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Repairing a non-functional eject key System
Since I updated to 10.1.5, I lost the hability to eject a removable (like CD) with the Eject button (top right key in my ApplePro keyboard). All I could do was drop the CD to trash to eject it. In fact, pressing the Eject key brings an 'eject' icon to the screen, but nothing happens. The F12 alternative doesn't work either.

I presume most of 10.1.5 users have the same problem as this is part of 10.1.5 'fixed problems'. Well, I was a bit upset at having a useless Eject button, anyway ... WAS, because I just discovered that the Eject button actually works simply by pressing both the Option key and the Eject button. The 'Eject' icon appears and ... the CD is ejected! Bingo!

Note this only works for the internal CD drive. I tried it on my external FireWire burner, and CDs are not ejected with any Eject combination (but they were before I upgraded to 10.1.5). Also note this might not work for all Apple hardware, so here is my config: iMac DVSE 500 (summer 2000), 384 Mb RAM, 30 Gb, cable modem.

[Editor's note: My G4/733 with just the one internal drive still ejects properly with just the eject key, so I'm not sure if this problem is widespread or not. But if you've got a non-functional eject key, try option-eject...]
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Re: Nonfunctioning eject key
Authored by: BraindeadMac on Jun 25, '02 07:56:27AM

On my Quicksilver 867 the eject key works perfectly well with 10.1.5. Also fixed is the annoying problem of all disks being ejected--I have 3 CDR drives and found the eject key useless because of the previous behavior. Now one has to use the eject button on the external drives,

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f12 key behavior change
Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 25, '02 07:57:27AM

In order to eject the CDROM, hold the f12 key down for a second
rather than just stroking it. This is a subtle change in the key's behaviour
but one that seems to be confusing many.

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Authored by: porkchop_d_clown on Jun 25, '02 08:18:47AM

<p>My experience has been (500Mhz icebook) that the eject key/f12 was sluggish (you had to hold it down a very long time). Since 10.1.5, it seems much more prompt. That might just be because now there's visual indication that OS X recognizes the key press....</p>

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Works for me
Authored by: tinfoil on Jun 25, '02 02:35:35PM

on my 667DVI TiBook.

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Authored by: metiure on Jun 25, '02 04:25:59PM

Just realized that the Eject button won\'t work only when my external FW burner is on!
When it\'s off, the Eject button just works as usual for the internal CD drive.
What happens here is that i still need the Option key to eject the internal CD when (and only when) my burner is on.

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Authored by: shepmaster on Jun 25, '02 11:24:37PM

How long has the functionality of control-eject been there? That is to say, the shutdown / sleep / restart dialog? I thought I had tried this before to no avail, and after losing the dedicated power button on the keyboard this was a bummer.

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No prob w/Flat Panel iMac
Authored by: Felix on Jun 26, '02 03:09:14AM

Still works with my G4 iMac/800.

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I have the same Problem..
Authored by: paseng on Jul 02, '02 11:57:47AM

I have a new iMac 800 SDrive and the eject key will NOT work after upgrading to 10.1.5 . I have tried everyone's suggestions and none of them have worked.

The only thing that will open the drive when there is no cd in the tray, is starting up TOAST 5 and using the eject button in that program! I have searched the net and Apple's site for some solutions but I have found nothing so far. My next step is to call up Apple support and see if someone can help me there.

If anyone else has had this problem please give a "me too" so we know that its not just a few people with this problem.

I was just being a patient Mac user and waiting for the next update but the work around is getting annoying.

If I find a solution or an answer I will most definitely return and post it.



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I have the same Problem..
Authored by: oldlady on Jan 28, '03 05:10:08PM

I have recently had to reinstall OS X and when I updated to 10.1.5 I too have found that my eject key doesn't work. Also my volume and mute key are dead too. I'd really appreciate it if you know the answer - to forward it on to me....

here's hoping

old lady

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I have the same Problem..
Authored by: hillm on May 03, '04 11:16:41AM

Same problem on a G5 after up grading 10.2 to 10.3. I have found that the itunes eject button does work, and the key boared eject button works for a moment on boot right after the mouse lights up. This is the only way I have found I can open the cd tray. I haven't tried toast.

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I have the same Problem..
Authored by: jswayze on May 03, '04 12:05:55PM

Yep, same with me. None of the top four keys work any more. I posted a message on the Apple Discussions group, but haven't found a solution yet.

Another side effect I have is that my second internal CD-ROM drive is invisible. Not even Toast sees it anymore. Maybe this is indicative of a CD-ROM-driver problem?

...Would love to find a solution to this one!


1GHz G4 MDD | OS 10.3.3
Cincinnati, OH

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