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Review: OS X Server Configuration Guide OS X Server
Søren Theilgaard of Consult Theilgaard has written a guide to installing and using OS X Server entitled "Mac OS X Server Configuration: The Additional Guide for (some of) the UNIX Stuff." The first three chapters are available online at the above hyperlink; the entire guide is available as a $20 shareware purchase through Kagi.

For a short review of the entire guide, read the rest of the article...

Beyond the three chapters which are featured online, the remaining chapters cover:
  • Installing and configuring OS X Server
  • Web configuration
  • DNS configuration
  • NetInfo
  • Mail server
  • Various server configurations
  • Advanced descriptions
  • Other server stuff
  • References
  • Appendix A: Port Listing
  • Appendix B: UNIX commands
The entire guide runs over 100 pages in length, and includes a full index and numerous screenshots. I found the layout and formatting easy to read and follow. Although Søren's native lanuage is Danish, his English is very good and I had no trouble understanding what was written.

Søren covers a lot of topics of interest to Server administrators, including cloning machine setups, distributing software, standard user template definitions, and working with NetInfo.

In addition, he includes a list of third-party GUI applications that admins may find useful, as well as information on how to install and use things such as Webmin (HTML-based server management tool) and SquirrelMail (a free webmail solution).

He also spends time covering the various sever protocols (AFP, NFS, FTP, WebDAV) available, enabling MySQL and PHP, and goes into a fair bit of detail the options available for hardware and software firewalls. There's even an included script to auto-start the FileMaker Pro Server durin OS X Server startup. The two appendices provide some useful online references for OS X, OS X Server, and NetInfo.

If you're working with OS X Server, Søren's guidebook may prove to be a valuable resource. There's lots of good information on setting up the various pieces of the server, as well as practical advice on how to get the most out of your system.
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install OSX 10.01
Authored by: lenny731415 on Aug 25, '02 05:07:07PM

I hav e tried to install on my IMAC OSX 10 10 times and about 65% done I am told that it can not write files ,re-install.
Can some one tell me what I am doing wrong ! and what I shoud do to get this OSX installed,before I lose my mind.
Leonard Liebman
P.S. most of the time I use my IMAC mainly for pleasure,so I am not expert

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install OSX 10.01
Authored by: bradsm87 on Dec 28, '02 06:33:03AM

I can't say this more strongly. ERASE THE HARD DRIVE BEFORE INSTALLING OS X!!! Boot from an OS 9 bootable disk, open Drive setup, go to initialization options and choose "zero all blocks", select the hard drive to be erased and erase it. I guarantee if you do this it will work.

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