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Microsoft OS X app windows are dock-aware Apps
If your dock is hidden and an IE window is where the dock will show up, use either the menus or the show/hide dock shortcut (command option D) and the IE window will move up and resize itself so the dock has room. It will either move up until it is out of the way or it will move all the way up and resize until its bottom is at the top of the dock. It also works on the left and right sides of the screen.

[Editor's note: Although this isn't really an OS X hint, I thought it interesting as it is a behavior that we may see as more apps become "dock aware". Office v.X apps also exhibit this behavior, and they're a bit smarter about it - when you hide the dock again, they re-expand to their full size. Anyone notice similar behavior in other programs? And for the more more technical readers, are there hooks in the APIs that make this easy to implement?]
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What a coincidence.
Authored by: Viridian on May 03, '02 11:53:47PM

I was just admiring this behavior in Excel this morning and speculating about Appleworks 7. Apple doesn't seem particularly concerned about the expiration of their 5-year agreement with Microsoft. Could it be because Appleworks 7 is going to be a killer? Personally, I think that Office v.X is a good but not great application suite. It has enormous power but much of its functionality is hidden beneath layers of needless complexity, and I'm longing for something that combines the functional features of Office with the ease of use and marvelous integration of Appleworks.

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Authored by: bhines on May 04, '02 08:54:35AM

Yes, this is very easy to implement.

In Cocoa, it's free, of course.

In Carbon:

1. You get a kEventWindowConstrain carbon event whenever the dock moves, or the screen res changes.

2. Always use GetAvailableWindowPositioningBounds() instead of just clipping to the screen like you did on OS9. GetAvailableWindowPositioningBounds takes the dock and menu bar in to account.

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Authored by: Anonymous on May 04, '02 12:37:04PM

I can't believe this is being touted as a 'feature' of Internet Explorer. IE's Dock awareness is absolutely disgraceful compared to most other apps.

In fact, Internet Explorer is the only application I am aware of that shows complete disregard for the Dock when resizing windows, but then - totally inconsistently - resizes them whenever the Dock's status changes. This is arguably worse than not being Dock-aware at all, as it means that whenever the Dock's status changes, IE windows jump about all over the place.

This is a bug, not a feature.

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Yet another reason...
Authored by: robg on May 04, '02 01:08:14PM

... I use Mozilla ;-)


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Authored by: rmobrien on May 05, '02 06:42:59PM

OmniWeb won't put a window behind the dock in the first place. I condider that to be true dock-awareness. It won't even place a new window such that the re-size widget is off-screen.

I find it curious that the Finder a) will place new windows so that they are either behind the dock and/or the re-size window is off-screen, and b) does not respond to the Dock hide/unhide trick.


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Yet another Reason....
Authored by: ihafro on May 04, '02 06:47:26PM

Now, if only someone would make a browser as beautiful as OmniWeb, have the tabbed browsing of Mozilla, and give me the side bar from Explorer (let's face it, page holder is handy); I'd really be happy. I guess what I am asking is....Apple, where is iWeb!!!!!!!! :)


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BBEdit problem as well...
Authored by: Anonymous on May 05, '02 11:40:51AM

BBEdit has the same "feature". I have to hind the dock just to resize a window?! Very irritating!

Chimera is slowly becoming my browser of choice. When it is out of Beta stages look out IE!

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