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Sherlock plug-in available for macosxhints Site News
Inspired by Macintouch's recent Sherlock search plug-in, I decided to try to write one for Having never looked at Sherlock plug-ins before, it took a bit of trial and error before I got something working, but eventually, I wound up with something that mostly works. If you'd like to try it out, just:
  1. Download the plug-in and let Expander expand it.
  2. Take the resulting macosxhints.src file and drag it into the Internet folder withing the Internet Search Sites folder, which is inside your user's Library folder.
  3. Launch Sherlock and select the Internet channel and then unselect all plug-ins other than the one for macosxhints.
  4. Due to limitations in the current search engine, you can only search for phrases; "foo bar" runs a search for the phrase "foo bar", not occurences of either "foo" or "bar". So limit your searches to one or two words ("Classic" instead of "OS 9 Classic compatibility").
  5. The results list will list all hints (not comments) which contain your search phrase; double-click any result to load the actual web page.
You may see an occasionally odd result, but it mostly seems functional. If you'd like to see the source for the plug-in, just read the rest of the article. And if you have ideas for improvements, please feel free to modify the script and email it back to me -- I'll put enhanced versions online.

I have plans to make one for the forum site as well, but the search engine there is a bit more troublesome (it goes through an intermediate step which I can't quite decode yet).

I read Apple's technote 1141, Extending and Controlling Sherlock to learn the Sherlock plug-in syntax, and then just started experimenting. This is what I came up with:
name = ""
method = "get"
action = ""
description = "Search published hints on">

name = "query"

name = "datestart"
value = >

name = "dateend"
value = >

name = "topic"
value = "0">

name = "type"
value = "stories">

name = "author"

name = "mode"
value = "search">

resultListStart = "Hits</th><tr align=center>"
resultListEnd = "</td></tr></table></td><
resultItemStart = "<td align=left>"
resultItemEnd = "<tr align=center>">

The resultListEnd item has been broken onto two lines for easier readability. The only trick in creating the plug-in is that the file type must be 'issp', which I did with SetFileInfo in the Terminal. TextEdit has no problem opening or editing these file types.

I'm certain this script can be improved; if you have Sherlock plug-in experience, feel free to let me know what can be done better!
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Create custom channel
Authored by: Areh on May 09, '02 04:31:41AM
Instead of using the Internet Channel and having to select/deselect everytime,
you can just create a custom channel (Use the "New Channel" menu item under "Channels").
This is by default called "My Channel". Select the Internet Channel and just drag and drop the MacOSXHints plug-in to the new channel.
Select "My Channel" and mark the check box.
VoilĂ . Nothing really new, I suppose. But perhaps some people didn't know... BTW, the plug-in works quite nicely. Thank you !

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Sherlock Plug-Ins a Mystery Under Jaguar
Authored by: dshafer on Sep 14, '02 01:46:35AM

All the directions I can find here and in the two OS X books I have and everywhere else I looked tell me to drag a .src file into the Internet Search Sites folder or onto a button in Sherlock. The instructions for the macosxhints Sherlock plugin are quite explicit about deslecting all the other Internet site options.

But none of this is present in Sherlock under Jaguar unless I am really sadly mistaken or insane. Sherlock doesn't have any place for me to choose which sites to search, e.g., just an Internet button that, when clicked, brings up a generic Internet search form.

I have tried dropping this .SRC file into every folder I can find that seems even remotely connected with Sherlock and I've also restarted my machine. no luck. What am I missing?

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Sherlock Plug-Ins a Mystery Under Jaguar
Authored by: osxpounder on Nov 08, '02 03:20:39PM

Perhaps you, like me, are using Jaguar and find no such "Internet Search Sites" folder. I don't know where I could put this Sherlock plugin--yet--but if I find the place, I"ll let you know here.

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Authored by: melturf on Jan 24, '03 12:20:08PM

I use OS X 10.2.3 and have lost Sherlock somehow. I tried to reinstall it from the Install OS X disc but can't. Anyone know how I can get my Sherlock back.HELP!!!!

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