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Archive messages from Entourage Apps
While not obvious, Microsoft Entourage provides a simple message of archiving mail messages. This may be important since it has been reported by others that Entourage has a limit as to how many messages may be stored in it.

To archive messages in Entourage, simply drag a message folder, containing the desired messages, to the Desktop. A file is created, with the folder name, containing the messages.

To restore the messages to Entourage, just double-click the file, then click on the Import button. The folder and messages are restored into the root folder level of the Entourage message folders in alphabetical order.
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Received date...
Authored by: maclaw on May 09, '02 10:17:32AM

This ability to drag and drop archive would be great except that it does not retain the received date information. When you import, all received dates are updated to the time of your import, which sort of makes sense, but it's probably more interesting for me to know when I received a message (not always the same as when it was sent) rather than when I last imported the archive. Anyone know a way to archive Entourage messages without losing the original receive date?

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Received date...
Authored by: kolakowski on May 09, '02 11:25:27AM
This is not a "new" capability to Entourage X see this MacTopia Hint I used to use GNU-Emacs Rmail all the time (which BTW works in OSX) and that has no problem importing entourage MBOX files with the correct dates. The date problem is a bug in Entourage (a feature maybe?). I don't know of a way to keep the date exactly, but you can use a script called ArchivetoSubfolders1.2 from Steve Riggins at Geeks R Us. This script seems not to be in the list at AppleScriptCentral and says nothing about being functional in OS X. If you really needed more granularity, you could alter the script to make sub-folders by the month. The other tool need is a script that would run as a cron job to rebuild to Entourage database. Here is my process -
  1. Take large folder run ArchivetoSubfolders with 6 month intervals
  2. Export folders older than 2 years out to mbox files
  3. Compress mbox files using gzip (must us tar zcvf name.tgz mbox_file as mbox sometimes has attachments in folder)
  4. Delete archived subfolders
  5. Rebuild database

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Received date...
Authored by: snarke on Sep 24, '02 03:54:02PM

I wrote a script to deal with exactly the situation you describe.

I'm afraid I don't have Entourage v.X yet, so I haven't written an OSX version, but the script currently saves messages out individually (although you can select a whole lot of them for archiving), and sets the 'creation' date of the files to the 'Received' date of the message, so you can sort them in the Finder chronologically.

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format of output
Authored by: pmccann on May 09, '02 11:11:10AM

It's probably worth mentioning that the format of the file so produced is pretty much stock standard mbox, so it's *almost* ready to use in elm/mutt etc. The snag is that the line endings are carriage returns, which are not appreciated by these unix mail readers. Any other number of hints talk about converting cr-delimited files to lf-delimited ones, so I'll not risk enraging the macosxhints backslash-excising gods by printing the usual hack here. Just convert the file (BBEdit will do it, under "options" in the save as dialog; TexEdit Plus does it in a menu item etc etc). Then the entourage folder is a nice, compact mbox for future use. *Much* better than the old Entourage output, which required more significant hacking to be used in this manner.


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Archiving Entourage Mail
Authored by: springst on May 10, '02 04:12:12AM

I haven't tried this yet, but here's a shareware solution:

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Another approach
Authored by: tomem on May 11, '02 09:08:16PM

I'm not entirely happy with it, but here's how I've been archiving for the past few years from Outlook Express and Entourage, to keep from drowning in my email:

1. Rename current default identity to something that reflects the period of time for which messages have been accumulating, e.g. "tomem.2001". Optionally tidy up by filing inbox and sent mail.

2. Create a new identity with the desired name, e.g. the name your identity had before changing it. Bring along all preferences etc. from the old identity. Create desired folders and start using this identity as default.

This allows a switch back to the old identity at any time to consult old email. The identity can be archived intact by moving or copying it's enclosing folder. The biggest problem I've had is with acting like I'm in my current identity when I'm actually in one of the old ones; checking or sending mail, etc. from the old identity.

Then there is the worry that these identity databases will be undecipherable in a few years. I'm relieved to hear that Entourage databases are not much different from mboxes...

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Word of warning
Authored by: dkrysak on Jun 09, '02 02:33:43PM

If you drag out the folder to archive, make sure there are NO subfolders, as you will loose all email in the sub folders. A folder can contain only messages - all other filders are discarded.

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this is very simple
Authored by: bcpmx on Jul 24, '02 03:55:15PM

First you go to your Document folder, just copy the Microsoft User Data folder to your CD or something, and when you want to restore Entourage, just place the folder back in your Document folder.

PS Before you do the backup, it's a good idea to make sure the folder contains you have the latest files (email, address and whatnot).. so before you copy the folder, make sure you start up Entourage while holding option key. If you have time to spare, select Advanced rebuild, or else typical rebuild.

PPS Afterward go to your Document | Microsoft User Data | Office X Identities | "Identity Name" folder | and delete anything that starts with "OLD".

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How To Archive Entourage 2008 Mail using Multiple Identities
Authored by: lcalcote on Jun 18, '09 04:04:51PM
I've had a lot of success using the native Entourage tools to archive my mail. I use .rge exports not mbox exports (so the datestamp is not lost) and custom mail views. Here's how - How To Archive Entourage 2008 Mail using Multiple Identities

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