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Epson scanners and TWAIN support in Photoshop Apps
I'm not sure how I did it, but now my Epson scanner works with Photoshop 7 in OSX, through the TWAIN plug-in.

I'm not sure because I just tried and ... my Epson Perfection 640U was seen by PS7, for the first time. What did I do? Not sure... But I can try to figure the steps. I want to share this with you, specially because of Epson's poor OSX driver support.

Read the rest of the article if you'd like some additional info on TWAIN, Epson scanners, and Photoshop 7. This hint regarding TWAIN and Canon scanners may also be of interest if you're trying to get this working...

So, here it is. I purchased PS7 a week ago, installed everything in OSX 10.1.4. I was first interested in verifying if my scanner would be detected. I noted there was a TWAIN plug-in in the usual PS Plug-In folder, so I thought "That's it!". The fact is that my scanner was not even listed in the "Import" options :(

Some weeks ago, Epson announced a trial version of its TWAIN plug-in for X (Epson Scan to File), which installed the version 5.54A Trial in Library -> Application Support -> TWAIN -> TWAIN Data Sources. The Epson app worked well, opening the TWAIN driver and seeing my scanner. So, I was thinking PS7 would do so, too. But no chance with PS7 :(

Well, I know the excellent shareware VueScan does the job, so does Photoshop 6 in Classic mode, so that was not the end of the world. But I couldn't accept that PS7 didn't see my scanner, now that I had this new X TWAIN driver. Today, at, I saw a post about a new unsupported driver for the SS2500/SC1200 Epson scanner & printer. As I had nothing to lose, I downloaded it and installed it. But I didn't try it immediatly. In fact, as I was reading the MacNN forums, I saw another post called "Canon Scanners and OSX" in the OSX forum. Inside there was a link to some Canon ScanGear drivers for OSX, so I downloaded them. And I installed them too!

After the restart, the first thing I did was trying PS7 and my scanner. It WORKED! My scanner was listed in the Import options, and the TWAIN driver opened smoothly, as it always did in Photoshop 6. I scannned with no problem, tried every option, all was fine. In fact, it was quite a bit faster than in OS9 and PS6.

Well, I really can't say what happend. All I can do is list the new files these drivers installed in my X Library. As we know, there are no label options in X, so my list is just a guess, I can't swear they weren't there before:

Library/CFMSupport/TWAIN Source Manager.Shlb

The first is version 2.11, the second version 1.90b2. I'm not sure some of the files in System/Library/CFMSupport/ are not new too. But as my admin password was never asked, I guess not. That's all I can say for now, sorry. But i'm really happy: now, OS9 is almost done for me (in fact I only need OS9 for VirtualPC). I hope this helps someone.

[Editor's note: I have neither an Espon scanner nor Photoshop 7, so I can't say I've even come close to testing any of this hint! But, as the author writes, maybe this will help someone.]
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Epson scanners and TWAIN support in Photoshop
Authored by: ckgaparajita on May 04, '02 01:03:44AM
Hey, thanks for the tip! It turns out the Epson TWAIN driver didn't work for one reason -- the folks at Epson forgot to include the TWAIN Data Source Manager. Duh. The Canon installer installed one, that's why the Epson TWAIN driver started working. However, you don't need to install the Canon scanner driver to get the Data Source Manager. Here's how to get the Epson TWAIN driver working: 1. After installing the Epson TWAIN driver, point your browser to 2. Fill out the form with any old name and email and submit it. 3. Download the SDK disk image in the page that follows after you submit the form. 4. Mount the disk image and double-click it to open it. Open "Carbon TWAIN SDK", then "TWAIN" within that. Inside that folder you will see a shared lib called "TWAIN Source Manager.Shlb". 5. Copy "TWAIN Source Manager.Shlb" to /Library/CFMSupport on your Mac OS X system drive. That's all there is to it! Note that the data source manager you installed is 1.9b3. You might want to periodically check back at to see if a more recent version has been posted. Happy scanning! :-)

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Epson scanners and TWAIN support in Photoshop
Authored by: Welles Goodrich on May 04, '02 05:44:36PM


Thanks for your discovery and posting of this item. I has caused me some head scratching for several days. Your's is a perfect tip. My Epson scanner was recognized in less than a couple of minutes for the download and install time. Simple!


