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Install a folder navigation contextual menu Desktop
A small contextual menu addition (known as ittec, and currently free) has been made available today which allows you to display the contents of a folder by control-clicking it. You can find it on the ittec home page.

What is really neat about this utility is the PrefPane that comes with it (downloadable from the same page), which allows to customize it in all possible ways (display hidden or invisible files, treat archives or packages as folders, etc.).

One great option is the possibility to treat files with resources in them as folders, too, and display (even copy in the clipboard) these resources (for instance, the TEXT in a text clipping), directly from the Finder.

[Editor's note: Make sure you download both the program and the settings file. One of the options I like in the settings panel is "Show package contents". With this selected, you can drill down into any application bundle through the contextual menu item. The download page mentions that the program will expire at the end of June, but does not mention whether there will be a new version or not.]

Nov 2003 Update: The new URL is
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Welcome back old friend...
Authored by: JayBee on Jun 11, '02 12:50:43PM

How long have I been waiting for this BeOS feature to be replicated somewhere? A long time, that\'s how long!

One suggestion (and I\'ll fire off an email to the developers to thank them and suggest this) would be to have some control over the context menu ordering. Dammit, I want the contents at the top of the menu! :)

Other than that, a top app :D

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Package contents already available?
Authored by: alajuela on Jun 11, '02 02:49:57PM

I like ittec also, but don't we already have package contents available through contextual menu items? I sure do. I've been drilling through package contents using my control button and mouse click for months. Maybe I am missing the true import here.

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Authored by: bluehz on Jun 11, '02 03:55:26PM

Yes - we have had pkg contents viewing for a while.

I installed this today and when I first opened it know what the first thing that came to mind was.......FINDERPOP!!!!

One of my all-time, desert island survival kit - OS classic applications. Mind you ittec is no FINDERPOP...yet...I could see how it could become the OS X FinderPOp with a little bit of work.

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Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 14, '02 02:28:44PM

PiPop does this:

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Another missing homepage (sigh)
Authored by: vin on Jun 11, '02 07:47:24PM

Does anyone have an alternate location for this?

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Where are the install instructions?
Authored by: jgross on Jun 11, '02 09:22:19PM

I downloaded the two files. Where are the instructions? Maybe I blinked and missed something. ;-)

I know the prefpane goes into the prefpane folder. But where does "ittec.plugin" get installed? Where can I learn what the myriad options in the prefpane offers?

Where is the useful documentation for ittec and many other "solutions?" Distressing to find a great idea/implementation encumbered by the assumption I know what I'm doing! This problem is endemic today.


James M. Gross

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Where are the install instructions?
Authored by: jgross on Jun 12, '02 12:48:30PM

<sigh> It was a long day. I forgot I had printed the comprehensive instructions.

<rant> But the problem does exist for many other apps. </rant>


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