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Use a one-button mouse with Maya PLE Apps
Maya PLE requires a three-button mouse to access all features of the application. However, if you are hesitant to buy a $50-$70 rodent for use with the free learning edition of the world most advanced 3D editor, there is a workaround.

Locate and edit your MAYA.ENV file. Open the file with BBEdit, SimpleText or any other plain-text editor. Place this line:
into the file and save. Then use your mouse and the option and command keys.

[Editor's note: I haven't tried this myself yet; I'm just now installing PLE from the MacAddict monthly CD.]
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Use a one-button mouse with Maya PLE | 4 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: bhines on Jun 11, '02 12:47:22AM

50-70??? huh? Most any cheapo 2-button-scroll wheel mouse is really a 3 button mouse. The scroll wheel can usually be pushed.

Personally, I have the excellent FIVE-button kensington optical pro, and THAT was only $39. I think you need to get your prices straght. :)

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Mouse in a Box
Authored by: balthisar on Jun 11, '02 06:27:12AM

Kensington\\\'s USB Mouse-in-a-Box is a great deal -- it\\\'s a three-button scroll mouse (with the third button integrated into the scroll wheel), and is usually only about $20. It does NOT come with driver software -- it\\\'s just a mouse in a box.

Here\\\'s the catch, though -- if you go to your local CompUSA (or whereever) it will be in the PC section -- NOT the Mac section! The Mac version of the same mouse (but in a box that says Macintosh on it) costs a whole lot more. BUT, it comes with a driver (for pre-X systems, anyway).

Once you have the PC version of the mouse, the Kensington Mouseworks (free download) works perfectly with it. Although, OS X seems to work perfectly WITHOUT Mouseworks (you\\\'d only need it for extra features).

The right button on a mouse is a GOOD THING on the Mac. I\\\'m happy it\\\'s officially supported by the OS finally!

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Authored by: macmike42 on Jun 11, '02 10:22:28AM

I went to Costco and got a 5-button wireless optical intellimouse for $30. My older 5-button intellimouse was $20, it broke twice (over the course of 5 years), and each time I got a free replacement within 12 hours. I don't know who is selling you mice for $50-70, but I have a bridge I'd like to talk to you about ;)

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Other concern
Authored by: fipawic on Jun 14, '02 02:57:16PM

My concern would not really be how much the mouse costs, but why would you use Maya with a single button mouse? Navigating in 3D space in Maya seems exceedingly difficult with that in mind -- a real three button (not a scrollbar button) mouse is the best way to work fast with minimal handcramps. My two cents.

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