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Jaguar preview offers peeks at new OS X features System
In case you were sleeping late today, here's a brief update on Jaguar (the next major OS X update) news:A couple of my thoughts on the preview. Firstly, it looks incredibly cool with tons of great new features. Too many new features, in fact, to call it 10.2. If you'll read Apple's pages, they do not call it 10.2 anywhere. My guess is that it will ship as OS X 10.5, similar to the 8.1 -> 8.5 jump a few years back. This also means we'll pay for it, but the features make that a no brainer decision for me. They also claim a "late summer" ship date. I won't repeat everything you can read for yourself, but the coolest things to me are:
  • Quartz Extreme to accelerate all aspects of the GUI (32mb VRAM and an Nvidia or ATI Radeon card required). This should help the GUI speed tremendously.
  • The multithreaded Finder should reduce the spinning 'beach ball' problem.
  • Sherlock is no longer the file searching engine, it's become Watson (and from the screenshots, it looks like it is Watson!).
  • A new search function integrated into the Finder.
  • gains rules and global searching.
  • USB Printer sharing and spring loaded folders return.
One interesting observation on the Jaguar product page has to do with screenshots. The AddressBook and Sherlock images are both "metallic" themed, whereas they are clearly "Aqua" apps in OS X 10.1. Mail and the Finder, however, are Aqua. This seems to be a disparity to me -- why would they change the interface on Sherlock and the Address Book while leaving Mail and the Finder alone? Is it possible that Jaguar will feature alternative non-Aqua themes? If not, why would they have two such dramatically different looks for Mail and Address book?

I'm not sure when we'll see this ("late summer" to me means September or October, so anything before that is a bonus!), but it looks like a must-have upgrade, even if I do need to send Apple some money for it (I'm guessing it will be $29.95 or $39.95 ... answer the new poll and share what you'd be willing to pay for the added functionality).
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Metallic vs Aqua
Authored by: j0nathan on May 06, '02 05:09:26PM

I'm guessing here but it seems to me that the difference between the aqua and metallic interfaces has to do with iApps and Apple's digital hub strategy. Any application that has a role in the digital hub is given the metallic interface - iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto and QuickTime already have it - Address Book, iChat and Sherlock fit in the same category. Mail is, well, just Mail and has many counterparts on this and other platforms.

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Isn't Aqua good enough for Apple?
Authored by: Bishop on May 06, '02 08:04:22PM

After using MacOS X for 7 or so months I can say I've gotten a fairly good notion about what it's all about. I can't help to think that every time I use Classic or an OS 9 machine and the old platinum interface pops up, it looks clean simple and efficient. I'm not saying we should go back to the platinum look and feel but isn't it time Apple took themes seriously and supported them? As far as I know Apple have always been against themes, and I understand why. From a company perspective it is good if everyone realise what it is. On the other hand since Apple "avoids" the Aqua look in many applications and use the "brushed-metal" look instead (which remindes me of platinum) something must be wrong in the kingdom. Any thoughts on this?

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Metallic vs Aqua
Authored by: dsaponaro on May 06, '02 08:45:25PM

I have to agree with rob on this. Especialy after taking a closer look at some of apples screen shots. In particular the sherlock screen shot. It is the brushed metal but it also contains a "Hide toolbar widget" currently none of the brushed metal apps have one of these. If they do it reverts back to aqua (ie iphoto when you double click a photo to edit and you have it set to pop up in another window it turns into an aqua window with a "hide widget".) I think apple would want to make everything consistant, like all metal and all aqua. I personaly would love to see this as well as other great themes (Not a ton mind you but maybe 3 realy well done and thought out ones) done by apple.

Anyway sorry about the babbling discuss as you see fit,

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Nvidia or ATI Radeon card required ???
Authored by: baba on May 06, '02 06:31:14PM

Does this mean only a select few machines will actually work with it?