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Epson scanners and TWAIN support in Photoshop
Authored by: brettc on Jun 12, '02 07:38:01PM

Thanks for the excellent feedback on setup. I found that the TWAIN driver only seems to work with USB and not Firewire.
Performing the steps of installation just as described still required a "Restart" in order for it to be recognized. Some other weird message about a "copy in progress" came up until restarting which caused it to work.

Message displayed without USB attached:
"Cannot find the Scanner on the bus. Please ensure that it is switched on, ready to scan and the cables are attached correctly."

...Back to VueScan for Firewire support!
...Maybe next time!

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Epson scanners and TWAIN support in Photoshop
Authored by: baertech on Jan 19, '04 12:08:58PM

Thanks for the great info. Unfortunately, that link is no longer available, or functional. Do you have any advice on how to access these files another way? much appreciated, this has been driving my crazy!


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SilverFast for MacOS X - Hooray!
Authored by: Chas on May 04, '02 06:22:47AM
I am extremely pleased with the performance and quality of Silverfast. I was dissatisfied with the quality of scans from Vuescan on my old SCSI Epson Expression 636, it lacked even basic controls for quality scans like eyedropper picking of black and white points, and the color and levels were always wrong, and difficult to adjust. I evaluated it, I never sent in the shareware fee and abandoned it. And I badly missed my favorite Photoshop 6 Classic plugin, SilverFast.

But one day I decided to phone up Lasersoft and ask them if they had an OS X version of SilverFast in the works. They said, "why of course we do, but since it's mostly a PS plugin, it will ship right after PS 7 ships." And indeed it did. And it's excellent. You can get a basic Silverfast SE for $50 purchased online, more advanced (and expensive) versions have incredible features like de-moire (the best I've ever seen) and the ability to generate custom ICC profiles. I've used about every type of scanner, from the 1-bit Thunderscan to a $500k drum scanner, and I've seen about every type of scanner software, and SilverFast is the best I've seen. I don't see how it could be improved. And it's cheap, and I'm cheap, I could buy a new USB scanner $100 but it wouldn't have this good a driver. So check it out at and support the developers that make truly great MacOS X software and keep our legacy hardware running!

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SilverFast for MacOS X - Hooray!
Authored by: Chas on May 04, '02 06:35:10AM

Oh.. I should say that SilverFast supports a wide variety of Epson SCSI scanners, as well as other manufacturers models, including a lot of fancy film scanners. Check their site for supported models. And if anyone knows where I can get an inexpensive document feeder or transparency adapter for an Expression 636, please let me know. Epson wants $500 for a document feeder, they are still available but I could buy a whole new scanner with feeder for that money. I sure hope the TWAIN driver supports my model, Acrobat supports TWAIN, maybe I could get get bulk scanning with a doc feeder to work. Paper documents scanned at 300DPI are at laser printer rez, they come out looking like perfect xerox copies. And Acrobat is incredibly efficient at compressing and storing these scans.

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SilverFast for MacOS X - Hooray!
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on May 05, '02 12:27:22PM

This is great news! I also bought a copy of SilverFastSE a while back to replace that poor excuse for scanner software that came with my UMAX Astra 1220S.

I have been using VueScanX, but I missed the features in SFSE, plus I prefer to scan in Photoshop.

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SilverFast for MacOS X - Hooray!
Authored by: douglasclements on May 27, '02 01:50:27PM


Does not work for me...didn't recognize my scanner (TWAIN or Silver).

Hmmm...SilverFast SAYS 1650 PHOTO, but that's not listed on Epson's selections...I chose 1650. Am I out of the running?

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Re: PS 7 and Epson scanners
Authored by: djstein on May 06, '02 04:09:36PM

I have a 2450 scanner- could not get TWAIN to work. Tried demo of Silverfast(which I love). I checked its log later after scanner was not recognized. It said that all other aspects of the files were unlocked except for TWAIN. I e-mailed Epson woith this information, and downloaded software againt the next day. This time it worked, as does the Silverfast AI demo. Don't know what changed.
OS 10.1.4, Photoshop 7.

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Epson's Scanner Enabler for PS7
Authored by: madmacs on Jun 13, '02 11:09:54AM

Epson has a Scanner Enabler to interface with Twain.

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Authored by: germsteel on Jan 10, '03 08:46:35PM

Sounds like the scanner support/driver situation is dire on OS X.

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