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Workaround for secure Java applet problems Internet
Some java applets on secure sites (online banking for example) won't work on OS X. This affects both Internet Explorer and Mozilla (with MRJ Plugin). Other browsers using the Java implementation on OS X are probably similarly affected.

The browser's status bar will show an "applet not initialized" message, and the Java console will tell you that a is thrown. This may be caused by a bug known to Apple - the Java implementation has trouble with certain SSL certificates. Until Apple fixes this problem, they suggest a fairly simple workaround (unfortunately, you will need a Windows version of Internet Explorer for this):
  1. Access the problematic site with Internet Explorer on Windows. Click on the padlock item and export the certificate to a file.

  2. Copy the certificate to your Mac.

  3. Use the command
    sudo keytool -import -trustcacerts -keystore[space]
    /Library/Java/Home/lib/security/cacerts -file mycert.cer
    to import the certificate file to your keystore (substitute mycert.cer with the name of the file containing the certificate). Note that the above command is shown on two lines; replace [space] with an actual space character and enter the command as one line. The keystore is password protected - the default password is "changeit".

  4. Restart your browser and enjoy!
[Editor's note: Anyone out there have a Java site they have trouble accessing? Does this fix work? I don't have any sites that I can use here to test it with.]
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Example Site
Authored by: xTina on May 25, '02 10:29:16AM is an example (sorry, site is in German). If everything is working correctly, you should see some kind of login screen.

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Example Site
Authored by: xTina on May 25, '02 10:32:38AM

Forget to mention: you will first receive a message telling you to move your mouse for a while before the login screen appears.

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Can 2 secure sites certificates be imported?
Authored by: kokooi on Nov 18, '02 10:53:35PM

May I ask - can I import 2 certificates of 2 secure sites? How can I do so? When I export the certificate, there are a few format for me to choose from under IE. Which is the correct format?

I tried with all and started importing them and success with the first but subsequent one from another secure site has problem. Below shows what happen when I type in the command:

sudo keytool -import -trustcacerts -keystore /Library/Java/Home/lib/security/cacerts -file ~/Desktop/mybank.cer
Enter keystore password: changeit
keytool error: java.lang.Exception: Certificate not imported, alias <mykey> already exists

Do you know what is the problem here?

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Can 2 secure sites certificates be imported?
Authored by: mike_72 on Feb 28, '03 05:56:29AM

Did you have found a solution for this problem, because I have exactly the same problem.

Thanxs, if you have any hints for me.


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Authored by: metiure on May 25, '02 05:36:58PM

It works, it works, it works!!!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,!!!

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Authored by: lifegauge on May 26, '02 10:24:15PM

How do you export the certificate?
clicking/ctrl+clicking on the padlock icon does nothjing for me =|

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Authored by: xTina on May 27, '02 06:44:06AM

Double-clicking works for me (with IE 5.5 on Windows 2000).

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Certificate Export
Authored by: stlentz on May 27, '02 12:41:01PM

If you have an old version of Explorer choose Internet Options from the Tools menu. Select the Content tab, then click on Certificates. Select one of the tabs and find a certificate - then click on Export - a wizard takes you through the rest. I have no idea what options to use, so you may have to try them all.

However, when I got the certificate over to the Mac, It asked for my password (for sudo), then for the keystore password. What the heck is this? Anything I typed generated the following error:

keytool error: Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect

What should the keystore password be? I tried every password I've ever used on this computer.

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Certificate Export
Authored by: xTina on May 27, '02 05:28:44PM

The password should be "changeit" if you have not yet changed it.

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It didn't work for me... :(
Authored by: oculos on May 28, '02 10:29:56AM

I use as my homebank.

On the lower frame of the site, I enter my branch and account numer, and then a window shows up, where I provide my password. After entering it, it still says that the Applet was not loaded... :(

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