>(32mb VRAM and an Nvidia or ATI Radeon card required)

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Nvidia or ATI Radeon card required ???
Authored by: Anonymous on May 06, '02 06:50:05PM

No the spiffy gfx card is only required for Quartz Extreme; if you don't have one you'll just get Quartz "Normal" (aka slow), probably tweaked a bit anyway in the Puma->Jaguar process.

Now I need to buy a new Mac =( My iMac 700 isn't even a year old. Next time it's a tower for me. I want expandability, and I'm willing to trade cost for it!

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After market card...
Authored by: robg on May 06, '02 06:51:03PM

Hmm, might have to go shopping for an NVidia or ATI card for my aging G4/350 at work. A graphics upgrade would keep it viable for a while longer! ;-)


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After market card...
Authored by: Pat_Gilmour on May 07, '02 05:08:44AM

Yeah, but what if you use a Powerbook?
I have a last generation G3 Firewire PB (Pismo, I think it was called) 400mHz that uses an ATI (AGP) Rage M3p-parent card. Will this mean I won't see any GUI impovements?
This machine in 1 year and 4 months old.If is can't run latest software I will feel it wasn't that good an investment.


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AGP *2x*
Authored by: MattHaffner on May 07, '02 11:36:22AM
At least one of the keynote reports I read specifically mentioned that you would need a 32 MB card and AGP 2x. So that would probably leave both you and the previous poster (G4/350 has AGP 1x, AFAIK) out in the cold (& slow). Me as well with my PCI B&W rev.1 G3. Just as long as it's not required for the 10.(release-to-be-named-later) upgrade, I can deal with it. :)

I would be surprised if we didn't see some improvements anyway, but it won't be hardware accelerated.


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Nvidia or ATI Radeon card required ???
Authored by: elcuco on May 07, '02 06:06:44PM

Apple's website states that any Nvidia or ATI Radeon will work; 32mb is recommended. It will work on a Radeon 16mb (Tibooks), it just won't be as fast.

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ibook ATI Rage
Authored by: klez23 on May 07, '02 06:14:50PM

so they're not bothering to accelerate the graphics for the ibooks that they're currently selling? doesn't that seem a little ridiculous?

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ibook ATI Rage
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on May 07, '02 07:41:49PM

The problem with laptops is you are never going to get the same performance as on a desktop system, because you have to run off of a battery. They probably can't get the older graphics chips to do what they need anyway, so nothing will fix that.

People should expect that laptops will always be slower than desktop Macs ... you trade performance for portability. If you bought an iBook thinking it would be as fast as a G4, you didn't think it through enough.

If you could fit a highend graphics card in your iBook.. with the extra fan and all, you will still need a car battery to run it!

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Apple kills iBook
Authored by: radfordr on May 07, '02 07:47:43PM

With the new hardware requirements for a fast OS X, Apple has killed the iBook as an OS X machine. Who is going to buy a computer that Apple has already announced that it will not support in the future?

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Apple kills iBook
Authored by: sfn on May 07, '02 10:27:26PM

It is supported. It runs OS X just fine. It will only get better with Jaguar. For extra performance you'll want a better machine. That has how it has always been with the Mac or any computer.

Who knows maybe regular old Quartz will get some hardware acceleration too, just not anywhere near the level of Extreme.

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Apple kills iBook
Authored by: radfordr on May 08, '02 09:26:43AM

By announcing graphics card acceleration of OS X, Apple is admitting that OS X needs a speedup beyond what Apple can do with simple CPU speed. Previously Apple said for us to wait for optimization. Now they are saying that machines they are currently shipping are not good enough. Who is going to buy a computer that even the manufacturer says isn't good enough to run the operating system?

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I completely disagree...
Authored by: robg on May 08, '02 11:29:07AM

I use my iBook with OS X a ton. I have zero speed complaints about it. Could window resizing be a bit quicker? Sure it could. Does it affect my using the system? Not in the least.

It's not like the iBook won't benefit from the multi-threaded Finder, new compiler, and other tweaks that are going into Jaguar. They'll all help, and these new features will be very nice to have on any machine.

