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Silence the changing volume beep noise System
On keyboards with volume controls, the system emits a small "beep" when you use those keys to set the system volume. Over in the comments to the hint about using shift-arrow keys in QuickTime previews, percy commented that the shift key has a pleasant side effect when used with the keyboard volume controls -- it silences them! If you hold down shift prior to increasing or decreasing the volume, you won't hear the small "beep" noise. Wonderful...
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Option + Sound Key = Open Contol Panel
Authored by: gilburns on Jun 08, '02 12:06:49PM

If you hold the option key & press any sound key it launches the System Preferences & opens the Sound panel.

Also, not sure if anyone posted this before. Option Clicking on the sound volume contol in the menu bar lets you contol the volume of the Alert sounds.

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Option + Sound Key = Open Contol Panel
Authored by: vertigo on Jun 08, '02 12:51:48PM

Mmmm..., thanks! I have loved being able to adjust the volume on iTunes on the fly, but that pesky beep sound was really starting to annoy me. This tip is saving me from a certain migraine.

Thanks again,


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10.1.5 keyboard volume beeps
Authored by: echo on Jun 08, '02 02:44:00PM

Since 10.1.5, the keyboard volume control doesn't necessarily beep on every one, but on every few increments, seemingly depending on the speed you click. Clicking slowly, you can get a beep at every increment, increase the click speed, and you can decrease how often it beeps. Weird!

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Cool. but it worked too well...
Authored by: dustigroove on Jun 09, '02 03:14:52AM

Wow! That worked great at muting the keyboard volume key beeps... now however I can't get them back. I option-clicked on the volume control and the Alert volume is set to max. I've played around with various key combinations. I've become weary and beepless...

Has anybody else have their Alerts take a permanent vacation? Am I missing something simple? Please help.


BTW - I'm on 10.1.4

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I want to reverse this behavior
Authored by: sjonke on Jun 09, '02 10:30:57PM

I would much rather that the default be to NOT beep, and for it to only beep when I hold the shift key. This because most of the time I don't need this beep feedback, but there are occasions when it can be useful. Somebody has got to find a hack to do this. :)

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'shift trick' works in OS 9 too
Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 10, '02 09:04:46PM

It works in OS 9.2.2 as well.
I don't know how we've missed it for so long.
Thank god it was found.

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Deja Vu
Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 12, '02 12:42:46AM

There was a comment posted in December about a resexcelence article that showed how to permanently disable the beep. It worked up through 10.1.4, but I haven't tried it yet in 10.1.5. The article is still available at if you want to check it out.

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Silence the changing volume beep noise
Authored by: hypert on Jan 07, '06 05:59:40AM

For some reason, this old hint just found it's way into Rob's Help Desk section of the Feb 2006 MacWorld.

I think this is really outdated, unless you REALLY want to have the beep sometimes and not on others. The Sound pref pane in 10.4 (and prob. 10.3) has a checkbox (on the Sound Effects tab) called "Play feedback when volume is changed". That's the easiest way to disable these beeps!

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Silence the changing volume beep noise
Authored by: macphilyaw on Feb 27, '13 11:06:33PM

In OSX 10.8 Go to--(System Preferences)--(Sound)--click the Sound Effects Tab--Uncheck the (Play feedback when volume is changed) box.
Pretty freaking simple actually.

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