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Booting delay in OSX 10.1.5 System
After upgrading to MacOS X 10.1.5, booting time went up enormously (some others have noticed this, too). I saw a smiling Mac on a grey screen for two or three minutes, my hard disk spinning and making searching noises, etc.. After that time, everything reverted back to normal (boot process continued).

I didn't find any solution for this in the places I looked on the net, but somehow it occurred to me that it had to do with the filesystem.

What worked for me was Alsoft DiskWarrior. This magic tool sorted out every problem there was and now boot time is even faster than before. Before formating your HD give DiskWarrior a try - it worked for me!
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Booting delay in OSX 10.1.5 | 14 comments | Create New Account
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Yes. Very same prob & fix
Authored by: osx4me on Jun 21, '02 12:17:23AM

Once again, Disk Warrior rocks ! Folks, please make sure that you use version 2.1 (!!!) - it is only the in this/the latest version that Mr. Whipple ("h" or no ?) added the information so that the program understands & works with OS X directories.
I had the same boot issue with 10.1.5. Popped over to OS 9.2.2, ran DiskWarrior on my OS X drive, and then OS X booted better than ever. Quite nice.

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Re: Yes. Very same prob & fix
Authored by: Harold on Jun 21, '02 11:03:45AM

I too had the grey screen delay a couple of times. This was when some beta app brought down the whole system forcing me to restart with the reset button. I could clearly hear the hard disc grinding away but it took so long I didn't think it was ever gonna finish. I force restarted again and held down command+V to see the verbose system messages. It turned out the system was running fsck to repair the disk.
I believe this is new in 10.1.5, as I have never noticed this in earlier versions, though I could be mistaken and missed a switch or something in the preferences. My advice would be to see if the system comes out of it by itself, which could take some time with todays big harddrives.

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delay on
Authored by: febs on Jun 21, '02 04:54:47AM

my 10.1.5 delays on "initialize network", not during the mac on a grey screen.
any tips?

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delay on
Authored by: MaxMarino on Jun 21, '02 05:50:54AM

This is a problem with missing DNS (Domain Name Server) information. After that OS X will also probably loose time on Resync time (if you use a time server on the net). Without DNS info some application will work (those who resolve IP by themselves) some wont. That is why on the Network Preferences the DNS filed is marked (Optional). It is truly optional in some case :-}.
Internet access will be erratic (Server not found, lost connection, etc etc) if your ISP do not provide DNS info automatically (hence validating the Optional DNS field).

So you have to ask your ISP provider the DNS info and put it into Network Preferences.

Another point is when you use Automatic: it helps to raise the port you are using to connect as #1 in the list (OS X scans the ports in sequence respecting the order you has indicated. Just grab the port and move it up).

Hope that helps.

If not these two Apple doc explain in details:

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delay on initializing network
Authored by: cczura on Jun 21, '02 06:32:43AM

I get the same delay when I have lost my internet connection (through a cable modem). Don't know what that means, though. When it hapens, I shut down, turn off the router, and reboot the cable modem (unplug for 90 sec, and let it finish startup). Then I turn on the router, and let it finish the startup checks. Then I turn the computer back on, and the problem is fixed.

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delay on
Authored by: godard on Jun 21, '02 11:17:06PM

This has to do with how you have your preferred method of connection. If you have your default connection type set for Location: Automatic when you restart, it should startup a little quicker. Depending on your connection type it will also be looking to see if you're already connected.Good luck!

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Authored by: balthisar on Jun 21, '02 10:00:34AM

My iMac DV SE upgraded to 10.1.5 flawlessly, without even a hint of long than normal startup times. The PowerBook Bronze, though, gave me the dreaded flashing question mark on startup! I don't have DiskWarrior, but Norton System Works got me up and running again. There were THOUANDS of errors!

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Delay on shutdown
Authored by: jifu on Jun 21, '02 02:07:59PM

My startup is the same, but shutdown is delayed by a long time, it takes almost a full minute; rainbow spinning wheel on a blue screen. It used to be an almost instantaneous shutdown.

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Delay on shutdown
Authored by: leenoble_uk on Jun 21, '02 02:49:19PM

May not be relevant, but mine does exactly the same. I know why mine does it: MySQL. If you've installed MySQL, maybe you did it right after upgrading to 10.1.5 and have installed the daemon starter so it's always on this will cause a 20 second delay in shutting down. You can confirm this by shutting down MySQL manually from the command line before shutting down the puter. You'll get no delay.
If, on the other hand, you don't have MySQL installed maybe there is another daemon running that you have installed.

