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Use Eterm as an alternative to UNIX
I don't know if I'm alone with this, but I think that has lots of room for improvement. You don't get syntax highlighting in vim without some trickery, for instance. I used to stick to xterm in OroborOSX. But it's really slow. First I thought it all had to do with XonX, but after having installed Eterm, I see it's much faster, and it has a more accessible scrollbar as well.

For those who haven't heard of Eterm, it's the terminal application of preference with the Enlightenment window manager, popular together with Gnome. It's highly configurable and "themeable" for those who appreciate such things. If you have fink installed, installing Eterm is as simple as:
% sudo apt-get install eterm
[Editor's note: Eterm is a very nice terminal program. I trashed my fink installation tonight on accident, but it only took about 20 minutes to get it all running again, with eterm installed. Wiht lots of unique themes and fast scrolling, it's a nice alternative to the OS X]
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Authored by: Areh on May 04, '02 06:23:39AM

apt-get yields an error: "command not found" ?
Can somebody help please ?

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Authored by: lastobelus on May 04, '02 07:41:34AM

have you actually installed and configured fink? -->

if you have installed fink, you need to make sure the following line is in you .cshrc file:

source /sw/bin/init.csh

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Authored by: GreyArea on May 04, '02 07:50:50AM

You then need to run:

sudo apt-get update

This will download the list of known software. After that you can then run:

sudo apt-get install eterm

and it will download both eterm and all required dependencies. About 19Mb of them, in fact.

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add to path
Authored by: macubergeek on May 04, '02 09:03:58AM

You need to add /sw/bin and /sw/sbin to your path

cd to your home directory
cd Library
mkdir init
cd init
mkdir tcsh
cd tcsh
touch path
do echo $PATH and paste the output after ${PATH}: below
this file path should contain the following all on one line:
setenv PATH ${PATH}:

at the end tack on /sw/bin and /sw/sbin

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I prefer GLTerm
Authored by: eisforian on May 04, '02 01:51:04PM
I'm an avid fan of GLTerm. It may not support transparency but allows you to use the standard X11 fonts (with ASCII art characters) including Shine 5x10 which is great for tiny laptop screens. It's incredibly fast -- in fact, it's much faster than any of the terminals I use under XDarwin, and it's refresh rate is even adjustable. It's $10 shareware, but it's well worth it.

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I prefer GLTerm
Authored by: osxpez on May 04, '02 07:20:43PM

I downloaded GLTerm. It seems plain awesome. It's fast! I'll try it for a few days. $10 seems like a bargain.

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I prefer GLTerm NOT
Authored by: WillyT on May 05, '02 08:39:42AM

GLTerm doesn't seem to handle ANSI properly. Yet XTerm displays ANSI correctly. But of course we know how the messes up. Will try ETerm when I'm finished compiling.

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no display
Authored by: stoej on May 05, '02 12:23:58PM

i just get
> Eterm: can't open display (null)

do i need XDarwin or what(i've installed Eterm with apt-get)?

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no display
Authored by: osxpez on May 05, '02 01:16:39PM

Yes, you need XDarwin. Sorry about that. I forgot to mention. XDarwin opens up a whole world of open source applications for you so you should consider installing it anyhow.

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xterm is not slow as such
Authored by: thunderbear on May 06, '02 05:18:36AM

xterm depends a lot on the speed of the X-server.

I have found that the latest version of the XDarwin port of the XFree86 server is rather fast in rootless mode, and that it - for me - is the OroborOSX that slows it down.

The default configuration of XDarwin should be ok for most purposes.

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slower than Eterm
Authored by: osxpez on May 06, '02 05:25:35AM

That migh tbe so. But my experience with XDarwin in full screen mode is that many things are a bit slow. xterm scrolls rather slowly regradless. But Eterm is always faster. Probably more than three times faster.

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