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Recover from a stuck login window System
I had this weird problem after a log-out in a tight situation. What happened afterwards (and after rebooting) was that I only got a blue screen that flashed every minute or so. After a lot of tests and verbose booting, I noticed that the was systematically crashing. What happened was that its prefs had a wrong user in the "previous user" field. The fix was:
  1. Boot in single-user mode (hold cmd-s while booting)

  2. Mount your disk as writable (it's explained in the last lines of the booting log).

  3. Open /Library/Preferences/loginwindow.plist in vi or pico

  4. In the part that says:
    change loggedOut to your user name (I'm not exactly sure that it's loggedOut, but it's something close to that, I didn't write it down).

  5. Save the changes and quit the editor.

  6. Type "shutdown -r now"
And voila, the cycling login window problem should now be gone!
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Authored by: ckizer on May 25, '02 05:49:01PM

Excellent! Alot of people running the WWDC Jaguar Build have experienced this.

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No reboot required.
Authored by: drsmithy on May 25, '02 11:42:34PM

You shouldn't have to reboot (shutdown -r now). Just exiting the shell you are in will continue to bring up the machine in multiuser mode. So instead of rebooting just hit ^d to logout after editing the file.

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No reboot required.
Authored by: hagbard on May 26, '02 08:35:12AM

thanks, I didn't know I could do that !

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Another Suggested Fix
Authored by: matthewshull on May 27, '02 09:10:48AM
I have not experienced this problem because I set my Login Window to clear the last user name field. I hated the OS X 10.1 behavior of showing the last username, because I always had to remove somebody else's username to type mine in.

This article (Remove last used username from login screen) shows how to set that up.

A side note: When I went to look at my /Library/Preferences/loginwindow.plist file, it showed the Last user as "loggedIn". Interesting!

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Apple KB article
Authored by: Anonymous on May 27, '02 11:54:29AM
I read about this on MacFixIt, where they discussed a problem with Griffin iMates. They said that Apple has a KB article about this problem. One of their suggestions was as described above. The other suggestion was to reset the permissions of a directory thus: chmod a+wx / Library System System/Library

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Please help
Authored by: ambush on May 28, '02 07:21:37AM

I had the same prob, a guy linked me to this hint.. but it still doesnt work!!!!
I have The WWDC Build of Jag...

What Are all the solutions I could try
The symptom is : In a blue screen the pointer flashes ( fades )
every minute or so....
I need to get to work with project builder... arrrrr
please help
I tried the .plis thing ( wouldnt it work If I did it in os9? )
I did apple k's umm chmod thing...


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yeah and..
Authored by: ambush on May 28, '02 07:23:34AM

oh yeah and is there a way to just disable the login window at startup????
Please, thanks

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