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Another speed boost (any os x)
Authored by: c15zyx on Jun 21, '02 06:50:49PM

To add another decrease to boot-time, disable the modem or ethernet adapter, whichever you are not using. This can be done in the network panel where you set the device search priorities. If you\'re using a modem and aren\'t on a LAN, disable ethernet (speeds up startup by a few seconds for me), and if you\'ve got broadband, disable the modem (don\'t know the speed effect of this).

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Exact same problem too
Authored by: EternalTedium on Jun 22, '02 12:08:31PM
I also had this really weird noise coming from my harddrive after upgrading to 10.1.5.

I immediately backed up everything and was preparing to replace the drive.

After checking it with DiskWarrior though, it now is running fine again.

Thank you DiskWarrior!

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A possible solution
Authored by: stevec on Jun 22, '02 09:32:18PM
Well, for all of you who tried the networking update and it didn't work (like me) try this. I, too, have noticed a significant extension of the time it takes OSX 10.1.5 to start. It seems to pause for about 5 minutes (!) on the "Starting Directory Services" startup message. There seems to be a fair number of people experiencing startup delays. In fact I found a posting on the Apple message bards from someone who was going to replace the... /system/library/extensions/AppleGMACEthernet.kext ...File with the one from the 10.1 update CD. I tried that with no luck. So I quickly put the newer version back. Out of curiosity i tried starting in verbose mode (CMD-V) and got confirmation of this startup delay in glorious black and white. Note that you can see what is going on without frantically copying down what is on screen by viewing the "startup" log at: /private/var/log/system.log if you make a note of WHEN the pause takes place is it makes it easier to find the appropriate entries which I have listed below. Jun 21 15:19:02 localhost lookupd: NetInfo connection timeout: RPC: Timed out on initial connection to Jun 21 15:19:03 localhost lookupd: NetInfo connection timeout: RPC: Timed out on connection to Jun 21 15:19:07 localhost lookupd: NetInfo connected to Jun 21 15:19:23 localhost netinfod local[227]: ni_crashed's udp binder connection to ptavv[192.168.X.X]/local failed during opening (UDP) - socket_open failed Jun 21 15:19:43 localhost netinfod local[227]: ni_crashed's tcp binder connection to ptavv[192.168.X.X]/local failed during opening (TCP) - socket_connect failed Jun 21 15:24:17 localhost lookupd: NetInfo connection failed for server Jun 21 15:24:17 localhost lookupd[234]: lookupd (version 233.2) starting - Fri Jun 21 15:24:17 2002 Jun 21 15:24:17 localhost lookupd[234]: configuration initialization failed: using defaults Note the entries at 15:19:23 and :43. "ptavv" is an entry I made (one of many) that points to a webserver located on my local intranet (on a different Mac). Unfortunately I have NO clue as to what that error signifies. After that you can see there is a significant delay till the next message, at which point the startup proceeds at a normal pace. I removed that particular entry in netinfo and rebooted. The Mac booted properly without the previously noted delay (as below) ! Jun 21 15:46:30 localhost lookupd: NetInfo connection timeout: RPC: Timed out on initial connection to Jun 21 15:46:31 localhost lookupd: NetInfo connection timeout: RPC: Timed out on connection to Jun 21 15:46:35 localhost lookupd: NetInfo connected to Jun 21 15:46:35 localhost lookupd[235]: lookupd (version 233.2) starting - Fri Jun 21 15:46:35 2002 It beats the heck out of me why that one entry would cause such a delay but if you are experiencing a similar delay, check your system log for similar errors. If anyone knows exactly what happened here I would love to know.

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A possible solution
Authored by: dmackler on Jun 25, '02 01:44:25AM
It seems like NetInfo is trying to reach a parent NetInfo server, unsuccessfully.

When you created the entry for pivv (approximate spelling; your message scrolled off of my screen when I went into compose mode), did you leave a "serves" property?

I've learned the hard way that the duplicate/change method of creating a new entry in NetInfo leaves the "serves" property, which is a clue to netinfo to look for another netinfo server, but is not needed for a "hosts" type entry.


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Another Solution
Authored by: racerx on Jun 23, '02 02:18:16AM

I had the same problem on my Ibook 600. I connect to the Internet via Airport to a cable modem. I solved the problem by going to the Network System Preference Panel, in the Airport tab, and setting the preferred network and network password. Aparently, during bootup it was taking a very long time (3-5 mins) to find my Airport network.
After setting the Preferred Network boot times are back to normal.

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