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Classic can cause printing failures Classic
I kept getting an error saying that the printer connection couldn't be opened when I would try to print a document in OS X.

After trying and failing with some debugging steps that have worked for me in the past, I tried running the print utility that was installed with my driver (I am using a Hewlett Packard 832 C DeskJet). I told the utility to print a test page and I got an error that said that Classic had control of the printer. I stopped Classic and everything worked fine again.

[Editor's note: This also happens with my Epson when Classic is running - I either have to pull the USB cable and reconnect it, or stop and start the print job in order to get the printer to print. If Classic is not running, all is fine.]
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I'll second this
Authored by: saint.duo on May 11, '02 11:18:09AM

I just did some work for a few customers that have two different Epson Photo printers. If classic was running, Mac OS X would give a communication error when trying to print. On one of the machines, clicking "retry" usually resulted in the machine locking up.

I went so far as to disable all third party extensions in classic (USB scanning, printing, all desktop and background printing, epson drivers, and USB authoring support), and it did not seem to help the issue.

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My Epson 740 - no problem
Authored by: saint.duo on May 11, '02 11:20:10AM

I forgot to note that my Epson Stylus 740, which has been supported since 10.0 out of the box, does not suffer from this issue.

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Authored by: Graham Haultain on May 11, '02 08:06:17PM

If Classic is running my Laserjet 3200m will not print but will hold the file. I have a simple solution. Force Quit 9 go back to Print Centre, stop the queue, select the file, hit Retry, then start the queue and voila the file prints.Weird and wonderful things happen in PC, which, hopefully, are sorted out in 10.2

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Try Print Center Repair
Authored by: Felix on May 11, '02 12:14:21PM

Try the utility "Print Center Repair" as an early troubleshooting step.

Solved my printing problem

Available on VersionTracker.

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Canon Drivers
Authored by: saint.duo on May 11, '02 02:21:35PM

I should note that in the case of the two machines I worked on, deleting the OS X Canon printer drivers did not fix the issue. In quite a few cases, I have found that deleting them solves Epson printing problems.

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Truly amazing...
Authored by: martyl on May 13, '02 04:20:59PM

... I discovered the same thing just today! Printing to my HP 932C had become a frustrating experience, and my wife was grousing that "this OS X is a _good_ thing?" Discovered the unplug/replug trick a few weeks ago, but recently set Classic to start up on login to save time. No more! Maybe since Apple's delivering printer sharing at the next update, they'll fix this?

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Communication Error to C80 printer
Authored by: serpell on May 17, '02 11:59:58AM

With Classic running I get a "communication error" about 50% of the time when I check the Epson C80 printer using the Epson print utility - this holds for both OS10 and Classic programs. With Classic turned off, the utility sees the printer all the time. These statistics seem to hold up for print jobs. When I do a print job with Classic running, turning the Queue off and on sometimes allows me to restart the print job.

Moving the cables around and using new cables doesn't seem to make any difference.

Using "Print Center Repair" didn't help. Neither did deleting unused print drivers in the OS10 Library folder. Reinstalling the Epson C80 driver didn't help.

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Communication Error to printer
Authored by: klawrenc on Oct 08, '02 07:10:02AM

This is exactly my experience, too, with an Epson Stylus Color 880. Print Center Repair has never helped.

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HP LaserJet 4MP printing problem
Authored by: MarcS on Jul 15, '02 11:50:08AM

I'm having a frusrating time getting my HP Laserjet 4MP to print through OSX or Classic 9. It's connected to my 40 gig Graphite iMac through an Assante LocalTalk adapter, and I was able to print a few things in the Classic enviroment, after downloading the printer driver from the HP website, but then for some reason could do it. It keeps telling me it can't find the printer. I'll try the unplugging trick, and what ever other suggesting I can understand from other replies, but if any one can suggest something, please do.

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HP LaserJet 4MP printing problem
Authored by: ahl on Jul 16, '02 03:04:00AM

I have a 4MP and it's printing fine from OS X--haven't tried from Classic (I don't think...).

I used to have occasions where things just wouldn't come through (under OS 9) with
the same problem--the Mac couldn't find the printer.

I think the solution is to switch the Asante box off and back on. If that doesn't fix it
try turning the printer power off and back on. It was certainly one or the other.

Of course, in saying this I assume you've confirmed that you actually have both Appletalk
and your Ethernet port enabled--the Mac is still talking Appletalk to the printer; the Asante
box (if it's the same as mine) is just converting from Ethernet to Localtalk cabling. One
easy way to check that is to look at the Asante box--if there are lights flashing when you
try to print it's the Mac looking for the printer, and if it's getting to the Asante box then both
Ethernet and Appletalk are working.

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HP LaserJet 4MP printing problem
Authored by: ToeKnee on Dec 21, '02 10:57:16PM

I had 4MP printing problems also when I installed OS 10.2.2 on my G4. Same ol' configs like everyone else with my setup: phonenet line to an asante talk into an ethernet bus. Wouldn't it be nice if there was an apple talk converter directly into a USB port?! Anyway, I downloaded updated drivers, etc from HP, Asante and something from Linuxprinting called "Gimp-print" & "Ghostprint" ( Still nothing worked. So, I decided to do a simple thing recommended by 'ahl'....I unplugged/replugged the power cord on my asante, and repostioned my ethernet connection from one port on the bus into one next to it, and whatta you know. Bingo! I can print!...I'm now afraid to touch it thinking it won't work if I fiddle with it. I still can't believe it would be this simple to do.

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hide os9 printer descriptions
Authored by: darrick on Dec 09, '02 09:45:08PM

to rid myself of my error messages, i took the os9 laser jet descriptions from the extension folder and put them in the inactive extension folder and i compressed the printer's classic utility. (if i were braver, i'd toss them). so now the printer cannot try to use them; it's only an osX printer now. i never boot into os9 and when i print from a classic app (wordperfect 3.5e) i always create a pdf first anyway, so then i print the pdf out of osX.

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hide os9 printer descriptions
Authored by: jas1156 on Dec 20, '02 12:30:20PM

Darrick has the right idea. If I start my e-Mac in OS X - AND as long as I don't start a Classic application, I have no problems printing. As soon as I start a Classic application, zappo - NO print. I get the same error that most of you seem to get. A communication error. Stop the print job and restart is the only way to get a print. The latest update release pushed by Apple for OS X (got it yesterday - "Friday, December 20, 2002 07:03:25 US/Pacific: Installed "Mac OS X Update" (10.2.3)") didn't help either. This problem is not a "stopper" but it sure is frustrating. I am still looking for a solution. I will be checking back to see if any of you come up with one and I, and a friend, will be trying to find one as well.

Good Luck

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