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OS X 10.1.5 update released System
As you more than likely know by now, the 10.1.5 update has been officially released. If you missed the official Read Me during the install, you can find it at /Library -> Receipts -> MacOSXUpdate10.1.5.pkg -> Contents -> Resources -> English.lproj -> ReadMe.rtf. Navigate through the above path in the Finder and double-click the file, or just head there in the Terminal and type "open ReadMe.rtf". If you want to see a list of all changed files, stop digging when you reach the Resources directory in the Terminal, and type "lsbom | more".

Some key features of the upgrade include expanded peripheral support, 2D and QuickTime acceleration on Rage Pro machines, Quartz anti-aliasing in updated Carbon applications, WebDAV improvements, and improved file searching speed.

I haven't had a ton of time to play with it, but I did test the WebDAV improvements. The iDisk is now nearly as quick in the Finder as Goliath WebDAV access. It's close enough that I may stop using Goliath due to the ease of navigating and managing the iDisk from the Finder. In addition, Office with the Service Release 1 update looks great with anti-aliasing in 10.1.5!

I did manage to get a kernel panic during the upgrade; I had switched over to my PC during the installation (I use a USB KVM switch to share one keyboard, mouse, and monitor), and when I switched back, the upgrade had finished and was waiting for a restart ... and then I got the panic. Upon restart, though, all was fine and has been ever since.

I have not yet installed it on either of our Rage Pro machines to see if 2D and QT acceleration make any notable difference in video performance.
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2D Acceleration
Authored by: Peganthyrus on Jun 05, '02 01:28:20AM

Well, G-Force and Whitecap under Audion are definitely looking better on my Rage 128-equipped dual 450. I was being annoyed at the sorry excuse for a framerate under 10.1.4 just last night. Still a little jerky, but much more pleasant (and I *am* running at 1600x1200 in 'Millions'.)

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Time Travel...^^
Authored by: oeyvind on Jun 05, '02 01:42:00AM
Same here...
Authored by: robg on Jun 05, '02 07:28:27AM

Same thing on my machine. Great, here comes 10.1.6 :-)


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DoubleCommand Problem
Authored by: toblak on Jun 05, '02 02:03:48AM

As has been posted elsewhere, if you are using DoubleCommand, remove it from the /Library/StartupItems folder before restarting your machine. I got a kernel panic after the reboot. I was forced to go into single user mode, and remove it.

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sendmail's fried
Authored by: Titanium Man on Jun 05, '02 02:38:45AM

Anybody else notice that?

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sendmail's fried
Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 05, '02 05:35:42AM

Apple sw updates always do that.

chmod go-w / /etc /etc/mail /usr /var /var/spool /var/spool/mqueue
chown root / /etc /etc/mail /usr /var /var/spool /var/spool/mqueue

Those commands will fix it.

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Didnt help :(
Authored by: nsarup on Jun 05, '02 06:26:09AM

I tried it, and mail still gives me this error: "can not chdir(/var/spool/clientmqueue/): Permission denied
Program mode requires special privileges, e.g., root or TrustedUser."

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Didnt help :(
Authored by: deleted_user17 on Jun 05, '02 06:28:51AM

The error message tells you what to do: Become root or use "sudo".

Or use the KeepSendmailHappy Startupitem :-)

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Didnt help :(
Authored by: nsarup on Jun 05, '02 06:31:10AM

To send mail??
I get this error when I try to send mail in the terminal.
I did the commands in the previous post as root. Plus the other comamdns in the KeepSendmailHappy script.

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me too.
Authored by: sungwoo on Jun 05, '02 12:52:22PM

I got the same error which never happened before.
How can I fix it? ;(

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I did it :)
Authored by: nsarup on Jun 05, '02 03:25:44PM

There is a little tidbit about sendmail on the front page of macfixit. Basicly it says to do what it says in the sendmail ReadMe. (Its in the /etc/mail/ directory)
Anyway, the bit that i did was this (Copyed from the README):

* cd to /usr/share/sendmail/conf/cf:
cd /usr/share/sendmail/conf/cf
* Copy the default config file to
sudo cp
* Edit your new config file:
sudo vi
* Regenerate your file from the m4 file you just edited:
m4 ../m4/cf.m4 > /tmp/
* Backup your old
sudo cp /etc/mail/ /etc/mail/
* Put your new in place:
sudo cp /tmp/ /etc/mail/
* Restart sendmail