By your logic, the iBook was dead the day Apple announced that OS X had native multi-processing support and Altivec acceleration. The poor old iBook has but one processor, and it's a G3 -- so it can't take advantage of either of those speed enhancing technologies, either. Shouldn't it have been declared dead the day OS X shipped? Just like those two technologies, Quartz Extreme is a speed enhancement available on those machines which are capable of supporting it.

If you really want to declare your iBook dead, though, go ahead -- I'll buy it off you cheap if you want to sell!


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Logic ..
Authored by: BuD-TheDude on May 08, '02 11:51:53AM

This is silly. Ever used a dual 1GHz? It runs aqua *just* fine. Even going down to a slower, single CPU; that runs aqua *just* fine. Apple is admitting nothing. They did promise optimizations: remember 10.0.0 -> 10.1.4? I have full faith that Jaguar will make similar leaps and bounds, perhaps not as drastic. I am sure I don't have to state the obvious that those are optimizations at an incredible level. A new iBook will run Jaguar quite speedily ... but inherently not as fast as whatever the current Pro line offers.

Apple is just offloading some tasks to the GPU to free up the CPU. This is not a confession to the slowness of OS X, but rather its commitment to Apple's dedication to keeping improving OS X in every way possible. This is *innovative*(although I think NeXT needed this too).

So the situation at Apple is: Just developed a new OS that is incredible in every way, jumping leaps and bounds beyond anything Classic could *ever* do, all with great speed. Now they have developed a method to speed up the OS even more. WHAT SHOULD THEY DO WITH THIS? Should they hold off on a technology because some of their models wont be supported? Or should they release it and let a select and large group of people reap the benefits?

Answer: release it.

Answer me this: Why should they not have released Quarts Extreme?

If they did not release it, you would have the idea in mind that Jaguar would run wonderfully on an iBook. But since they did, you think an iBook is too slow. The masses are .. silly.


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This is why address book is metallic...
Authored by: HAL9000 on May 06, '02 10:53:04PM

"why would they change the interface on Sherlock and the Address Book while leaving Mail and the Finder alone? Is it possible that Jaguar will feature alternative non-Aqua themes?"

Here's what I think...

They are making the Address Book look different for the same reason that they made Quicktime 4, Sherlock 2, iPhoto 1, iTunes 1 + 2, iDVD, iMovie 2, and soon to be iChat metallic. They started the brushed metal theme with Quicktime 4. They never changed the OS/themes. Then there was Sherlock 2 with OS 8.5. There was no change in the OS with this either. Then there was iMovie, iTunes, iDVD, and iPhoto. Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing. I don't see why this is even a question. Apple likes this look, but not enough to go with it for the whole system. It is sort of a distinction between normal apps and iApps I guess. I think that apple will continue to use this look for iApps and iApps only, until it gets boring and they move onto some other look (I would predict that this will be in maybe a year or 2, though I could be way off).

As for the screenshots of Sherlock 3, I don't think it looks a whole lot different. sure it has new features and the area for the buttons at the top look a bit different but the basic metallic look is about the same. The only reason they updated the look of this is because it is a major version update and they sort of want to distinguish the different versions from each other.

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Why Address Book?
Authored by: robg on May 07, '02 12:27:32AM

So Address Book is an iApp because it works with iChat? OK, I'll buy that, but then why isn't Mail metallic?

It just strikes me as inconsistent. Either make all Apple apps Metallic and the system Aqua, or vice versa, but this splatter effect is a bit confusing...

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what really happens in (some month later than July and earlier than December).


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Why Address Book?
Authored by: HAL9000 on May 07, '02 02:42:25PM

Because mail isn't an iApp.

Maybe apple still wants to have at least ONE program that is aqua-lickable instead of metal-weldable :-)

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Why Address Book?
Authored by: ret on May 10, '02 12:00:55AM

Maybe Address Book is also considered an iApp because of its interaction with the iPod?

As long as it stops Unexpectedly Quitting whenever I try to search it I'll be happy.


