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PR Digest #1 Press Rel
I receive many Press Release submissions. So many that if I chose to publish all of them, then they would make up a large percentage of the 'hints' here on the site. Since that's not the primary purpose of macosxhints (VersionTracker, macosxapps, MacNN, and others already do a fine job of covering new releases for OS X), I have generally chosen to ignore the Press Release submissions. That doesn't seem quite right, either, as there may be some announcements of interest to macosxhints readers which don't get covered elsewhere.

As an experiment then, I give you the first (and possibly last?) Press Release Digest. This article covers all of the PR announcements I've received in the last two weeks (April 22 to May 3). If the feedback is positive, I'll publish one of these every couple of weeks with all the relevant new or udpated Mac OS X products. I will not publish PR blurbs which contain nothing specific to OS X, and I will not publish individual PR blurbs. If you are a registered user, you can use the Preferences function to disable any hint category you wish, including Press Releases. Please use the comments function on this article to let me know whether you like or dislike this PR Digest concept, or just drop me an email with your thoughts.

This first PR Digest contains information on:

New Products: CCEdit, ImageEdit, Daydreamer, Galactic Patrol, AquaGrep, PageSender

Updated Products: SwitchPic 2.01, Impasse 1.2.1, MacBreakZ 3.2, PocketBackup 1.02, Snax 1.2.8, Suck It Down 1.2, Revolution 1.1.1, Scheduler 3.1

Read the rest of the article for the descriptions and links.

New Products:
  • CCEdit - Change creator codes [mailware]
  • ImageEdit - Quickly rename, resize, and turn JPEGs [mailware]
  • Daydreamer - Display webcam images and create time lapse movies from them [shareware $10.00]
  • Galactic Patrol - Space-based shoot 'em up game [shareware $20.00]
  • AquaGrep - Aqua front-end to UNIX 'grep' command [shareware $9.95]
  • PageSender - Send anything you can print as an email or eFax [shareware $19.95]
Updated Products:
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re: PR digest
Authored by: crarko on May 06, '02 09:32:45AM

With all the other places to get that kind of info, I think this is an unneeded feature. It just takes up your time, and dilutes the utility of the site. You don't need to have a 'one stop shopping' kind of experience here. Just keep on being the best at what you do now. Which you are.

IMHO. :)

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re: PR digest
Authored by: mervTormel on May 06, '02 04:37:45PM


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Work for me...
Authored by: Mithrandir on May 06, '02 09:50:43AM

This sort of thing is always welcome as far as I am concerned. As long as it doesn't take away from the rest of the site and as long as you don't get too carried away with it, this is a Hint site after all. For developers, like myself, any and all publicity is welcome and MacOSXHints would be a great site to be featured on.


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Not here too...
Authored by: Elander on May 06, '02 11:10:13AM

There are so many "new and updated" sites around, another one is not needed.

If you want to provide this information, why not do so on a separate page?

Personally, I use an automated check of versiontracker (MacReporter, also checks this site for new headlines), and that is probably more than enough for most peoples needs.

If this can be a source of revenue for you, by all means go ahead, but please: don't run the announcements amidst the regular headlines.

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OK but not needed here
Authored by: Welles Goodrich on May 06, '02 12:41:29PM

I generally agree that such an additional digest of new OSX software releases isn't needed here but I check out VersionTracker daily. What I do like is when someone reports in the forums on new software which they find particularly valuable (and how they use them to enhance OSX).


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Vote against
Authored by: EternalTedium on May 06, '02 06:07:59PM

I second the opinion on not needing this feature. VersionTracker is more than sufficient and I don't even understand why some of "the other sites" run similar listings.

MacOSXhints is great the way it is! Don't change anything :-)


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Thumbs down on PR digest...
Authored by: joelr on May 07, '02 01:50:56AM

Keep the Hints in "Mac OS X Hints". There are other avenues for people to learn about new apps. To echo a previous poster I would love to hear about new apps though if someone found some new or interesting way of doing something with them. However that should come from some user not some marketoid. Keep doing what your doing!


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Thumbs Sideways on P.R. List
Authored by: ihafro on May 07, '02 04:51:29PM

I think maybe go down the middle road. Maybe 2 times a month. Keep the digest simple. No introduction, just a list of programs and a small blurb. Keep it off the main page though. If we want to see the press release, I can click on the link. I believe that anything more would detract from this site and take up extra time. I wouldn't spend more than 10-15 minutes on it.

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Press Releases are good
Authored by: jmil on May 07, '02 01:47:03PM

I think some of you may be over-exaggerating the impact these press releases may or may not have on your macosxhints experience. The beauty of the geeklog software used to display this website is that it is customizable. If you never want to see press releases again, login to this site and change your "Display Preferences" to reflect that wish. I think a Press Release digest is an excellent idea - it's there for people that want it, but can painlessly be blocked by people who don't wish to see it.

Please keep this category


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Press Releases are good
Authored by: xchanyazy on May 07, '02 03:26:52PM

I agree with jmil - I think in a digest form (once a week/every two weeks) this is a good thing to have, and yet easy to block out for people who don't want it.

I check versiontracker daily, but I usually just skim through the highlighted (blue) apps. I'm in a different mood at this site, and I actually read through descriptions and such. This could help some good software from falling through the cracks.

Besides, if they send something to this site, that means they are at least pretending to care about the mac side of things, which I think is a good enough reason to take a look at their product.

Just my thoughts.

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Against it.
Authored by: Anonymous on May 07, '02 10:30:57PM

There is no need for another product announcement site. This site is a resource for hints and tips that we do ourselves, not publicity for products. Dump the PRs.

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Authored by: mweissen on May 08, '02 02:18:28AM

Adding PR statements to is not a very good idea. It detracts from the usefulness of the site and there are other sites that provide PR and do it better. is unique in that it concentrates on arcane knowledge and tips that really can't be found elsewhere. This site and are the two genuinely useful sites I frequently visit.


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