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Enabling SSL support with Eudora 5.1.1 Apps
In noticed a blurb on MacFixIt today which points to document that Ron Risley created regarding using SSL with Eudora: HOWTO Eudora SSL on OS X.

The installation looks non-trivial (you need the Dev Tools installed and should be comfortable using the Terminal), but if you like Eudora and need SSL support, this appears to be the solution...
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Enabling SSL support with Eudora 5.1.1 | 4 comments | Create New Account
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Not only for Eudora
Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 03, '02 02:26:23PM

You can use stunnel in this fashion to add SSL support to just about anything, even AppleShare if you try hard enough. However, this is a long way to go to overcome what Eudora has left out that most every other e-mail client has.


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Anybody have any luck with this?
Authored by: bluehz on Jun 03, '02 06:07:18PM
Anyone have any luck with this procedure? I already had openssl installed but apparently it was not good enough for stunnel. So I decided to update to the latest version of openssl. I d/l the openssl src and ran the recommended ./configure no-rc4. It didn't really like that inisting it needed a os/compiler:
%: ./Configure no-rc4
Configuring for 
Usage: Configure [no- ...] [-Dxxx] [-lxxx] [-Lxxx] [-fxxx] [-Kxxx] [rsaref] [no-threads] [no-asm] [no-dso] [386] [--prefix=DIR] [--openssldir=OPENSSLDIR] [--test-sanity] os/compiler[:flags]

pick os/compiler from:
BC-16 BC-32 BS2000-OSD Cygwin Cygwin-pre1.3 FreeBSD FreeBSD-alpha FreeBSD-elf 
MPE/iX-gcc Mingw32 NetBSD-m68 NetBSD-sparc NetBSD-x86 OS390-Unix OpenBSD 
OpenBSD-alpha OpenBSD-mips OpenBSD-x86 OpenUNIX-8 OpenUNIX-8-gcc 
OpenUNIX-8-gcc-shared OpenUNIX-8-pentium OpenUNIX-8-pentium_pro 
OpenUNIX-8-shared ReliantUNIX SINIX SINIX-N VC-MSDOS VC-NT VC-W31-16 VC-W31-32 
VC-WIN16 VC-WIN32 aix-cc aix-gcc aix43-cc aix43-gcc alpha-cc alpha-cc-rpath 
alpha-gcc alpha164-cc alphaold-cc bsdi-elf-gcc bsdi-gcc cc cray-j90 cray-t3e 
darwin-ppc-cc dgux-R3-gcc dgux-R4-gcc dgux-R4-x86-gcc dist gcc hpux-brokencc 
hpux-brokengcc hpux-cc hpux-gcc hpux-m68k-gcc hpux-parisc-cc hpux-parisc-cc-o4 
hpux-parisc-gcc hpux-parisc1_1-cc hpux-parisc2-cc hpux10-brokencc 
hpux10-brokengcc hpux10-cc hpux10-gcc hpux64-parisc-cc hpux64-parisc2-cc 
irix-cc irix-gcc irix-mips3-cc irix-mips3-gcc irix64-mips4-cc irix64-mips4-gcc 
linux-alpha+bwx-ccc linux-alpha+bwx-gcc linux-alpha-ccc linux-alpha-gcc 
linux-aout linux-elf linux-elf-arm linux-ia64 linux-m68k linux-mips 
linux-mipsel linux-parisc linux-ppc linux-s390 linux-s390x linux-sparcv7 
linux-sparcv8 linux-sparcv9 ncr-scde newsos4-gcc nextstep nextstep3.3 purify 
qnx4 qnx6 rhapsody-ppc-cc sco3-gcc sco5-cc sco5-cc-pentium sco5-cc-shared 
sco5-gcc sco5-gcc-shared solaris-sparc-sc3 solaris-sparcv7-cc 
solaris-sparcv7-gcc solaris-sparcv8-cc solaris-sparcv8-gcc solaris-sparcv9-cc 
solaris-sparcv9-gcc solaris-sparcv9-gcc27 solaris-x86-cc solaris-x86-gcc 
solaris64-sparcv9-cc sunos-gcc ultrix-cc ultrix-gcc unixware-2.0 
unixware-2.0-pentium unixware-2.1 unixware-2.1-p6 unixware-2.1-pentium 
unixware-7 unixware-7-gcc unixware-7-pentium unixware-7-pentium_pro 
vxworks-ppc405 debug debug-ben debug-ben-debug debug-ben-strict debug-bodo 
debug-levitte-linux-elf debug-linux-elf debug-linux-elf-noefence debug-rse 
debug-solaris-sparcv8-cc debug-solaris-sparcv8-gcc debug-solaris-sparcv9-cc 
debug-solaris-sparcv9-gcc debug-steve debug-ulf 

NOTE: If in doubt, on Unix-ish systems use './config'.
So I chose "darwin-ppc-cc" (not sure if that is correct, but it seemed like the best choice). So then I compiled/installed openssl again using:
%: ./Configure no-rc4 darwin-ppc-cc
Strangely enough - the openssl completed with no apparent errors. Then I attempted to compile and install stunnel again. Compile went through - but it failed on the "make". Seemed to be lots of errors....ending in these.
/usr/bin/ld: Undefined symbols:
/usr/bin/ld: warning unused multiple definitions of symbol _getpeername
/var/tmp/ccfljaaa.o definition of _getpeername in section (__TEXT,__text)
/usr/lib/libpthread.dylib(getpeername.o) unused definition of _getpeername
/usr/local/bin/openssl req -new -x509 -days 365 -nodes 
        -config stunnel.cnf -out stunnel.pem -keyout stunnel.pem
make: /usr/local/bin/openssl: Command not found
make: *** [stunnel.pem] Error 127
Anyone have any ideas how to get this up and running? What about the openssl compile - I am used to see the compiler listed as "powerpc-apple-darwin5.4" instead of the "darwin-ppc-cc" that I chose....but as I stated - it did appear to compile and install fine.

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corrected Eudora+SSL howto
Authored by: rrisley on Jun 03, '02 07:55:37PM

Sorry if this is a duplicate; my previous post hasn't appeared.

The problem was that the configuration commands should use "./config" and not "./configure". I have updated the howto. You should run "make clean" in your OpenSSL and stunnel directories, then redo the whole installation process starting with the config commands.

Thanks for pointing this out, and sorry about the lost time and cycles.


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corrected Eudora+SSL howto
Authored by: bluehz on Jun 04, '02 09:46:17AM
Still not having much luck... Started from scratch Decompressed SSL src and recompiled/installed, yet when I run openssl -version it is showing as: OpenSSL 0.9.6b 9 Jul 2001 So something is not going right here....although the compile/make/install of openssl appears to complete fine. I did notice in looking back over the make that many of the include files are not used as it indicates "file exists" - which it obvioulsy does from prev. version. I wonder if I need to delete older version of openssl first? I went ahead and attempted to run make/compile on stunnel, but it failed again - not finding openssl, et. al.
/usr/bin/ld: Undefined symbols: _main /usr/bin/ld: warning unused multiple definitions of symbol _getpeername /var/tmp/cc5Araaa.o definition of _getpeername in section (__TEXT,__text) /usr/lib/libpthread.dylib(getpeername.o) unused definition of _getpeername /usr/local/bin/openssl req -new -x509 -days 365 -nodes -config stunnel.cnf -out stunnel.pem -keyout stunnel.pem make: /usr/local/bin/openssl: Command not found make: *** [stunnel.pem] Error 127 [
Sure would like to solve this mystery...

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