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iPhoto 1.1.1 release and installation notes Apps
After making a brief (unofficial?) appearance last week as "iPhoto 1.1", a fresh iPhoto update is now available - iPhoto 1.1.1. You can grab it off the iPhoto download page, although it's quite busy right now (I got a "server not found" a couple times before it worked). Some of the more interesting new features include:
  • Adjust brightness and contrast
  • Email your photos with Apple Mail
  • Set your desktop image and screensaver from within iPhoto
  • Import folders of photos as separate film rolls
  • Retain and display EXIF data
  • Preserve imported image file names as photo titles
Prior to installing the new version, I used the Finder to duplicate my image library (as suggested in the Read Me), just in case of upgrade issues (the iPhoto 1.1.1 library is not compatible with the 1.0 format). The installer searches for an existing iPhoto 1.0 and runs in upgrade mode if it finds it; otherwise, it does a fresh install.

Installing took only a minute or two, followed by the usual three-minute "Optimizing System Performance" step. On first launch, iPhoto updates the photo library, which took about three minutes on my 1,000 image library. I should mention that I have my library stored in a non-standard location, but iPhoto had no troubles updating it and (thankfully) did not move the library back to its normal location. After the library update, everything worked as expected, and the new features are welcome additions to an already good product.
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Canon PowerShot A40
Authored by: sublinear on May 08, '02 12:46:49PM

Any ideas if the Canon PowerShot A30/A40 digicams work with iPhoto yet?

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Canon PowerShot A40
Authored by: clindberg on May 08, '02 01:00:19PM
If not, you might be able to get the device ID from Apple System
Profiler and use a similar trick in this hint.

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My PowerShot A30 works fine
Authored by: rblumberg on May 09, '02 03:54:43PM
My PowerShot A30 has worked with iPhoto since I got my iMac; all I have to do is connect the camera to the computer with the USB cable and iPhoto starts up if it's not already running, and the Import button is activated. Why do you think it does not work?


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Isn't 21.8MB rather large...
Authored by: humu on May 08, '02 01:23:12PM

...for a fancy photo album? It's not like iPhoto actualy does anything other than arrange photos into groups. I mean, it's a useful application. But surely you can implement that functionality in 1 or 2 MB.

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Isn't 21.8MB rather large...
Authored by: datawrangler on May 08, '02 02:09:51PM

21.8MB ... uh, look again. This puppy weighs in at 63.6 MB on disk (41,642,753 bytes) on my machine.

iPhoto 1.1.1 has 15 language variants! Unless you're installing this app in the lobby of the United Nations building, you'll probably want to eliminate all but your native language. Youpi Optimizer tells me that the Taiwanese variant alone accounts for 6,564KB of unneeded bulk. You can probably trim 50MB off the size of this by removing the foreign language variants of the app and plugins.

There's 5MB worth of MP3 music in there, too. The app itself is only about 920KB

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Isn't 21.8MB rather large...
Authored by: inajar on May 08, '02 03:27:39PM

I'm sure I'll get flamed for this, but are you really that close to being out of disk space that a few extra megabytes in the iPhoto installation is that big of a deal? Maybe you just have a lot more files you need to store on your computer, but I know that I won't be out of space anytime soon, even if they add 20 more languages to iPhoto.


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Remove extra languages & sym link problem
Authored by: PCguy on May 08, '02 07:33:44PM

Since every little bit of HD space counts, to get rid of all those extra languages, select the icon for iPhoto, choose get info from the file menu, choose languages, and 'remove' each language you don't want. Now inorder to remove a language it must be checked, so don't do like I did and uncheck them, then try and remove em. Just click each one and hit remove.

On another note, Apple seems to have partially improved their installer. I was NOT able to install iPhoto because my applications folder is on a separate HD and sym linked to the main hard drive. The installer won't erase the sym link anymore (old ones would) but it also wouldn't install the new iPhoto until I removed the sym link, and created a new and empty Applications folder. It'd be really nice if they added the ability to follow sym links soon.

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Remove extra languages & sym link problem
Authored by: humu on May 09, '02 01:05:55PM

Thanks. I've no need for Korean iTunes!

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Removing Extra Languages
Authored by: Jacques on May 09, '02 01:14:33PM

Thanks for the tip.

I seem to remember a program somewhere that goes through MULTIPLE applications by scanning the drive, to remove extra language installs. Anyone remember the name of it?

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Removing Extra Languages
Authored by: Drogoul on May 09, '02 06:30:25PM
Try Monolingual ( Good, efficient and ... free :)

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Removing Extra Languages... Help!
Authored by: jiclark on May 11, '02 01:50:35PM

Dagnabit, I went and checked this out on my copy of iTunes, and somehow I deleted my english language 'file'! Does anyone know how to get it back short of reinstalling the program? Is it possible for someone to email me their copy? (Where are these things located, anyway?) I feel really stupid, but seeing all my menu headings, commands, and column titles in danish or swedish or whatever it is, is a little unnerving. The ones I left in under the language tab of the Get Info window all have cryptic two letter names like 'da' and 'no', and a couple have the names 'zh_CN' and 'zh_DR' (or something like that).

Can anyone help me out? <sheepish grin>!


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Woohoo! Nevermind...
Authored by: jiclark on May 11, '02 01:57:26PM

As I was writing the above, I remembered about Pacifist! Man, I LOVE stuff like that! (I've used TomeViewer for years under the old Mac OS as well...) Less than a minute later, I've got my english language back!! Can't recommend Pacifist enough!

</sheepish grin>


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Undocumented Key commands
Authored by: Anonymous on May 08, '02 01:31:56PM
For those of you who gave a false email address when downloading iphoto(what I normally do), Apple sent a handy email detailing some keyboard modifiers for iphoto. If you didn't get the email, I put it up on a quick page for your info.

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iPhoto Library Manager
Authored by: DougAdams on May 09, '02 12:20:27PM

Slightly off-topic, but has anyone using iPhoto Library Manager run into any problems or have any words of advice/wisdom/caution before I upgrade to iPhoto 1.1.1?


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iPhoto Library Manager
Authored by: Drogoul on May 09, '02 06:23:55PM

iPhoto Library Manager seems to work perfectly with iPhoto 1.1.1 You only have to run it once with each of your libraries. iPhoto will rebuild them, and everything will be ok !

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Installation problem with iPhoto 1.1
Authored by: jtschump on May 09, '02 06:09:40PM

I'm using fstab to mount my Applications partition into /Appplications and it doesn't appear that the iPhoto 1.1 is updating. Anyone else experiencing this and if so any recommendations? I've done numerous upgrades since and haven't experienced this problem. Any help would be appreciated.

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iphoto1.1 pixellation problem
Authored by: amar on Jun 13, '02 09:12:46AM

I just downloaded iphoto 1.1 on to my powerbook and it seemed to translate my image library just fine. One big change (and for me an annoying one) is that when images are displayed in the new version they are progressively scanned in some way: at first pixellated and then sharpened. The old version didn't do this and I can't seem to find away to change a setting to make it stop. I'd rather wait a few milliseconds for the full sharp image. Any suggestions?
Thanks, F. Amar

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