Thats it, I just restartet, couldnt kille the sendmail that was running for some reason. Of course change all instances of "yourdomain" to, yep, you guessed it ;)
Before I did this I tried almost anything to get it to work. Including the steps in the thread about sendmail in the UNIX forum.
So, I dont know if just doing what it says in the read me will work for you, but try it anyway :)

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I did it :)
Authored by: nsarup on Jun 05, '02 04:18:56PM

I sort of retraced my steps on my other comp. the instructions I gave in the previous post didnt work there. So I tried some of the other things I mentioned. Of course I wasnt smart enough to write them down while I did it ;)
Here is what I think I did, I know there must be a smarter way to do it:

Did the instructions in the README.

All of the below I did as root:

"chown smmsp:smmsp /var/spool/clientmqueue"
"chmod 770 /var/spool/clientmqueue"

(Changed the /etc/hostconfig file so the domain was the domain of the computer and mailserver was set to yesChanged the /etc/hostconfig file so the domain was the domain of the computer and mailserver was set to yes. Only necesarry if X wasnt set up as a mail server before)

"sendmail" put it in the background (crtl-z, and then "bg 1")

Now there is two sendmails running.
then I restarted. and everything works.

Hope this helps somebody :)

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I did it :)
Authored by: aordway on Jun 05, '02 04:46:41PM
The other thing that you need to do is edit the new file. You can see that hint at

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I did it :)
Authored by: scotts on Jun 06, '02 01:37:42AM

For me these were required:
chmod go-w / /etc /etc/mail /usr /var /var/spool /var/spool/mqueue
chown root / /etc /etc/mail /usr /var /var/spool /var/spool/mqueue

As well the niutil commands from the read me (/etc/mail/README) were required to get sendmail to look at my config:

niutil -create . /locations/sendmail
niutil -createprop . /locations/sendmail /etc/mail/

While not required to get sendmail working, I did rebuild my file from the m4 file as it was working but with some errors.

[XXXXXXX:/etc] root# mail -vvv -s "More testing" root
this better work or its going in to the lake
Msmtp: Warning: first argument in [IPC] mailer must be TCP or FILE
Mesmtp: Warning: first argument in [IPC] mailer must be TCP or FILE
Msmtp8: Warning: first argument in [IPC] mailer must be TCP or FILE
Mdsmtp: Warning: first argument in [IPC] mailer must be TCP or FILE
Mrelay: Warning: first argument in [IPC] mailer must be TCP or FILE
Warning: .cf file is out of date: sendmail 8.12.2 supports version 10, .cf file is version 9

But after the errors the message was sent.

I would not recommend setting the don't blame sendmail option, this passage in the config file motivates me to look deeper and fix the cause.

# override file safeties - setting this option compromises system security,
# addressing the actual file configuration problem is preferred
# need to set this before any file actions are encountered in the cf file
#O DontBlameSendmail=safe

Hope This Helps; Scott

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Kernelpanic on bootup when using uControl
Authored by: lasix on Jun 05, '02 06:47:40AM

If you're using uControl (a utility which maps the control key to caps lock) please remove it before rebooting into the new 10.1.5. It seems as if these two are not compatible - resulting in a kernelpanic at bootup.

To remove uControl simply enter the following commands in the shell:

cd /Library/StartupItems
sudo rm -rf uControl

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Kernelpanic on bootup when using uControl
Authored by: lasix on Jun 07, '02 04:18:12AM
This issue has been fixed by a new version of uControl available at:

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Apple did it !
Authored by: Barty on Jun 05, '02 07:27:37AM

On my machines at least, Mac OS X 10.1.5 now remembers OmniWeb as the default browser if I say so, even after restart !

I'm happy, now !

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Remove Power Delete too
Authored by: Paul Burney on Jun 05, '02 09:25:48AM

It appears that all the old kernel extensions are incompatible with this version of 10.1. I got the kernel panic on reboot because of Power Delete. As with the others, the solution is to:

cd /Library/StartupItems

sudo rm -rf PowerDelete

If you have already restarted and are having panics, you can either boot into OS 9 or from a boot CD to remove the file and then boot back into OS X


boot into single user mode (Apple - S at startup), follow the instructions to check and mount the disk, and enter these commands:

cd /Library/StartupItems

rm -rf PowerDelete

Hope that helps.

