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Site update schedule this weekend... Site News
There will probably be few (if any) new hints published between now and Monday morning. I am out of town (see comments) and will not have reliable net access until we return very late Sunday night.

Sorry for the "hint free" extended weekend, but we will be back with a fresh batch of hints on Monday morning!

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Site update schedule this weekend... | 9 comments | Create New Account
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Man this guy rolls!!!
Authored by: Yaso on Jun 20, '02 10:00:46AM

Hope you don't have kids, wife and all... If you consider it, you won't see them very often. ;-) Keep rolling man!

What do you do for a living? Just curious....

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Personal trip...
Authored by: robg on Jun 20, '02 11:33:53PM

Actually, my wife is with me this time -- we're headed to our __th high school reunion for a few days. You'll have to fill in the blanks; I just can't bring myself to believe it's been __ years since I graduated (yes, I did, really) high school!

As for work, well, that's a subject for another day! Some enterprising reader may be able to figure it out, as I'm pretty sure my name is on our company's website as well :-).


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Who is Rob Griffiths?
Authored by: kerim on Jun 21, '02 09:10:56AM

Looking for Rob Griffiths on Google, I think Rob's job is either: A physics professor with an interest in Welsh culture, a management consultant, someone who works at the computing department of the Open University in the UK, the academic coordinator of an aviation medicine program, or the lead vocalist of the band "little murders" ... maybe all of the above? Computing department would make sense, but why no mac links on his home page?

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Who is Rob Griffiths?
Authored by: mithras on Jun 21, '02 07:47:43PM

As kerim notes, there are lots of Rob Griffiths, which makes it tough.

But from my six minutes of nosing around, I'll wager he's a guy in Beaverton, Oregon, who does some kind of finance work by day. He did a stint at Apple, but doing what I'm not sure. Now he works for some smallish company, but again I'm not sure doing what.

He used to ride motorcycles and play lots of computer games, but maybe his wife made him give those up. Now he sticks to Toyota sports cars. He's an avid sportsman, with a pilot's license and interest in volleyball, skiing, and golf. He likes Erasure and the Smiths, or he did 10 years ago, anyway.

How'd I do?

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Who is Rob Griffiths?
Authored by: mithras on Jun 21, '02 08:10:29PM
Okay, I took another break to look (embarassing!) Anyway, he's Director of Corporate Development for American Show Management, now part of Imark Communications, with offices in both Boston and Portland. They do high-tech industry tradeshows, hence all the travel.

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We have a winner :-)
Authored by: robg on Jun 28, '02 06:48:20PM

Nice detective work, mithras! Although the title has long since changed, the company remains the same ... felt I owed you a follow-up reply for all that hard work :-)


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Why Not Time-Delayed Entries?
Authored by: monickels on Jun 20, '02 11:48:52AM
I dunno if GeekLog has this function, but more than a couple of the open source CMS allow you to post delayed entries. You put them in the queue, then set them to appear at a specific time and day in the future. (PostNuke and pMachine do this well; perhaps you could ask for the pertinent code). I do this on a site I currently run (promo! ABC Electric Journal) and it works quite well. Gives the impression of regular updates, even if I set everything to appear weeks in advance. And considering that most of the hints posted here, while useful, are very evergreen, delayed posts would be perfect for Mac OS X Hints.

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It's coming...
Authored by: robg on Jun 20, '02 10:57:24PM

The newest version of Geeklog supports "Publish At...", which will allow me to do just what you describe. The version I'm going to upgrade to is due out "any day now" ... but has been in that state for about a month!


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hey just take a break...
Authored by: loren_ryter on Jun 21, '02 11:13:36AM

take a break, man. and don't feel guilty about it. you provide a great service. thanks.

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