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Enable ATI drivers on Lombard Powerbook System
A hack described on xlr8yourmac actually enables the new drivers for ATI chipsets in a Lombard Powerbook G3 (333 MHz). My Lombard is noticably faster now, Finder is more usable (menus, list view, dragging windows around) and QuickTime playback is smooth, though still CPU hungry.

You can enable the driver by editing the info.plist file inside System -> Library -> Extensions -> ATIRagePro.kext (control-click to show package contents) -> Contents. Inside the plist file, move to the IOKitPersonalities -> ATIRagePRO -> IOPCIMatch entry. This contains the boards for which the driver will load. The Lombard's signature is 0x4c491002, and that signature is not listed. If you add this signature, the driver will load after you save and reboot. Editor's note: You'll probably need to edit this file as root in order to save your changes.

Use at your own risk; on my machine, no problems occurred after applying this "hack". Keep a backup of the original Info.plist. Thanks to Luis Flores (no email address available) for finding this out, and check out for the full email from Luis, where he explains how to find the signature and how to prove whether the driver is or is not loading.
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Not quite ready for prime time
Authored by: uurf on Jun 07, '02 11:35:23AM
I can attest that on a PowerBook Lombard G3 400 no ATI driver is loaded under 10.1.5, as shown via "sudo kmodstat". This explains why, after updating to 10.1.5, having immediately dl'd one of the largest res Episode II trailers from the Quicktime site ("Clone Wars" trailer) I still noticed significant frame dropping and stuttering when shown at normal size, thousands of colors. It ran ok at .5 size though.

After making the modifications Luis outlines above, I can report 3 things:
1)The driver does load after the mod (checked via kmodstat)
2) The highest res episode 2 Trailers now play flawlessly, at normal size in thousands of colors and
3) The highest res episode 2 Trailers also now play flawlessly at normal size in millions of colors.

I don't have the dev tools installed on that machine so I didn't have access to QuartzDebug etc. last night for additional testing. But there is an appreciable and quantifiable performance increase wrt Quicktime at any rate.

However, this performance does not come without a price. The screen seems to have taken on a speckled appearance (kind of like dithering artifacts, not horrible but there) in both thousands and millions of colors, and when switching between the two settings the screen goes black and does not recover without a forced restart. The machine then comes back up in the selected resolution.

Because of these consequences I will probably go in this weekend and undo the changes I made to ATIRagePro.kext, returning my venerable Lombard to a video-unaccelerated state.

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Authored by: mccullocht on Jun 07, '02 12:15:35PM

Anybody get this to work on a Wallstreet? I followed the link and tried the instruction on my Wallstreet/266 and upon reboot I got a nice kernel panic :(.

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Authored by: james_sorenson on Jun 07, '02 12:22:48PM

I have a Wallstreet II 233. I'll take a stab at it this weekend and post my results. Thanks for the warning; I'll remember to keep my boot-CD handy.

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Authored by: uurf on Jun 07, '02 12:57:35PM

check xlr8; the wallstreet Rage LT Pro has half the mem as the lombard one and probably other differences too. Despite having the correct id's (they're listed there) nobody is getting wallstreets to work using this mod.

you can boot your mac in x skipping extraneous .kexts by holding down the shift key. so you shouldn't need to boot from CD when it blows up.

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Why can't load the driver?
Authored by: sungwoo on Jun 08, '02 09:48:17AM

Why my wallstreet can't load the ATiPageProLt driver?

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Authored by: james_sorenson on Jun 09, '02 02:31:36AM

No go. I tried, but it looks like 4MB VRAM just won't cut it. Oh well, frankly I'm impressed this ol' laptop can run MacOS X as well as it does (even MS Office). I think screaming for accelerated support for a 4MB video card is like demanding floppy-drive support. I can't expect yesterday's gear to fully handle tomorrow's software. Time for me to save my pennies.

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Authored by: minkinen on Jun 15, '02 07:03:15AM

I can attest to the same... Went to OS9, checked the Device and Vendor ID's, and used 0x4c501002 after booting back into X, after which I got a kernel panic when rebooting. The full Device ID is 0x4c50 = 19536, while the full Vendor ID is 0x1002 = 4098.

Has anyone managed to get this working?

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