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Well, a needed improvement...
Authored by: mccabem on May 07, '02 01:16:34AM

"Sherlock is no longer the file searching engine, it's become Watson (and from the screenshots, it looks like it is Watson!). "

I've thought Sherlock sucked as a replacement for the old time Cmd-F Find File utility. Find file was supremely simple and greatly capable.

In this capacity, Sherlock is neither....

Welcome Sherlock 3!!

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Address Book, iApps, and Metallic
Authored by: joelr on May 07, '02 01:30:45AM

Here is my .02 ...

As others have said here iApps are going or have gone Metallic. This is consistent and makes sense since all current iApps are Mac only and Apple wants to distinguish these iApps even further so on Mac OS X.

Why Address Book? Where other iApps were born iApps (iTunes, iDVD, iChat, etc) Address Book is an iApp and it doesn't know it yet. I think that Apple is laying the foundation for some sort of hand-held, tablet, or other as yet unfathomed iDevice, this rumor is endless I know but I don't think it would persist unless there was some truth. When Apple does something it makes it a point to do it way way way better then anyone else (i.e. the iPod, even the Cube to some extent). I think this makes even more sense after today. Not a lot has been made mention of it but Ink is a new app they announced today, hand writing recognition system wide....

iPod has been very successful. Certainly in ways Apple didn't intend, What with all the different things and information you can "sync" to the thing. With the new 10gb iPod you can now officially sync your Apple Address Book. Not a giant leap to sync a metallic Address Book (iContacts?) with a future iDevice. On Apple's "Jaguar" page they tout Cell phone - Address Book integration.

I think the thing that is holding up such a device is a affordable hi-res color lcd. Apple killed mono-chrome with the Newton to bring back anything less then 16bit and maybe even 32bit color would be counter to Apple's current do it better or don't do it attitude. Apple is willing to take time to get it right and I'm willing to wait.


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Address Book, iApps, and Metallic
Authored by: saint.duo on May 07, '02 02:11:11AM

heh, actually there WAS full color newton about the size of the 2000/2100, but it never got released before Jobs(?) canned the Newton project.
Wish they would've released it. oh well...

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Address Book, iApps, and Metallic
Authored by: balthisar on May 07, '02 06:27:34AM

All the rumors speak of an Apple-branded Palm, which would be cool -- the Palm OS with some Apple-specific goodies. With one caveat, the BEST possible thing (today) that Apple could look at would be the high-end Sony Clie. My 760PNG is awesome:

o Double-resolution (4x pixels) of a standard Palm
o Plenty of colors (16 bit - 65536 colors)
o MP3 Player (well, it's not 10GB, but 136MB is okay for me)

The "caveat" I mentioned is the damn thing doesn't work with my Macs -- it's not even supported! (Work is PC, where I use it anyway).

I was horrified when my Palm V died a wet death, but THIS is an awesome PDA.

I *do* have an original Newton 2100, and as old as it is, and even with the grey-scale, it's still by FAR a better PDA overall -- but it's too HUGE to do anything with at work.

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Address Book, iApps, and Metallic
Authored by: Mosaic on May 07, '02 08:57:35AM

Labels? Where are the Labels! Yes I love everything and am not hear to gripe, but with over 75,000 file, Labels is the best way to keep files organized in the same folder.

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Why 10.5?
Authored by: MarkProgrammer on May 07, '02 09:10:44AM

Okay, this is a pet peeve of mine, but I really hope Apple doesn't name their new operating system "OS 10.5." I'm not a fan of arbitarily jumping numbers because the update is too big to warrant a sequential numbering scheme. It's a totally arbitrary distinction ("hmmm... the new upgrades and features make this look like a 10.7 to me..."), and I see it as little more than a marketing ploy. Besides, it'll make all the little kiddies sitting in their future computer history classes have to remember that there was no version 10.2, so we'll be setting up future generations to fail their tests, all so we could make a statement ;)

That having been said, I like what I see... a lot. I'm not a huge fan of the brushed metal interface (I have an iBook SE, and it really dislikes drawing iTunes windows), but I'm really looking forward to graphics acceleration support in Quartz... my poor SE's starting to show her age, and she's not very old (well, not in human years...)

