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Speedy access to Google from IE Apps
I found a way to access google really quickly from IE.

If you add to your favorites and change it's name to "..." (or something else easy to type). Now you can just type cmd-L to highlight the address bar, type "...", and hit return to go to google.

You can also use this for the google browser button search. I named it ",,,". Typing that in the address bar opens up the dialog to enter search text without even loading the google homepage.

[Editor's note: You can do a similar thing in Mozilla using keywords, as explained in this hint.]
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also with Launchbar
Authored by: theRegent on Jun 21, '02 12:34:06AM

Also, the first half of this tip can be accomplished with LaunchBar if you use that (amazing) tool. I haven\'t figured out how to get it to work with the JavaScript link. (a.k.a. \"Google Scout\")


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Use shadowGoogle
Authored by: kneeland on Jun 24, '02 11:28:58AM


Its free and it is a simple search box that sits on your desktop. You can move it anyway except onto the menu bar (that would be great).

Just typ ein your search and hit enter. It open IE to google search.

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Add Google to the Page Holder of IE
Authored by: Kikaida on Jun 21, '02 12:41:18AM
Another handy way to access Google in IE is to add the Google search page to the Page Holder tab of the browser (the bottom tab of that nifty, sliding device on the left). Google is now one click away. When you do a search the results will show up in the main window and the entry will stay in the text field of the Page Holder tab. If you decide to go deep into one of the results you can always get back to the results list by hitting the Search button again.

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Add Google to the Page Holder of IE
Authored by: brappapo on Jun 21, '02 02:09:08AM

Why not just add a Google Button to the Favorites Bar (in the Toolbar Folder). After that, you just click on the button,it immediately opens a box to type in the text you type in the text, an OK/return and you are off and running ((without going to the google web page). Buttons are on the goodle site

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Add Google to the Page Holder of IE
Authored by: Kikaida on Jun 21, '02 03:31:54AM

That's definately another way to go.

Personally I don't expand anything at the top of my browser except the address bar, to maximize the vertical real estate. Plus that button is really ugly to look at : )

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Add Google to the Page Holder of IE
Authored by: balthisar on Jun 21, '02 10:03:14AM

I really wish Googe could just write a Google bar like on the PC. Then it's always there with an ever-present search box, and direct links to the different types of Google searches, and the ability to search within a site, similar sites, etc., all from one, simple place.

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? searchterm
Authored by: thatch on Jun 21, '02 03:09:33AM

I prefer and think it much faster, to use the ? <searchterm> in the regular Address bar which takes you directly to the results of your search with Google. It's the method that came from MacSlash back around Feb. 02 and then got mentioned here in the comments to a hint titled, "Put Google in the IE Searchbar", where plattapuss tells of editing the Localized.rsrc file of IE to gain Address bar Google searching by typing ? <searchterm>, (being certain to add whatever search term you want and don't forget the space between the ? and your search term). It works like a charm in v5.1 thru 5.2. Also, it would be wise to make a backup copy before you edit such a file in case of typos.

The edit is on line 42 and you replace with, which must be exactly 52 characters. See plattapuss's comments for more info.

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Javascript for favorites toolbar
Authored by: Harold on Jun 21, '02 11:17:21AM

I have a javascript bookmarklet in my browser's toolbar which I highly recommend:

Make a new bookmark and name it something like Google selection.
Use the stuff between brackets as the adress (one long line, split to improve readability):

When clicked it will put up a prompt in which you can fill in words to use as searchterms in Google or if you've selected some text on the page you're currently viewing it will search for those words.
Works in iCab, Explorer and mozilla et alI

By the way the cript comes from

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Cmd-l goo Enter
Authored by: MtnBiker on Jun 21, '02 11:34:36AM

I know it's in part because I use Google frequently, but just typing Cmd-L, "goo", and hitting the enter key gets me there. Probably not a 100% everytime, but no set-up required.
Is there some other reason this is working for me?

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What about Omniweb?
Authored by: GORDYmac on Jun 21, '02 01:32:11PM

In OW, all you do is type your search terms separated with a plus sign and press enter. The next page you see is Google's search results page. C'mon, how's about giving the new guys some props here.

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Yet one more trick...
Authored by: dennisbest on Jun 27, '02 01:53:00AM

I just copied some of the source from a Google Advanced Search page with settings that I prefer (100 recent results per page in English)... I then made my own start page with a few more links I use often...

You can store it on your hard drive then set it as your home page. Now you just click the normally useless (in my opinion) "Home" button and you have some links and a personalized Google waiting for you. (I even played with their logo for fun...)

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ive made sidebars
Authored by: Greenfruit on Jul 01, '02 05:01:14PM

ive made handy sidebar sized searches for pageholder, feel free to grab them

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Toolbar Favorites is easier
Authored by: milhouse on Nov 16, '02 12:56:48PM

Why not just add a google search via toolbar favorites and it will always be handy, just one click away and below the address bar.

Sorry if someone already mentioned this.


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