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Deleted items cleared from Recent Items menu Desktop
I just noticed that if you open a document then delete it, it automatically disappears from the Recent Items menu in the Apple menu. This is on 10.1.5, but I don't know how long it's been around.

[Editor's note: In testing this simple tip, I noticed a "Clear Menu" option at the bottom of the Recent Items menu. I don't use Recent Items very often (hardly ever, actually), but don't recall seeing that option in earlier versions of OS X. Is this a relatively recent addition, or has it been there since the beginning and I've just missed it?]
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Clear Recent Items
Authored by: kuzzy on Jun 27, '02 10:31:56AM

The "Clear Menu" option from the "Recent Items" menu has been around awhile. I don't know when it originally appeared, but It's been there ever since I started using OSX as my main OS with the 10.1 release.

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Clear Recent Items
Authored by: Jay on Jun 27, '02 12:37:34PM

It's been there as long as that menu has existed in X, as it's not just an "openable" folder of aliases as it was in 9 and <9. Before X, you could click the menu's name in the Apple menu and it would open as a folder of aliases. That's not how it works in X, which is kind of a shame, but at least the menu is "smart" enough to delete items that don't exist any more.

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nothing new
Authored by: kerim on Jun 27, '02 10:41:05AM

Yes, this has been around for a while. Certainly was true under 10.1.3

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Removing items from Recent Items/Folders...
Authored by: the_webmaestro on Jun 27, '02 11:29:32AM

I think I've asked this before somewhere a long time ago, but don't recall getting a response... I've searched various plist-type items but to know avail.

Anyone know how to suppress items from being listed in the Recent Items list? I'd also like to suppress items from being listed in the "Recent Folders" list in Open/Save dialog boxes.


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My favourite bit...
Authored by: scaryfish on Jun 27, '02 05:56:07PM

The bit I like the most is how if you open a document on a disk (floppy, CD, disk image, etc) and then eject the disk, the document disappears from the recent items menu - but it reappears when the disk is reinserted.

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My favourite bit...
Authored by: johnseal on Jun 28, '02 08:36:27AM

I think this also explains why some people have complained that they set the number of recent items to N, but they only ever see M in the list (where M<N). The list actually contains N items, but N-M of them are on volumes not currently mounted. You can see the list in (I think)... you might be surprised what's in there!

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Fruitmenu Doesn't Show Clear Menu
Authored by: applecompsrule on Jun 28, '02 11:53:59PM

I noticed that when I use FruitMenu ( that the clear menu option is not shown in the recent items menu.

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