Take care,

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Why 10.5?
Authored by: Jay on May 07, '02 11:39:36AM

I agree, it is a blatant marketing gimmick. However, don't you think Apple is afraid of 11? I think they might slow down the numbering to avoid having to deal with OS XI or 11 or whatever they're going to call it.

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Why 8.5?
Authored by: robg on May 07, '02 12:06:03PM

They've done it before. 8.1 -> 8.5, with nothing in between. The entire positioning of that page is that Jaguar is NOT 10.2. They call it the "next major upgrade" to OS X. Major upgrades have historically been more than .1 increments. And yes, it's arbitrary, but I don't think there's any argument that there's more content added from 10.1.4 -> Jaguar than there was from 10.0.4 -> 10.1.

As for what to do about eleven ... my personal guess is that OS X will start to become known as "OS ex" instead of "OS ten" and then "OS ex version 11" makes some degree of sense. They clearly have a brand here with the X, and it wouldn't make much sense to move away from it too quickly.

In short, who the hell knows ... I'm just along for the ride, and it's been interesting so far! ;-)


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Why 10.5?
Authored by: Dephex Twin on May 07, '02 12:46:59PM

This version numbering scheme is very common practice. And while every company might have their own particular rules for version numbering, the system has evolved into something that can convey the degree of upgrade pretty well (e.g. version 1.0 -> 1.0.1 = bug fixes & minor stuff, 1.0 -> 1.1 involves small enhancements, etc).

There's no reason to think of the jump from 10.1.4 -> 10.5 as arbitrary, because the entire numbering scheme itself is arbitrary and subjective. The idea behind it is conveying information. This is why there are even decimal places at all. Otherwise, why not just have version 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on... because with decimal places we convey that every upgrade is not equal.

The difference between 10.0->10.1 is much smaller than 10.1->Jaguar. Why adhere to an arbitrary numbering scheme and call it 10.2 if that doesn't reflect the amount of new features?

I can understand being annoyed if it is pure marketing (like Netscape skipping 5, for example). But this upgrade looks like it will have a lot of new stuff. The name will make users think of 8.1->8.5, and I think that's right on.


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iDont know anything...
Authored by: taikahn on May 07, '02 11:50:02AM

All the iApps are not Metallic. iDVD 2.0 is not metallic in anyway. Also, AdressBook and Sherlock are not iApps... It makes no sense. There is no rhyme or reason, Apple does what they want, when they want, the way they want, Period. Some day it will all change and all you lemmings will argue over why and how. Who gives a *censored*, just try to enjoy it and learn how to use it.

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Metalic skins? READ THIS!!!!!!!
Authored by: markpaterson on May 07, '02 01:00:15PM

To quote spymac....

"The incredible good looking metal interface (see iTunes for example or Quicktime) is now officially part of the UI and can be turned on and off in Project Manager with the click of a mouse. "

Ever known spymac to lie?

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Authored by: Viridian on May 07, '02 04:56:39PM

Actually, the new Address Book is an iApp; it's like iTunes for vCards. Apple's support of Bluetooth makes a lot more sense now; imagine managing your contacts on your Mac then synching wirelessly with your PDA or cellphone, a la iPod and iTunes.

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USB printer sharing?
Authored by: martyl on May 07, '02 10:41:38PM

While I'm dying to see USB printer sharing in the next release, it isn't mentioned anywhere I was able to see in all the info I've read. Is this a definite (and long overdue) feature addition? And while I'm still dreaming, any word on Airport Software Base Station? (yeah, I know, there are 3rd party apps and hacks to make this work, but I'm wondering about an official Apple SBS)


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SBS on apple's site
Authored by: skier on May 08, '02 10:28:17AM

This might be of help to you. Looks like it will be included in future releases.

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USB printer sharing - YES
Authored by: robg on May 08, '02 11:35:54AM

USB printer sharing was mentioned yesterday - it's on the list of features. There's a line about it on both Spymac and the new MacFixIt Jaguar notes page (I added a link to the main body of the hint).


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