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Replace your admin user to resolve problems System
Maybe an obvious hint, but nevertheless worth the try if you notice that a) you have random kernel panics, b) applications crash for no apparent reason and/or c) apps won't launch, especially as one user and not if you log in as another user.

Assuming it's your own Mac, log in as root, create a new user account with administrative access. Now delete the 'unstable' user. Mac OS X will ask you who will have access permissions for the files of the deleted user. Assign these to the new user.

If you want the same login name as the deleted user, launch NetInfo, choose the user section and adapt the 'new' user settings by changing all the login names to the old name. Also, rename the new user folder to match the new login name.

Log out and back in with your new account and start copying your stuff from the 'old user DELETED' folder in the Users folder to your new user account. Of course, grab everything from Documents (you might wanna hold on to that Microsoft User Data). You can then start copying Preferences (from the ~/Library folder). Be sure that they are ok; corrupt profiles are cause number one for troubles.

If all is done, delete the 'OLD user DELETED' folder. You should now have a 'fresh and minty ' user environment, and this in less than 30 minutes.

[Editor's note and caution: This hint is an extension of a tip regarding creating a new user for troubleshooting purposes. Be careful if you elect to replace your admin user; the process is a bit more complex, and maintaining the same username does require some work with NetInfo Manager. I would recommend this as a last resort if you've tried other fixes without any luck. Of course, if this step fails and you still have system problems, then you've either copied over the item that was causing the problem in the first place, or you've got a much deeper hardware or software problem.]
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use the console
Authored by: mflender on May 29, '02 10:44:05AM

If I have a problem with freezes or crashes I launch the console utility which will usually point to the item causing the freeze. It creates a log so you can see it after restart. I solved a crashing print center issue this way thatwas caused by Apple supplied Canon drivers being corrupt. Hope this helps save someone from having to delete and create an admin account.

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alternate method
Authored by: Hoops on May 29, '02 03:38:04PM

I have solved problems like this by renaming my Users/Library folder to something like Oldlib. When you log out and in again, the system notices you have no Users/Library and duly creates a fresh one. After confirming that your problems are gone, you can start dragging things over from Oldlib to your new Users/Library (as little as possible, as of course you don't want to reintroduce whatever it was that was causing the problem in the first place!) Keep Oldlib around for a few weeks until you're sure you have everything you need from it.

I find this method more intuitive than creating a new user and mucking around with NetInfo Manager. In a way, it's not unlike the late unlamented Extensions shuffle that used to be a staple of Mac troubleshooting.

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alternate method
Authored by: Nimitz on May 30, '02 04:41:35AM

I did that too , (re)moving my user-Library, but still things where going wrong. Maybe some netinfo data gone bad? There's not a lot that can go wrong.

The replacing-the-user-trick worked very well for me. But for other folks, i suggest to move their user-library first and see if things clear up.

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alternate method
Authored by: MikeScherer on May 30, '02 06:54:54PM

I just tried this easy fix after a series of crazy behaviors on my TiBook and VOILA-sanity returned.

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Replace User Library folder
Authored by: photogurl5 on Jul 14, '04 12:56:25PM

This was much easier than fooling around with the NetInfo DB and fixed a myriad of nonsense problems my enduser was having. It only took 10-15 minutes rather than the hour it would have taken to replace the user. Thanks for the great tip!

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