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DoubleCommand and 10.1.5 kernel panic System
I threw the 10.1.5 update onto my PowerBook the second it became available to me, and on reboot ... kernel panic.

I doubt many people will experience the same thing, but I might be able to save somebody some trouble in tracking it down. There's a small kext called DoubleCommand that I applied quite some time ago that converts the enter key to the right of the space bar on powerbooks into a second command-key. Unfortunately, it does not play nicely with 10.1.5.

This can be fixed easily by booting from a CD (OS 9 is fine), use Sherlock to find the DoubleCommand folder (it will be in a folder called "Startup", but could be installed at the user or system level) and remove it from the Startup Folder.

Reboot in X and no more kernel panic.

[Editor's note: As detailed on MacFixIt, 10.1.5 appears to have changed something regarding the keyboard handling. Nearly everyone I've spoken to who had installed any sort of keyboard modification kext experienced a kernel panic after booting the 10.1.5 update. DoubleCommand has a new version out which claims to fix this problem, although I haven't tested it myself.]
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DoubleCommand 1.3b2
Authored by: Sulfur on Jun 10, '02 11:23:24PM
The new (beta) version works fine on my iBook SE 366 w/ 10.1.5.

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Deja vu?
Authored by: swooshdave on Jun 11, '02 02:12:59AM
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Uh, like this was covered quite nicely a couple days ago under, um, 10.1.5 Update...

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My decision...
Authored by: robg on Jun 11, '02 01:18:26PM

Sometimes I decide that stuff is worth mentioning in its own hint, especially if I think it might merit further conversation -- the comments get quite complex if there are multiple threads occurring under one hint. It's also easier to find articles in a search if they live in their own thread (you don't have to read the comments to find the item you searched for).

So it's a judgement call -- if it's something simple like "Hey, the eject key now puts an eject icon onscreen", then I'll probably leave it in the comments of the existing story. If it's something like this, where keyboard modifying kext's seem to be causing a global problem, then I'll pull it out into a hint. Since this one was in the queue of submitted articles, I chose to go ahead and publish it.


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Extensions are dead?
Authored by: balthisar on Jun 11, '02 06:20:05AM

I remember there was a lot of hype before OS X came out that "extensions are dead!" Extensions, being low-level hooks into the operating system, were one contributing factors to the instability of pre-X systems. Mac OS X doesn't allow such low-level stuff into the operating system unless, that is, they're kernel extensions!

It's good to have the ability to add on to the kernel, but it seems that we're back in the same boat as during the pre-X days. We're going to need Kernel Extension Managers and so on!

In any case, Mac OS X is set up such that we won't NEED as many KEXTs as we did "classic" extensions -- most of those old extension features can be run as processes in their own memory. Whew!

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same thing with iJect
Authored by: lukemelia on Jun 11, '02 11:29:55PM
I had the same problem with iJect. It's documented on their site.

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Doublecommand has moved
Authored by: outofcontrol on Nov 24, '02 06:52:03PM
You can now find Doublecommand here DoubleCommand website Plattapuss

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