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Listen to Internet radio in the Finder Desktop
I haven't seen this one posted yet, but its a nice feature of X, and worth mentioning it again.

When you have cable connection and click a "Listen" link at, a .pls file is downloaded and played in iTunes. For every new station you select a new .pls file is downloaded.

Here comes the cool thing..

Open a Finder window in column view mode and find a .pls file (not the one that is playing in iTunes). Press the play button in the Finder window and the .pls file will start to play!

You can open other finder windows to with other .pls playing, however, the Finder window in the foreground will be heard. The other(s) continue playing in the background and can be heard when the window is clicked on. The iTunes stream keeps playing all the time.

There is limit in active streams you can have open, but I haven't found it yet. I've got 3 stations simultaneously running in their windows, and iTunes is also playing.

That does it for me...

[Editor's note: This is, of course, one of the features of the column-view Finder mode, but it is a unique application of that Finder feature!]
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.pls launches audion :(
Authored by: oem on May 25, '02 12:16:51PM


when I click it just launches audion… :(
and the .pls file can\'t be played (it\'s indicated as an Audion playlist file even when changing app in get info.) How do I change this in explorer settings ? so it launches iTunes… thanks.

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Control click>download your .pls files
Authored by: Anonymous on May 27, '02 08:01:38AM

Download the .pls by control click - "download link to disk". Rename the .pls to your likeing. Now there are choices: 1. Open iTunes and go to File>New Playlist, then drag the .pls to the playlist or 2. navigate to the location of the downloaded .pls and play in the finder. (column view of course) 3. Get info on downloaded .pls and set "open with application" to iTunes. 4. Just drag the downloaded .pls file to iTunes in the dock. Lots of options here, pick the one that suits you. If you just click and download these .pls files you'll see them momentarily on your desktop then they are passed to the app temporarily for listening. control-click downloads can be saved for listening later. Hope this helps a bit.

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Control click>download your .pls files
Authored by: VEGx on May 29, '02 12:30:01AM

I never had this problem. I clicked to listen and it downloaded the link (.pls file) and it stayed. Maybe I'm special :)

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Authored by: mervTormel on May 25, '02 02:26:39PM

what an incredible waste of bandwidth you've discovered.

do you also curl whole sites to /dev/null when your thruput dips below 40KB/sec ?

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you say that like it's a bad thing;-)
Authored by: macubergeek on May 26, '02 02:15:09PM

merv merv merv
you say "incredible waste of band width" like that's a bad thing....
as a new cable internet user....;-) I say suck the iNet!!!

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-3285 Disconnected
Authored by: johnblommers on May 25, '02 02:36:25PM
This does not work for me. Sure - the little playback control is shown in the far right column and it can be pressed, but the Finder does not manage to negotiate a good connection. The message "-3285 Disconnected" appears after it tries to connect. This happens whether or not iTunes is running.

I'm using OmniWeb 4.1Beta7 and Mac OS 10.1.4. I do get the .pls files do donwload to the desktop and they do show up as files of kind Internet Audio Playlist.

Too bad ...

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-3285 Disconnected
Authored by: metawops on May 25, '02 05:51:10PM

yep, same problem here. what's wrong with my setup? (Mac OS X 10.1.4)

any hint?

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-3285 Disconnected
Authored by: Obi on May 25, '02 07:21:15PM


I saw the -3285 disconnected messages also. I think that some .pls files in my downloads folder were out dated, it looks that at least some of the internet radio stations have dynamic addresses, so the .pls files need to be "fresh".

Don't double click the file, but just push the play button once.

I don't have Audion installed, so the Audion start-up issue doesn't
happen, if I double click it itunes comes up.

And yes...its a cool, but unnecessary waste of bandwidth..;-)


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-3285 Disconnected
Authored by: VEGx on May 25, '02 08:51:39PM

Quite funny, some play some don't. Maybe it's a dynamic link thing. Notice also that every .pls file saves several links at the time. Maybe the Finder takes the first one in the list, and if that is broken it doesn't bother looking for the next... I haven't tried to separate the addresses to different files and see if that would work.

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-3285 Disconnected
Authored by: brettc on May 26, '02 02:19:42AM

Cool. I could get 6 streams going on my DSL. I only received this message it seems after trying to get too many or sucking up more bandwidth than I had. Browsing the net and 6 streams = not good.

I'm impressed! pretty neat little hidden feature. Why does Apple keep all this wonderful stuff from us.

I didn't realize that "PLS" was as common to the OS as "MP3". No complaints here...

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Record streams as .aiff's
Authored by: Bruseth on May 26, '02 10:31:55PM

I stumbled across this. Maybe everyone knows about this already.
Download a .pls file. Open iTunes. In the menubar, go to 'Advanced'.
Select 'Convert to AIFF'. It will open up a box in which you can navigate
to the .pls file and select it. It will open the .pls file in iTunes and
start recording/creating an AIFF file. This file will be found in - "Macintosh HD:Users:User_Name:Documents:iTunes:iTunes Music:Unknown Artist:Unknown Album:"
The AIFF file grows in size rather quickly. I stop recording as it approaches 700 MB, so that I can burn it to a cd. My .pls files vanish after I open them in iTunes for some reason, so I back them up in case I want to use them again. Does anybody know of an app that will allow me to edit the AIFF file? I would like to be able to pick just the songs I want to eventually burn to a cd. One last thing. iTunes has its own streams/radio stations which you can find if you click on 'Radio Tuner' (who would have thunk ;-) ). I don't know of a way to record these streams yet, but I do know that if you drag one of the stream sites to your desktop, you will end up with a "Web Internet Location" file which will take you to the site that is streaming the music. Sometimes it opens up the actual stream in your browser window and informs you that you need "Winamp" to play this stuff. Not available for a mac :-( Many of the same sites that iTunes digs up can also be found on the "SHOUTcast" site mentioned in a previous article. Hope some of this stuff helps and isn't common knowledge to everyone but me ;-)

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How about...
Authored by: VEGx on May 27, '02 05:37:41PM
Of course you can record the stream as .aiff, but why not .mp3? I haven't tried your hint. But there is a free-ware `StreamRipperX' that allows you to record the streams as .mp3 files.

I'm certain that you can modify the aiff files in QuickTime Pro.

And if you don't like that. You can use iTunes.

Open the file in iTunes. Get info. Options. Specify the beginning and the ending of the song you want from the stream file. Convert to AIFF/MP3/WAV. Choose the file (whose beginning and ending you just modified). And wait.

You should now have a new file that is just an extract from the big file. Tested and works with MP3 files. I haven't tried it on aiff yet. I leave that to you :)

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Record streams as .aiff's
Authored by: telecine on May 28, '02 07:36:37AM

You can also set iTunes to strip to .mp3 .....


don't tell anyone!

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