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Keep bookmarks for multiple browsers in synch Web Browsers
This is not a specific Mac OS X hint, but it is very helpful, because Mac OS X has so many excellent browsers and I guess many of you use more than one at a time.

If you are using more than one browser, one usually has the problem keeping all your bookmarks in sync. If you are like me using Chimera, OmniWeb, Mozilla and Internet Explorer on many different machines, this is a real hassle. Skramkoob stores your bookmarks on their server and implements a superb and very intuitive user interface to access them.

To solve this problem, I have been using Skramkoob (bookmarks in reverse) for some years now and would not want to surf without it anymore. Recently they started supporting Gecko based browsers and now I use Chimera even more.

I am not affiliated in any form with skramkoob but just a happy user. The service is free and implemented with Apple's WebObjects.
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Can't sign up
Authored by: mattscape on Jun 12, '02 11:18:39AM

I tried to signup with omniweb but I get a:
Invalid context ID in URL

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Can't sign up
Authored by: NikWest on Jun 12, '02 11:47:39AM

mh, that's strange. I guess it's probably because they updated the system the last days and there is still a problem when you sign up. I had to log in again after the update, because they changed the bookmark link format.
Did you try to log in again and use the special bookmark link for OmniWeb?


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Can't sign up
Authored by: james_sorenson on Jun 12, '02 12:29:37PM

This happens on every browser I've tried. Basically, their link to _create_ a new account is broken. I sent them an email on the problem.

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Can't sign up
Authored by: on Jun 12, '02 04:30:01PM

Fixed now :-)

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Bookmarks from anywhere
Authored by: kerim on Jun 12, '02 05:13:06PM

Even better, you can install your own software to save your bookmarks on the web! True, it doesn't yet have an import feature, but this is a very nicely designed and free PHP program to keep track of your bookmarks:

It gives you a nice little javascript you can use to bookmark any page directly from your browser. Of course, you need a webhosting account, or you can just use your local Apache that already comes with OSX!!!

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Bookmarks from anywhere
Authored by: kristian on Jun 13, '02 02:44:05AM

Only works with IE for me. Chimera and Omniweb no go.

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Bookmarks from anywhere
Authored by: NikWest on Jun 13, '02 02:54:47AM

I had a look at it, but this is nothing comparedd to Skramkoob when it comes to UI. Skramkoob is simply awesome and it works much like you'd expect a bookmarks drawer to work in a Browser.
I mean it's no big art to write something to store your bookmarks on the web. That is the easy part. The hard part is to provide an accessible user interface.


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Crashed the app
Authored by: eckbert on Feb 13, '03 11:50:42AM

one of our staff tried to upload his 50.000+ bookmarks and crashed the app while doing a fetch. Anyway - at least it is done in webobjects ;-).
Regards Eckbert

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