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Indirectly access Novell networks Network
The company I work for uses a Novell network, which was fine when I was using Mac OS 9, but I recently got upgraded to a G4 800 running OS X. There isn't any Novell client for X (yet?). There is a "Novell Native File Access" product, but that's more money and the company's already spent a bundle on my hardware and software. So ... cheap fast fix time! I've got an old Pentium 120 in my office.

After getting our IT guy's go-ahead, I installed WarFTP (free) on it. I set myself up as a user and pointed the server at the mapped Novell network drive. On my Mac, I used RbrowserLite (free) logged in, and saw all the files I needed ... very cool.

A couple of drawbacks:
  1. Resource forks will be bopped, if transferred to the server (I believe Native File Access allows resource forks).
  2. The PC has to be on, logged into the network, and running WarFTP.
Other than that, it's mighty fine.

[Editor's note: A creative solution to a fairly large hole in OS X's networking abilities. If anyone has news or info on a solution that doesn't require a separate PC, please post what you know! We run Novell at work, and I'd love to get to it from my OS X box...]
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Authored by: Maran on Jun 10, '02 10:52:07PM

I connect to Novell file servers and print queues daily from work, but I believe it is via appletalk... so that is just a matter of having the admins turn it on (I think).

On the other hand, I believe that Novell (5 or 6) supports native WebDAV file access which might be a better solution... worth looking into.

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re: Appletalk...
Authored by: forrestwalter on Jun 10, '02 11:15:07PM

Oops...I probably should have mentioned that our Novell server doesn't have the Appletalk service turned on...caused problems with nightly backups, our IT guy said.

I'll ask about the WebDAV access, thanks!

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re: Appletalk...
Authored by: Pip on Jun 10, '02 11:48:40PM

IMHO, netware 6 has a native file protocol feature that serves up files in protocols like WebDAV, NFS, SMB, and AppleShare.OS X supports all of these, but it requires NW 6, with at least one of these protocols turned on

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Authored by: robg on Jun 11, '02 12:14:17AM

I should have added that we're on Netware 4 and probably won't upgrade anytime soon ;-).


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Novell Client
Authored by: dave@mmu on Jun 11, '02 04:01:33AM

Hi, i work for a large uk university (bet you can't guess!) which uses Novell 5.1 as it's standard server platform. Not long ago, i was asked to fill in a questionnaire concerning Novell ZENWorks and OS X. It looks like they're at least thinking about it. Apparently, in ZENworks4 the client (PC/MAC) doesn't actually login via a client program, but via a browser using a plugin to control the machine according to the rules set in the Policy Packages. This is more interesting as now Novell (or the ProSoft Client dev team they bought) only has to develop a plugin rather than a whole client/protocol system. Also with NW6's improved Native File Access, it sounds like Novell access for OS X is just around the corner!

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Getting there...
Authored by: richardjenkins on Jun 11, '02 06:50:31AM

I work at a University where we have 70-odd Novell servers, plenty of Macs, AppleTalk, and all manner of nasty windows stuff. We have a pretty good licensing arrangement with Novell, so I'm afraid I can't comment on value for money...

One of my jobs at the moment is to work out how to provide equitable services for Mac clients accessing Novell Netware services, and I can assure you, this has it's moments. Early days yet but I think we're getting there.

Here's my understanding of what is required:

Novell Netware server must be 5.1 or 6
Directory Services must be eDirectory 8.5 or better (8.5 is current)
NFAP package installed, which includes the mac namespace.NLM and the AFP.TCP.NLM

In theory, this will give you AFP 2.2 services (AppleTalk over IP) and will store and display mac file names and file resource forks in an appropriate fashion for mac clients. I've even stored disk images on the server without corruption, which was a problem under NW4.1

NFAP uses the Novell 'simple password' which gets stored in a different spot from the normal password, so there's some synchronization issues to be tackled there.
We've tried a couple of variations and keep an eye out for patches and updates, because it's not working very well. It's definitely improved since I started testing under 10.0.4 though.

In testing, I compare our Novell test environment with an ASIP 6.13 server and a Linux/Samba server, using OS 9 and OS X clients, reading and writing the same set of files back and forth.

NFAP for OS 9 clients is solid, with rapid connects and good throughput, comparable with the competing services. Under OS X connects are comparable, reads are fast, but writes are deplorably slow, then the connection drops out with a type -36 error (I/O error).

There seems to be some problem with AFP 3 and NFAP, because the ASIP service is rock solid, and the Samba share stays up most of the time too. At the moment we're a bit puzzled as to where Novell went wrong.

When (if!) we make any significant progress I'll post the solution.

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Getting there...
Authored by: dave@mmu on Jun 13, '02 05:08:30AM

Hi, i got it working fine under OS9 but in OSX i had password problems. I'll have another look at the problem one day.

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Netware and X
Authored by: mflender on Jun 11, '02 03:49:12PM

We have Netware 6 and OS X working together beautifully using Native file access protocol. There is no additional expense except time installing NAFP. If you are running 5.1 you can install NAFP but it may cost depending on your license. I am with Coe College in CR, IA.

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Netware and X
Authored by: tejie on Dec 17, '02 03:23:37PM

What did you have to do within NetInfo Manager to get your web browser to work?

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Install/activate NW ftp access
Authored by: randy on Jun 11, '02 07:30:47PM

I don't remember whether the ftp access pack needed to be installed or simply activated, but between myself and our "computer" guy we got ftp access up and running on a NW 5.1 server. Now, if I need access to files, I just fire up RBrowser and connect directly to the file server using my NW id and password. One quirk I have noticed though is that in order for read and write access to work properly you need to connect using PASV ftp.


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Good solution, but speed problems
Authored by: maddinbetz on Aug 01, '02 05:54:37AM

I've got the following setting:

Pentium 3 with NT and WarFTP
G3 400mhz with MacOS X

I read your tutorial and installed WarFTP on the NT machine.
I log in with Transmit (from the Mac Machine)

Yes, it works but there's a speed problem:

If I download files from Novell via WarFTP I've got around 400KB/s. But the upload speed lames around 6KB/s.

Does anyone here have same problems? Or any tipps?

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Good solution, but speed problems
Authored by: maddinbetz on Aug 01, '02 07:18:32AM
Please write your answers to:

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Novell 4 and root access
Authored by: bripakes on Oct 11, '02 05:11:55PM

Anyone using Novell 4 and can't mount the share unless they
have write permissions at the root of the share?

Our clients can login, but nothing mounts to the desktop
(I can see the share via Terminal (cd /Volumes/ and then ls))

We're hoping a move to NFA solves this issue!


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Novell 4 and root access
Authored by: Jelle on Nov 21, '02 05:15:50AM

We are using Novell Netware 4.2 server and want to connect Apple Notebook with OS X. Is there any chance to do this?


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Prosoft Client for Os X
Authored by: petectid on Oct 05, '03 09:34:24AM
I've just read most of this thread out of interest really as in the past I have used the client to put pre Ox machines onto Novel networks. I was also aware that prosoft now writes the client for this purpose, it says in some of these postings above that there is not an Os X client, so I visited Prosofts page to see for myself to see were they were with this only to find the client advertised there A bit expensive but you can download a trail version before you part with your money, they do have an educational price list though for those of you in schools and colleges.


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