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Enable Quartz text smoothing in all Carbon apps System
If you like Word v.X's anti-aliased text (courtesy of the Office and 10.1.5 updates), then grab the freeware preference panel silk from Unsanity. Silk enables Quartz text rendering in all Carbon apps under 10.1.5. I'm currently using it in Mozilla and Internet Explorer and the results are great. Mozilla is rendering pages as nicely as Chimera.

[Editor's note: This is a very nice little program! As I understood it, applications would require an update (a la Word) to take advantage of text smoothing in 10.1.5. But Silk somehow enables smooth text in all Carbon apps without any updates to the programs. It even applies to those apps that are currently running -- I installed it while typing this article, switched apps a couple times, and returned to find Mozilla had been 'smoothed'. Silk also includes an "Exclude" pane which allows you to specify Carbon apps that you do not want it to work with.]
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God Bless 'Em!
Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 06, '02 10:23:24AM

This is possibly one of the best little 'haxies' that Unsanity has ever come up with; God bless 'em. And they made it freeware! :)

The Exclude panel, BTW, was a lifesaver when I found that my preferred font in BBEdit Lite (Andale Mono) was not being too cooperative with Silk and kept doing some slightly funky things.

Now, MSIE looks as pretty as OmniWeb ... it actually takes a little getting used to. :)


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God Bless 'Em!
Authored by: yandfeng on Jun 07, '02 06:44:37AM

And it's freeware!
If they asked me for $7, I'd have given them $7, no doubts, no hesitation, no waitin'!

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Quartz in older G4?
Authored by: bluehz on Jun 06, '02 11:00:37AM

I was under the impression that I would not be able to take advantage of Quartz rendering on my G4/400 (AGP) with OEM Rage Pro card. Yet when I install Silk and enable it I seem to be getting all the benefits of text anti-aliasing in cocoa apps such as IE. etc. Whats the status of Quartz rendering on this older G4?

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Quartz in older G4?
Authored by: JohnnyMnemonic on Jun 06, '02 12:36:20PM
You are confusing, I think, Quartz, and Quartz Extreme.

Quartz is the term for the entirety of the dipslay layer in OS X. It is what handles ALL of the graphics that you see. However, Quartz Extreme is an advertised feature of X.2, announced but not released. It purports to hand of much of the display processing to the graphics card, rather than as it is now, handled by the processor. As such, it requires a very fast connection to the graphics card, and a very fast card. As announced, it required a card with 32M VRAM. However, that's been now modified to "recommended for optimal performance".

So--you do, in fact, benefit from Quartz. How much you benefit from the added performace of Quartz Extreme remains to be seen, but I think you'll find it pretty good on the system you describe.

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Quartz in older G4?
Authored by: plazman30 on Jun 06, '02 01:26:01PM

If you have a G4/400 AGP you DO NOT have a Rage Pro. I have a G4/400 PCI and I have a RAGE 128 in it. So, you probably have an ATI Rage 128 AGP card in yours if not something newer. The Rage Pro shipped with the B&W G3 machines and earlier iMacs.

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Quartz in older G4?
Authored by: JustyTylor on Jun 06, '02 05:48:07PM

I've got a Rage 128 in my B&W G3 400. Rage Pros are in iMacs, probably early revs of the B&W G3, and PowerBooks. I could be wrong.

To bring this back on topic, Silk makes everything look great. I disabled font smoothing in Office cause you don't need to activate it if Silk is enabled!

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Authored by: Mikey-San on Jun 06, '02 11:24:35AM

The word from the Unsanity people:

\"It just calls SwapQDTextFlags which is a function new to OS X that
affects all text drawing in the application from that point on. It\'s
a \"set it and forget it\" thing.\"

Not too bad. Glad it\'s not a real \"hack\" hack, just the tripping of a flag sanctioned for use by Apple. :-)


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Authored by: kainjow on Jun 06, '02 03:20:44PM

Wow! IE looks beautiful now. Now all they need is a bug update. Does anybody know if a new version of IE is coming with Jaguar?

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so what happens when Jaguar comes out?
Authored by: scottburton on Jun 06, '02 05:51:31PM

will silk be debris with OS 10.2?

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