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Option drag allows precise scrolling in Cooca apps System
If you option-drag the scroll box in a scroll bar in a Cocoa application, the view will be scrolled exactly as far as you moved the mouse (as opposed to the usual behavior, where the scroll box is moved as far as the mouse and the view is moved much further). Now you can have completely smooth or pixel-at-a-time scrolling...
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Option drag allows precise scrolling in Cooca apps | 16 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: serversurfer on Jun 25, '02 02:54:20AM

I don't notice any difference in OmniWeb 4.1

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Re: Huh?
Authored by: sjk on Jun 25, '02 04:59:22AM

Me neither. Think I'll go have those few beers now. :-)

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Authored by: jaacob on Jun 25, '02 12:00:44PM

I haven't tried this in OmniWeb, so I can't vouch for it, but this trick does seem to work in other Cocoa apps ( and work for me). Unless there is a lot of material to scroll though, holding down option won't make a noticiable difference.

I saw the most dramatic effect when I was scrolling through a long Terminal window (over 2000 lines). On text this long, moving the scroll bar up one pixel moved the text up about 10 lines. But holding down the option key, moving it one pixel moved text a line at a time. Hope this helps; this is a pretty subtle hint, but I can see it being useful once in a while.

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Authored by: VEGx on Jun 25, '02 12:48:20PM


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Authored by: flamingnight on Jun 25, '02 02:34:01PM

Yes! Say more! Because you're wrong...
I used Silk (not the traditional method, but it works...) to find out if is a Cocoa or Carbon app. And Silk returns:
"Terminal is a Cocoa application. It will NOT be affected by Silk."


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then why...
Authored by: VEGx on Jun 25, '02 03:18:29PM
Then why doesn't it behave as cocoa app?

It doesn't allow using "Services" [highlight a URL in the Terminal and use the OmniWeb service to open it; doesn't work].

Cocoa applications you can identify by command+clicking on them. [Search this Forum, there was a post about it.] doesn't behave as cocoa.

Open two windows of the, command+click on the scroll bar of the window in the background. It Terminal would be cocoa, the Terminal window that is in the background SHOULD NOT get the focus. However, it does... hence, not cocoa. I guess.

Prove me wrong.

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then why...
Authored by: HeimirFreyr on Jun 25, '02 03:47:12PM

Humm... when I open a Terminal windows, type 'ls' a couple of times, then open another one, hold down command and try to scroll in the window behind, the scroll bars are fully functional and it does not get focus.

Besides, not many carbon programs use the .nib UI layout (although they can).

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look like you're right
Authored by: VEGx on Jun 25, '02 04:13:48PM

funny, I just tried it before today, before ever reading this post: AND IT DIDN'T WORK! Tried again and know it worked. Maybe I wasn't careful and pushed the option key instead. Silly me! :)

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System Preference?
Authored by: ret on Jun 25, '02 03:01:09AM

Is there something about this hint I'm missing? The "General" page of the System Preferences has a pair of radio buttons to choose what happens when you click in the scroll bars, eg:

Click on a scroll bar to:
o Jump to next page
o Scroll to here

Option-click does the opposite of your preference. It sounds like your anonymous tipster has the 'scroll-to-here' option as his default. And it's not limited to Cocoa apps, as near as I can tell. IE certainly exhibits the appropriate behaviour for your prefs and modifier keys.


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So close but yet soooo far
Authored by: KrazyFool on Jun 25, '02 03:10:47AM

just try click and hold with option and move it SLOW!! now try without option. See a difference? If not, go have a few beers you will see a difference.

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Now I can see it!
Authored by: serversurfer on Jun 25, '02 04:08:37AM

Wow. That's pretty subtle.

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Authored by: VEGx on Jun 25, '02 12:51:28PM

Notice that at least in if you option+click on the "arrow" of the scroll bar, it jumps, i.e., it functions as PAGE-DOWN

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Authored by: HeimirFreyr on Jun 25, '02 03:48:42PM

And I thought this was an OmniWeb-only feature - this is great!

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Works for me
Authored by: wfolta on Jun 25, '02 01:35:14PM

The effect is somewhat subtle. but works. Option drag the scroll handle.

Option-click in the scrollbar area appears to reverse the page-down/jump-to-here preference. Doesn't work in Eudora (Carbon app).

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Group reply
Authored by: aranor on Jun 25, '02 09:36:24PM

Ok, several things. acts like a Cocoa app, I believe it is one. The cmd-click scrollbar trick works in it.

Second, the flipping of the preferences with jump to here vs. scroll one page, that's opt+clicking on the scrollbar where the scroll tab isn't. It's nifty, thought.

Third, opt+drag on a scrollbar tab is very cool. In terminal, doing ls -l numerous times then trying it, it's very obvious what it's doing. But in IE it scrolls normally, showing it's a Cocoa feature.

Oh, and opt+click on the scrollbar arrows is nifty, and it works in IE. And the Terminal. But not in a vanilla app made with REALbasic. Odd.

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Option-drag allows precise scrolling in Cocoa apps
Authored by: MJCube on Dec 17, '04 11:08:35AM
(I tried to submit my version of this hint this week because my first few searches failed to find this one. I should have searched harder.)

To clarify the confusion here, 2½ years later: Note the difference between Option-click on an empty area of the scroll bar ("scroll to here") vs. Option-drag on the scroll thumb itself. With the latter, dragging scrolls the content proportionally with mouse movement.

The original hint calls it a "scroll box"; wfolta said "scroll handle" I think developers call it a (proportional) scroll thumb.

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