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Update prebinding to repair DVD player System
This all started when I installed the beta version of X on my Powerbook. After the flawless install of X, I was disappointed that the DVD player wasn't included, but I knew it would be soon so I didn't worry about it. After playing with X for about three days straight, I went back into 9 to watch a DVD movie. When I inserted the DVD disk, the drive made some noises, but would not mount the DVD disk. I call Apple support, they had me try some things, but none of it worked. I tried all the Mac sites, but nothing they suggested seemed to work. I pretty much gave up on the idea and figured my DVD/CD drive was bad or the problem would be fixed with 10.1. I could still mount regular CD's, but DVD ( UDF Disk ) would NOT mount.

A couple of weeks ago, I was surfing the Mac sites and came upon and saw their section on "Dump Terminal Tricks" Below that section was another section that just gave random CLI commands to do various task. One of them was to "Speed up performance on older machines". I thought I would give it a try. When I ran the command
 sudo update_prebinding -root / 
I received a message stating something like "DVD Player.pkg" wasn't working properly and it was going to attempt to fix the issue. It said that the problem was then fixed. I didn't really think anything of it, plus it was about four in the morning, so I was ready to go to bed. When I came home from work that night, I remembered the message I received the night before, and I thought, what the heck, I'll try putting in a disk and see what happens. I put my Braveheart DVD in, and voila, the disk loaded and DVD Player started up. I pressed play and there it was, my DVD drive worked, no replacement parts, just a single line of code.

[Editor's note: The "update prebinding" command's primary purpose is not to speed up older machines. "Update prebinding" has been mentioned here before, and its primary job is to attach (or prebind) shared libraries to those applications which need them -- at least, that's my best non-techie understanding of the command! By prebinding these shared libraries, the applications load much faster than they did previously. This has benefits on all machines, but it has the biggest impact on older, slower machines. Update prebinding is also the last thing most Apple installers run, which is why they take so long to finish (it can take up to 10 or 15 minutes to prebind a large hard drive with a large number of applications).]
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add a space before the slash
Authored by: montalvd on Jun 17, '02 03:36:54PM

sudo update_prebinding -root /

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Um.. has this guy been on another planet?
Authored by: simX on Jun 17, '02 06:51:29PM

NEWS FLASH: OS X 10.1.5 is out. Stop using the OS X public beta.


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Um.. has this guy been on another planet?
Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 18, '02 10:40:39AM

Yes, I do have 10.1.5. This started when I installed the Beta of X. I upgraded my machine with every release hoping for a fix, but with no luck. I wanted to share this info so if anyone else had the same problem, maybe it would help them out.

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Authored by: Bas on Jun 18, '02 06:25:36AM

When I run the prebinding (very usefull btw on my imac 400 dvse)
It does check the .pkg files, I myself don't know why it does that. But I often get errors with those files. Something like: this file could not be prebound.
I had problems with one of the updates too but it was fixed after the next update (wich came shortly after). But what does prebinding have to do whith the update packages?

Greetings from Holland

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If only I knew about this ...
Authored by: iMMersE on Jun 18, '02 06:50:36PM

You know, I had the exact same problem, except I ended up sending my iBook back to Apple. Thanks for the tip, I\'ll remember it if (god forbid) it ever happens again!

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