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Delete anything without permissions issues System
Have you ever been annoyed when the system doesn't let you delete things? You have to go around logging in as root, changing permissions, blah blah blah. But, it takes too much time!

I have found the ultimate evil solution! When they do not allow you to delete it, then just create a folder/document of the same name, and move it to the directory where the offending folder/document is located. The unwanted item will be deleted when it is "replaced" and then you are free to delete the file you have created.

This works extremely well, I actually deleted my system folder doing this and it didn't even complain!

[Editor's note: I haven't verified this myself against a non-deletable object, but clearly, in general replacing one file with another when copying works. If you attempt to use this to delete a stubborn item, be very careful that you're removing only the one object you wish to get rid of! I personally prefer the other methods for deleting stuck files which have been discussed here previously, but offer this up as yet another potential solution.]
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Authored by: jchryss on May 31, '02 10:21:21AM

My garbage can hasnt been empty in a long time


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other stupid delete tricks.
Authored by: charlietuna on May 31, '02 12:01:38PM

today while fooling around with a file whose custom icon i wanted to delete, i did the following. the file, which i'll call "file1.sit," was on the desktop.

1. in terminal, did "rm file1.sit/rsrc"
2. when i returned to the desktop, the file disappeared. not what i wanted, but it was ok, because it wasn't an important file and i had another copy.
3. i replaced the file with a fresh copy "file1.sit" by dragging it from a folder onto the desktop. at this point, the finder complained with an error code -8065.
4. i renamed the file in its folder to "file2.sit" and then dragged it to the desktop. that worked, so i tried to rename the file to "file1.sit" and the finder claimed there was another file with that name and extension. but there wasn't an icon for it!
5. in the terminal, i did "mv file2.sit file1.sit" and the responds "override --------- bjd/staff for file1.sit?" there's no reference to file1.sit in the Desktop folder when doing "ls -al" in the terminal.

why does this happen? it's totally weird and inexplicable, at least from my own knowledge. i'll have to find a better way to remove custom icons.

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other stupid delete tricks.
Authored by: aranor on May 31, '02 08:43:06PM
To remove a custom icon, do Show Info and hit Delete with the icon selected. That should work.

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The old becomes new again...
Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 02, '02 01:50:26PM

This stunt's been around for years, I used to use it as far back as 7.5, maybe even 7.1. It's very useful for when you have a large number of files you want to delete. The normal trash method goes through the preparation phase, which with tens of thousands of files on an old 601 or 040 could take painfully long periods of time. But, put 'em in a folder, and use this stunt to get rid of the folder, poof. All gone, no wait.

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