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Volume changing via keyboard in iTunes Apps
iTunes will shoot the volume all the way up when pressing shift-Up Arrow. Useful for those times when a good song is on, and you want everybody to know about it. Similarly, shift-down arrow shuts iTunes up.

Strangely, option+command+up arrow mutes the volume as well, although the command is mapped to option+command+down arrow in the "Controls" menu.
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Volume changing via keyboard in iTunes | 6 comments | Create New Account
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Doesn't quite work
Authored by: eddydasquige on Jun 17, '02 12:15:35PM

If I press shift + up, it highlights the next song to the top of my selection. Similarly, if I shift + down, the song under the highlighted songs, gets added.

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changing volume with quickeys
Authored by: loren_ryter on Jun 17, '02 12:45:08PM

if you have quickeys or another similar util that will run an applescript, you can make a global script like this:

tell application "itunes"
set sound volume to sound volume + 10
end tell


tell application "itunes"
set sound volume to sound volume - 10
end tell

which you could assign (for example) to cntrl-up arrow & cntrl down arrow.

then you can access it in any app.

then you can also make "next track" and "previous track" mapped to control-right & left arrows.... or, "playpause" mapped to control keypad period.... (each within 'tell application "iTunes"...end tell blocks as above, of course.)

just a thought.

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Must be minimized...
Authored by: ChaChi on Jun 17, '02 12:45:25PM

For me, this trick only works when iTunes is minimized. Otherwise, it selects from the lists.

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I Think You Might Be Mistaken ...
Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 17, '02 10:07:19PM

I may be mistaken, but I don't think this tip is completely correct. I believe the correct keystrokes are Opt+Shift+Up and Opt+Shift+Dwn.

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Works fine here...
Authored by: robg on Jun 17, '02 10:22:07PM

With the window minimized, shift-up and shift-down do, indeed, maximize and mute the volume. So do command-option-up and command-option-down. And so do shift-option-up and shift-option-down.

Shift and shift-option actually move the volume slider; the command-option keystrokes simply toggle mute on and off.


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Works fine here...
Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 17, '02 10:55:20PM
Aha ...

With the window minimized

being the key word there!

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