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OS X Guidebook at a (temporary) new home Site News
[UPDATE: The page is back online this morning, so I have pointed the links back to I will use this story again when necessary if I have to bounce the Guidebook elsewhere again in the future. I'm still looking for a better permanent home and have a couple things in progress on that question.]

Tonight I noticed my web page had been 'temporarily' taken offline due to excessive bandwidth usage. After 30,000 downloads of the 5.5mb OS X Solutions Guidebook, I can't really say I'm all that surprised! So for the short term, I've placed both versions of the Guidebook directly on -- I've updated the links to the large and small versions in the Site Information box at the top right of the main page.

Also, given the announcements concerning Jaguar and it's "late summer" delivery, I will be trying to get one last Guidebook update out the door sometime in the next month or so. The next update after that will not occur until after Jaguar ships later this summer.

I'm looking for a long-term home for the Guidebook and will post an update once I find one. It's present location is only a short-term fix, as the bandwidth usage on is already high enough! Sorry for the inconvenience and lack of notice, but I wasn't aware the site was offline until I tried to hit it myself earlier tonight (Apple sent me no warning message; the site just vanished).
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Authored by: russh on May 09, '02 06:20:22AM

I was not aware that Apple restricted bandwidth. Is this something new? I know that *many* software developers use to distribute updates, etc.

Good luck finding a new home, Rob. In my view, the guidebook should be included on iDisk!

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Authored by: ld50 on May 09, '02 08:30:48AM

thats what i thought too, but a friend has noticed
the same thing. his account was disabled after
too much bandwidth usage.


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Fuzzy guidelines...
Authored by: robg on May 09, '02 08:51:54AM

I read all the guidelines before I moved the Guidebook there, and there's nothing definitive about bandwidth usage. They just make some statement that gives them the rights to suspend the page if usage is too high.

I notice this morning, of course, that the site is back online!


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Fuzzy guidelines...
Authored by: russh on May 09, '02 03:39:02PM

Do you have a means of seeing if there was a huge spike in downloads in the last 48 hours or something.. I'm just trying to figure out the "meter".. is it clocking bandwidth cumulatively over a long period of time, or does it react to spikes of activity, etc. Hmmm.

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Fuzzy guidelines...
Authored by: josephaw on May 09, '02 06:29:21PM

Last year I posted 18MB Gaming video my website and according to the counter on that page it had over 13K people visit in two days. Received a lot of responses from people thanking me for the file.
There was no way to monitor the downloading but figure many did download it.
Apple's guidelines didn't specify a limit. But maybe it's some kind of govenor.

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iTools Police
Authored by: Maran on May 09, '02 10:31:26PM

It may be a newer thing -- I have long predicted Apple starting to get more strict about iTools resources use. I know some people who have several accounts (as opposed to buying more disk space from them). With the economy the way it is, if they can afford to police things, they probably will start doing it.

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Unavailable again...
Authored by: Maran on May 09, '02 11:47:37AM

The page has peaked out again and is unavailable. Is it possible for you to host it as a mirror until there is a better full-time permanent alternative to itools? I know you implied that you had it like that temporarily, but you posted no url in your tip. Could you post an alternate url for when that isn't working (instead of having to stay on top of when the bandwidth gets exceeded and manually changing the link...). Thanks in advance.

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It's there ...
Authored by: robg on May 09, '02 03:30:59PM
I had a typo in the link at the right; it's corrected now (just tested and all is working fine). However, for future reference, the macosxhints downloads are here: High resolution ... Medium resolution -rob.

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OSX guidebook
Authored by: pmaison on May 11, '02 07:50:00PM

I just happened on your messages/links and downloaded the guide. Many, many thanks. I'm new to OSX. Time to rtfm !

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