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Speed up SSL connections in Mozilla 1.0+ Web Browsers
Found this over at bugzilla, Mozilla's bug tracking web site. If you've been using Mozilla 1.0 or 1.1 Alpha, you may have have noticed that SSL connections are dog slow. This is due to a bug in Mozilla. To work around it, look in Preferences -> Advanced -> HTTP Networking and disable "Persistent Connections". Looks like the bug will be fixed in the next release.
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Persistent connection?
Authored by: bluehz on Jun 18, '02 01:42:25AM

I do not see a "Persistent Connections" in the described dialog. Is it the same as "keep-alive"?

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Persistent connection?
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Jun 19, '02 07:21:44PM

That's odd, mine says "Persistent Connections."

What version of Mozilla are you using? This is 1.0.

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Yes, Enable Keep-Alive is what you want to disable
Authored by: urcindalo on Jun 18, '02 03:42:29AM

I just disabled Enable Keep-Alive, connected to my spanish bank and.... bingo!
I don't have time any more to watch a World Cup's football match whilst I'm logging in... :)

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Do you have the bug id #?
Authored by: marmoset on Jun 18, '02 10:25:33AM

I want to track this one in Bugzilla.

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Do you have the bug id #?
Authored by: jorgeluisw on Jun 18, '02 08:28:16PM

Sure the bug number is 147979

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Do you have the bug id #?
Authored by: marmoset on Jun 18, '02 08:48:53PM

Okay, so this appears to be fixed on the trunk, and approved for check-in on the branch. That means that, if you run current nightly (trunk) builds, this is already fixed, and it will also be fixed in Mozilla 1.01 and 1.1Beta.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Authored by: Paul Burney on Jun 18, '02 10:39:24AM

I switched from IE to Mozilla (with the Navzilla theme, of course) for the tabbed browsing and pop up control. I was upset that loading my banking site and intranet site were so slow, but I'd resigned myself to live with it.

Now the sites fly! Thank you so much for posting that here!

BTW: Keep alive is a good thing and speeds up site access if you typically go to a site and then click around every few seconds. Basically, it keeps a connection open between you and the server for a few seconds. Depending on the server configuration, there is a timeout after a few seconds which breaks the connection.

If you surf like I do, say go to slashdot or google and then load a bunch of background tabs with stories/search results, you won't notice much slowdown by turning this off.

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Authored by: asxless on Jun 18, '02 12:24:13PM

Turning off "keep alive" produces a very noticable spped up. And here I thought all SSL connections were just slow;)

asxless in iLand

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