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Quickly create a blank message Apps
I was looking for a way to create a new mail message with the click of a button, instead of first switching to Mail and press compose.

Then I saw a URL icon in my dock and I wondered if I could use the mailto: URL to do the trick. I entered mailto: into Explorer and pressed enter and indeed showed me a compose window.

I selected the mailto: text (not the icon beside it!) and dragged it onto the dock (or desktop) and voila, I had an instant "Create New Mail Message" button! And If you add a nice @ icon, you're all set to quickly send mail messages.

[Editor's note: Apple also provides a quick new message shortcut. In the Applications -> AppleScript -> Example Scripts -> Mail Scripts folder is a "Quick Mail.scpt" script which accepts a username and subject, and then opens a new compose window with those values pre-entered. You can install Apple's ScriptMenu tool to make it easy to run the script from the main menubar, or you could save it as a compiled application and drop it into the dock.]
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Quick Mail is Awesome!
Authored by: serversurfer on May 28, '02 07:25:11PM
I use this all the time. It remembers the email address you give it, so it's like having a stack of SASE's to your best friend. When I have something I want to sent to my buddy, I put it in the clipboard, choose Script Menu --> Quick Mail, type the subject in the dialog, hit Shift-Tab to get to body of the message, then just paste and deliver! Couldn't be easier.

I haven't tried this, but I imagine you you pre-load Quick Mail with the "address" of one of your Groups.

Oh. Script Menu is kind of hard to find. Get it here.

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Excellent hint but there is more
Authored by: jchryss on May 28, '02 07:34:06PM

I did not know you could type mailto into explorer and open your email app. As it turns out whatever app you choose in your internet preference pane is the one that the email opens up. The author also mentioned that you can select the email text in explorer and add it to the dock. You can write the email address in word or stickies or textedit etc and select it and drag it to the dock or to a folder to do the same thing not just explorer.


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Put a compose button in your finder toolbar
Authored by: dennisbest on May 28, '02 08:19:06PM

Going a step further, I saved the link to my Applications/Utilities folder, pasted the compose icon onto it (the pencil), and then put it my finder window toolbar. Now I just click the compose button the finder and 'presto' I'm writing an email.

I dug a copy of the icon out of the and used Iconographer to graft it onto the link icon. (It looks crappy at full size, but very nice in that toolbar.)

You can download my copy here if you want to save some time:

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Put a compose button in your finder toolbar
Authored by: Felix on Jun 07, '02 04:35:14AM

It was great but OS 10.1.5 broke it. Could you please provide an update?

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