclbruce on Jun 28, '02 09:23:48PM

You might want to check this page for key sequences:

If any of the ones listed in this hint are new it would be a good idea to let the author of the page know about them.

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You can get Monitor settings as well
Authored by: pmerrison on Jun 29, '02 05:55:25AM

Unsuprisingly, by pressing ctrl and a brightness button on an iBook/PowerBook, you can open the monitor settings control panel.

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More useful key combinations
Authored by: ginginsman on Dec 06, '04 02:34:57PM

Here is one more: ctrl/alt/cmd + eject does an immediate shutdown, but if you have an un-saved document (in Word, for example) it will pause and ask if you want to Discard/Save/Cancel.

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More useful key combinations | equiv for CRTL+LeftMouse => Contextual Menu?
Authored by: zahadum on Mar 15, '06 11:46:33PM

it is very frustrating to constantly be reaching for the mouse just to access the contextual menu (rightmouse or ctrl+leftmouse) ...

what is the keyboard equivalent in osx?


mailto:osxinfo _at_

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