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once again
Authored by: pcp_ip on Jun 05, '02 09:58:00AM
I wish apple would list EXACTLY what is getting updated. Once again they've wiped out my PHP out and downgraded it to 4.1.2

Nowhere in the list of changes is PHP.

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Authored by: nsarup on Jun 05, '02 11:05:46AM

Grrrr... Thank god for Marc Liyanage ;)

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Re: PHP Listing
Authored by: THEM on Jun 05, '02 05:08:33PM

The update information stated that it included the April 2002 Security Update, which was documented as including an updated PHP.

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Eject button
Authored by: dabeatles on Jun 05, '02 10:35:41AM

This isn't a major thing, but, like the volume controls, an eject icon is now displayed when you press the button. I'm not sure if it worked on previous releases on other machines...

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Eject button
Authored by: eisforian on Jun 05, '02 12:20:55PM

That's kind of neat...

:::: hits F12 repeatedly ::::

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Eject button
Authored by: GreyArea on Jun 05, '02 04:00:27PM

Seems to have stopped working for external drives though.

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MenuBar Clock Format reverts
Authored by: Diggory on Jun 05, '02 10:43:35AM

The Date & Time menu extra reverts back to US format (if you hacked it) - slightly dull. But not earth shattering.

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MenuBar Clock Format reverts
Authored by: bkuemmer on Jun 07, '02 05:14:39AM
If you set the menubar clock format as described in "Formatting the menubar clock revisited" the 10.1.5 update does *not* revert this setting!

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Kernal Panics
Authored by: soosy on Jun 05, '02 12:51:16PM

I also got a kernal panic on reboot. It hung on "Starting up Eject Control for iBooks". Soft restart resulted in same. I then shut off machine by pressing and holding power button. Then started up and everything was fine.

A friend got a panic during optimizing when plugging in a usb mouse. Another friend updated fine.

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Kernal Panics
Authored by: mrgerbek on Jun 25, '02 03:19:00PM

I've had 4 kernel panic's in the last week and a half since I update to 10.1.5, and I think I've had 1 in the year and a half before that. What's the deal? The worst was when my B&W G3 and my iBook 500 both had a kernel panic within 30 seconds of each other. Yikes. I don't even have the keyboard shortcut utilities installed.

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resolution stuck on 1024 rather then 1152
Authored by: Moo0 on Jun 05, '02 02:58:31PM

and that's really too bad... I can't set my res of a PC monitor to 1152 as I could in 10.1.4. Any suggestions?

Anyways, everything seems a whole lot damn faster...

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May need two more steps
Authored by: kahless on Jun 05, '02 04:37:06PM

After regenerating the as described in a previous post, some users may need to enter the following in the Terminal:
sudo niutil -create . /locations/sendmail
sudo niutil -createprop . /locations/sendmail /etc/mail/

As described in the README, this tells sendmail to look at etc/mail/ instead of netinfo for configuration information.

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May need two more steps
Authored by: vonleigh on Jun 05, '02 09:08:20PM


Even though it's not stated in the README, it stomped on my access file, had to bring my access file back from backup. And last, I had my access file setup as btree, but this would no longer work, had to make it a hash file.


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Dock Weirdness?
Authored by: jbouklas on Jun 05, '02 05:21:40PM

After the update, my Dock doesn't respond very well. It does not display text when I hold my cursor over it, and it does not unhide. I can manually unhide it with the preference pane, but it's a pain. I have seen a few people with this same problem at various forums. When I restart the Dock, it works fine. A real pain in the arse.


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USB mouse issues
Authored by: lipids on Jun 05, '02 07:36:02PM

So, I bought this brand new mouse made by IOGEAR. Optical mini mouse for my iBook. Plugged it in yesterday with 10.1.4 and it worked great right away. AWESOME! Then I updated to 10.1.5. RESTART. My mouse does not work. I looked in Apple System Profiler, it did not show up on the USB bus. So, I used the trackpad to make several angry posts on various BB's. Twenty minutes later the Optical USB mouse starts to work. WEIRD! Today when I booted same thing happened. No mouse for about 10 minutes then it started to work. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??!!?

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USB mouse issues
Authored by: boysimple on Jun 06, '02 12:54:54PM

I had a similar problem with my Kensington optical pro, try resetting the P-Ram on reboot (hold Ctrl - Command - P - R for 3 chimes), it should clear all of your problems.

