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Keyboard shortcuts for sound and displays Desktop
I remember somebody posting here are about using the F3, F4, and F5 keys as shortcuts for System Preferences, and I think it's been expanded in 10.1.5. I used to get the system beep showing sound levels *and* System Prefs. Now, option plus F3, F4, or F5 takes you directly to the Sound PrefPane (with no System Beep, and on PowerBook keyboards, without the Fn key), and option plus F1 or F2 brings you to the Displays PrefPane.

[Editor's note: These key combos do nothing on my G4/733, so I'm not sure if this is hint is valid or not ... if it works for you, let us know!]
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Apple Pro Keyboards use volume keys
Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 10, '02 11:01:44PM

Option and the Volume Up, Down, or Mute keys opens sound system prefs on Apple Pro Keyboards (the ones with these keys). The F3, F4, and F5 shortcuts are probably only for laptops and non-Pro keyboards.

Option + F14/15 (contrast keys) does nothing but beep at me.

BTW, as of 10.1.5, the Eject button makes a nifty eject symbol appear on the screen in the same place as the volume/contrast symbols.

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Apple Pro Keyboards use volume keys
Authored by: dvw86 on Jun 11, '02 12:02:24AM

This works with my iBook but not my iMac. However it will not work on my iBook with an external Pro Keyboard "look-alike".

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works like a champ
Authored by: gbennett on Jun 11, '02 09:38:52AM

Works like a champ on my TiBook.

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If it doesn't work...
Authored by: sabi on Jun 11, '02 05:56:44PM

If this doesn't work for you, try disabling uControl or one of the
other keyboard hacks you have installed... fixed it for me.

Now to figure out what broke!

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Authored by: echo on Jun 11, '02 02:31:08PM

Option-F5 does a page refresh in IE!!!
Command-R does this, of course, and the former is undocumented.
This is true for two machines with Apple Pro Keyboards, 10.1.5.

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Authored by: serversurfer on Jun 14, '02 09:10:01AM

MS must override that themselves. Key events not captured by an application fall through to the system.

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No Results
Authored by: WillyT on Jun 11, '02 09:51:34PM

I have a G4 400 sawtooth w/Apple USB Keyboard. Most keyboard hints don't work. No keys to the left of the control key. (function key? missing) F12 does do the Eject tho.

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Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 13, '02 04:32:04AM

Of course this is only for laptops. Laptops have brightness and volume icons on F1 & F2 and F3, F4 and F5 respectively.

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