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Disable the sound beep volume in 10.1.5 System
An article from last December on ResExcellence explains how to disable the sound volume beep in OS X versions 10.1.2 to 10.1.4.

The 10.1.5 update requires that you search for (hex) 480077ED instead. The rest of the procedure is the same.

As an added bonus in 10.1.5, if you don't want to see the volume dialog (it can look funny when running some games), you can disable its display by searching for 48008B0D and replacing it with 60000000.

[Editor's note: I haven't tried this myself...]
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why not...
Authored by: sublinear on Jun 06, '02 11:48:28AM

...just place an empty sound file in your Sounds folder (Library/Sounds/ or ~/Library/Sounds/ I think)? select it as the alert sound and you won't hear a thing. None of this editing, and it's easy to switch sounds back on!

I've got one in mt ~/Library/Sounds folder, and since my ~ dir/ is on another HD, even when I format muh drive all I do is go into the Sounds prefpane and select my Silence sound file from the list. Works great ever since OS X came out...

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another way...
Authored by: eno on Jun 06, '02 11:48:35AM

of removing the annoying sound is to create a "blank" sound (of short duration and no volume) and then just choose that as your alert sound in the Sound preferences pane.

This has the advantage of being easier to do and less "hacky", but of course it won't appeal to people that like having audible alerts in other parts of the OS.

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another way...
Authored by: bhines on Jun 06, '02 02:51:52PM

Er... we still WANT a BEEP. Just NOT when we change the volume.

Your solution isn't a solution at all, and seems far more hacky to me in that you are severely reducing the functionality of the system. (no beep)

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another way...
Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 06, '02 06:59:17PM

It's a solution for them. Therefore it is a solution.

10.1.5 has improved the situation somewhat as the sound doesn't repeat as much when you hold down the volume key. However, I do agree that hearing the alert sound at all can be annoying.

On the other hand, for accessibility reasons, I do think that there needs to be some sort of sound. Perhaps Apple could come up with something rather more subtle.

Oh, and they could make SystemUIServer (the process responsible) rather more responsive. If you hold down the volume key for a second and then let go, SystemUIServer should stop changing the volume immediately, not another second later!

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Where to put a sound ?
Authored by: gedalin on Jun 13, '02 04:37:52AM

I have converted sound files in aiff and put it into ~/Library/Sounds.
However, my Sound Prefs panel does not recognize the folder
(even after reboot).What is wrong ?

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