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Deep sleep - cool!!!
Authored by: robg on Jun 06, '02 12:20:13AM

For the first time since I installed OS X on my G4/733 with Adaptec SCSI, 10.1.5 finally enables deep sleep! Previously, it would go into a semi-sleep mode where the drives and monitor would shut down, but I could still hear the fan running.

Now sleep puts the machine totally to sleep -- wonderful!


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Deep sleep - cool!!!
Authored by: gstafford on Jun 06, '02 12:20:03PM

Which Adapect card are you using? I had this problem and ended up pulling my card so my cpu would take its naps when told to.

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Adaptec card...
Authored by: robg on Jun 06, '02 03:53:54PM

It's a 2930. I took the same solution as you did (yanked the 2906 card) with my work machine, but needed the Adaptec at home for a scanner and tape backup system. So I'd been suffering with my "napping but not sleeping" machine all these months ;-).

Now it's pure silent bliss when it goes to sleep ... I feel much better about the life expectancy of my machine now!


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Whew...Dat was scarry!!
Authored by: gstafford on Jun 06, '02 09:37:22PM

Well, I thought I'd stick my old 2940UW in my box (Dual 533) and give it a whirl. At first I thought every thing was working fine except that my computer wouldn't go into deep sleep. Hmmm....while I contemplated the pro's and con's of keeping the card in the box I leaned back in my chair and placed my chin in my palm and let my fingers thump upon my lips. Ok, I'll leave it in for awhile and see if I can live with the computer not going completely to sleep while I'm not in front of if. Next, I put on some music on with iTunes, then it was off to the Disk Utility to reformat the drive. At some point during the reformat I started getting the most god-awful electric popping sound coming out of my speakers and then a complete failure of iTunes. The first thing I did was stop all the processes. My computer itself seemed to be functioning properly, but when I re-launched iTunes it seemed to work until I went to play some music...NOTHING. I was time for a command decision that required no leaning back and no thought whatsoever. I opened the case and yanked that card right on outta my box. I'm really quite a packrat when it comes to some of my old computer and peripherals, but this card may just get filed in the 13th bin so I'm never tempted to install it again.....

Oh, my computer seems to be fine now


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Install notes....
Authored by: balthisar on Jun 06, '02 06:14:49AM

The 10.1.5 upgrade went beautifully on my iMac DV SE, and it doesn't look like anything is broken or different. Really, I notice NOTHING different. But, I'm up-to-date.

My PowerBook (Bronze) was a different story. On the restart after installation, the computer gave me the flashing checkmark at startup problem (a real nightmare from my PowerMac 6400 days). Worried, I booted up with a Norton CD, which discovered about 24,000 (NOT a typo) errors on my system partition. It fixed everything, and I rebooted successfully into 10.1.5. Again, nothing seems different, and I think my PowerBook has Rage Pro (all I'm missing is my DVD and OpenGL, Apple!)

I've not tried my iDisk on either of these machines yet. The horrible, horrible nature of iDisk (i.e., speed) has turned me off of its use. If it's significantly better (I'll try it), it'll come in handy again for bouncing files between home and work (ironically my iDisk works with very few problems under Windows 98).

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IPNetShareX and Epson
Authored by: drywall on Jun 06, '02 12:16:27PM

Okay, so it sound like most kernel mods (PowerDelete, uControl, etc) are causing problems. Anyone know if IP Net Share X falls into this category? I don't think it's a kernel mod but it's kept in the same library folder as PowerDelete so I thought I'd ask before I create more work for myself...

It looks like 10.1.5 hasn't added support for my printer (Epson Stylus Color 1160) or my digital camera (Toshiba PDR-M60), and I never have occasion to use my iDisk or the WebDAV protocol in general. What other reasons are there to bother with this upgrade if it's gonna hose stuff like PowerDelete and IP Net Share X? Just curious.

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Edit Info.plist to enable ATi drivers on Lombard PowerBook
Authored by: Hiram on Jun 07, '02 07:04:19AM

See xlr8yourmac. I tried it, and it works.

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Worked fine
Authored by: guillota on Jun 11, '02 01:15:24PM

It worked fine in a Beige G3 with 128mb Ram.
iDisk runs faster, screen is smoother, harddisk is less used, and now renaming a file/folder works ok.
Also didn't have any kernel panic beacuse I don't have any kernel extension.
That's an operating system.

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