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AT&T Broadband installation tips Internet
I recently moved to ATT Broadband, and it wasn't a very smooth experience. Let me pass on a few hints from my experience that may make your transition a bit smoother.
  1. I had to run the cable myself from the house entry point to my Mac for various reasons. If you do the same, us RG6 and DBS-quality splitters, not RG59 and regular cable TV splitters.

  2. Don't anticipate the process by creating a location before the installation. Set the location to "Automatic" and let the installer create the location (this isn't documented in their process!). I tried the pre-installation "trick" and ended up with the appearance of network traffic (I've got Network Statistics in my dock) but no working internet connection. From the error message window, I got to some help docs that showed me how to uninstall their software and start over.

  3. The software installation process wasn't smooth. They offer an OS X installer, very nice at first, but then it calls on Classic for part of the process, a bit weird. Then, the process crashed just after it was supposed to install software, with an error message about "Service Manager couldn't be integrated with your network software". After some time on hold, the tech rep told me the installer has a known bug like this. He gave me a website that I could reach with a browser to complete the account activation process. That website process ends without clear instructions for what to do next. You're supposed to cycle power on the cable modem to have it reconfigured for your account.

  4. The process tells you to get a pair of numbers off your work order left by the installer. Fat chance trying to find it! There's a secret that the installers frequently forget to tell the new customer: the subscriber number on the work order is your account number, and the last nine digits of the subscriber number is your access code.
Hopefully these tips will save some grief for those of you who may be installing AT&T Broadband under OS X.
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what's the problem its plug & play...
Authored by: loren_ryter on May 07, '02 11:34:55AM

I don't quite get it. What's the issue? I have AT&T BI. I threw whatever installer they gave me in the trash. Just plug the cable box into your ethernet connection, set your network for DHCP, apply (if necessary), and blam it's connected.

All their installer installs is some proprietary version of a web browser. Who needs it?

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what's the problem it's plug & play...
Authored by: uochris on May 07, '02 01:05:40PM

I'll second that. It was pretty much plug and play for me as well. I can't remember if I had to enable DHCP or if it just worked straight away but it was a piece of cake. Perhaps they have different set ups in different parts of the country.

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what's the problem its plug & play...
Authored by: tomb11 on May 26, '02 06:21:06PM

I recently dumped my Dell for a new IMac. When it came time to install my DSL software I was thinking like a Windows user. It's gotta be difficult right?

I got the MAC version of Access Manager from my ISP's website and installed it. It ran under Classic 'cause there was no OSX version. I screwed around with it for about 5 hours trying every trick I knew about TCP/IP, PPP, PPoE, etc... to no avail.

I finally decided to search around for an alternative. I got some info on the web telling me I didn't need all that crap anymore. Ten minutes later my connection was done and I haven't had a single problem since.

Everything works better on a Mac.


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I don't quite get it. What's the issue?
Authored by: paulio on May 07, '02 05:46:04PM

I have to agree. Don't use anybody's installer. Just plug it in.

I've had AT&T cable and I now have Adelphia PowerLink. Each time, I just made sure that DHCP was turned on. Then plug it in.

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Only one special setting
Authored by: paulio on May 07, '02 05:55:07PM

When I had @home (which doesn't exist anymore) I had only one special setting. I had to have DHCP turned on and the DHCP client ID had to be the ID assigned by my provider. That's it. Nothing else special. No installers. Nothing.

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Me, too
Authored by: Rampico on May 07, '02 06:45:14PM

I've had RoadRunner and AT&T. Ignore their installer. And don't call tech support for anything.

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And if just doing DHCP...
Authored by: humu on May 07, '02 09:24:57PM

...doesn't work, and you're using DSL, you probably should use PPPoE in the network preferences and discard any CDs that came with the DSL modem.

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And if just doing DHCP...
Authored by: Hes Nikke on May 08, '02 03:31:44AM
thats just a little miss-leading, only the evil providers need PPPoE (curreses PacBell-ASI-SBC-WhatEverTheFuckTheyAreCallingThemSelfsThisWeek) my DSL provider won't work with DHCP because they provide FOUR static IP's with there base price! in my case it was deciding what machigns got X.X.X.180 - 182 and wich machines use my AirPort Base Stations' DCHP router serving of 183 :P setting up PPPoE would do nothing, it would probably actuly confuse my ISP :D now on the other hand i've delt with 4 DSL connections from PacBell-ASI-SBC-WhatEverTheFuckTheyAreCallingThemSelfsThisWeek and they are ALL differnt! the 1st one was installed about a week before they went PPPoE, it was a single static IP, and it just worked the 2nd one i never had to do anything but but i have watched this person has been through hell and back! the 3rd person is the same as the 1st except they had moved, and guess what? <soup nazi>No static IP for YOU!</soup nazi> and, hell and back (grrrrr) the 4th person just got her DSL connection, and i was there from the start. it took 4 trys just to get an account! (then gave her the line, and sent her a modem and that was that as far as they were conserned) then she got a new iMac :drool: and we were able to get DSL to work fine under Mac OS 9 but, of cource, we went through hell and back just to get Mac OS X to work (stupid wasn't in the user name and should hav been, dispite the fact that the other 2 don't have it - GRRRRRR) then theres me, i plug in, and it works. :)

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Authored by: rusto on May 07, '02 09:39:12PM
Plug-Play is definitely the way to go for getting the connection right, but

I had major hassels with the to transition a few months ago. Allegedly my account info was supposed to merely go from to and then use the same password...well it didn't happen. Many, many hours on the phone and their online tech chat later I finally got it straightened out.

Rumor is (at least in the Boston area) that the attbi domain will change to something else soon! ::holds breath::

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Authored by: schlaager on May 08, '02 10:51:12PM

I had AT&T broadband installed in DeKalb, IL, in late March. The installer was at my home for two hours, and in the end, i had to help him. apprently, AT&T offers no training on the Mac OS to their installers.

Recommendation: do it yourself, you're probably better at it, and you won't spend the money on "premium installation."

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Need some help
Authored by: Slight on May 13, '02 03:37:28PM

I have a friend that needs some help. She has a RCA cable modem model #DCM215. She is using attbi as her ISP. The modem is very unstable, ie it will reset if you just tap it. I am pretty sure the installers did a bad job wiring it.

Right now she can get a connection for 2-5 minutes tops and then her computer drops off the face of the earth. In the network pane, The option "Ethernet Built-In" has been changed to "Broadband". I would like to know which program changed the name? Otherwise it is set to use DHCP. When she has a connection, it works fine until it cuts out.

Does anyone have any ideas besides bad wiring being the culprit? Are there other settings that might have been screwed up by the installer applications? If so what is the name of the app?

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Need some help
Authored by: pecosbill on May 16, '02 05:20:53PM

DEFINITELY sounds like bad wiring. Likely the coax to the modem.
As to Built In Ethernet, that's the name of an (in)active port. You can make your own port name by clicking on the show: drop down menu and going to active ports. Then, Click new or duplicate and make your own. The name means nothing except something for you to remember. It's the setting on those ports that matter.

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