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Possible Norton System Works and 10.1.4 conflict Apps
Don't know if anyone else has had this problem. I have two G4s runing OS X. Only one experienced this problem. After I loaded OSX 10.1.4 on a 867 G4, I could not shutdown with software (logout or shutdown); I had to use the big button. Got my money's worth out of being a Apple Support client by holding one of their techs for two hours to troubleshoot. Bottom line solution: we removed Norton System Works (including Disk Doctor), and that fixed the problem.

[Editor's note: The general feedback around the net regarding System Works has not been positive...]
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Possible Norton System Works and 10.1.4 conflict | 8 comments | Create New Account
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Norton & OS X 10.1
Authored by: Mad Hatter on May 02, '02 11:15:12AM

Might want to try using Boot Config to turn off the Norton startup items.
I did so immediately after and before the restart and its been fine.
I left Norton AntiVirus enabled. None of the tracking deleted files etc.

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Norton & OS X 10.1
Authored by: jyu on May 02, '02 11:32:34AM

Is "Boot Config" a program? Pls tell how to use it in detail.

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10.1.3 too
Authored by: loren_ryter on May 02, '02 11:20:09AM

yeah, same thing in 10.1.3. Deletion tracking was the culprit. I just unistalled NU and now my system shuts down and restarts.

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Drive Saver
Authored by: eo on May 02, '02 12:24:53PM

I had a serious problem with Drive Saver after updating to 10.1.4 (system: PowerMac G4/667). Upon restarting (after the update), I tried to empty the trash and got a kernel panic. The offending command came from a Symantec kext (kernel extension), according to the text which was sprayed across the upper left corner of the screen. I rebooted, then uninstalled all Norton products, and removed the invisible Drive Saver files from each volume.

During all this, I was unable to mount an external firewire drive that was attached to the system - an error dialog said something like "unable to mount this firewire device because there is a problem with it; please run disk utility." Disk Utility refused to fix the problem, saying "Can't open /dev/disk1: Permission denied". Not good.

Rebooted and ran DiskWarrior, which fixed the problem with the firewire drive. However, I still have a lingering problem with the three partitions on the stock internal HD. Trying to run Disk Utility, or even running fsck while in single-user mode, gives this response "Can't open /dev/rdisk0s8: Permission denied". Rather than fiddle with permissions I will just reformat/reinstall someday.

Before all this, all my data/apps were backed up to the FW HD, and all my important data was also on DAT tape, so this was just an inconvience to me -- one that will cause me to advise everyone NOT to use Norton products on OSX.

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Drive Saver
Authored by: eo on May 02, '02 02:44:13PM

Oops, make that "File Saver" not Drive Saver. :-o

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norton solutions
Authored by: santa on May 02, '02 02:16:55PM

I can't remember back far enough to recall when I stopped using the various extensions that Norton Utilities/System Works tries to install. I do mac tech support for a living and I have no problems with Norton Systemworks but...all I ever use is DiskDoctor and Speed Disk on a rare occassion. My guess is that if you ran DiskDoctor from a separate partition or from the CD it would be just fine (although it may cause you to lose custom icons if you aren't careful) least 6.0.3 has been spot on for me. However, all the way back to Norton Utilities when it first came out with DiskLight and other extensions, I had nothing but problems with those system level tweaks. Stick with DiskDoctor and DiskWarrior and you should be good.

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FileSaver is not so bad... when you need it!
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on May 03, '02 06:57:06PM

I had this same problem with the public beta of NUM. As a side note, I also used to disable FileSaver in OS 8/9 because it would hang the Mac at shutdown.

One day, for whatever reason, something told me to re-enable FileSaver and let it update its file on my HD.

The next day, I get home from work and start up my Mac... and most of the extensions were missing! Upon looking at my hard drive, I had a LOT of missing files! I booted from the Norton CD, and it found many directory problems that it could not fix. So I ran Volume Recover... it found the FileSaver info from the day before and restored everything back to normal!

The moral: FileSaver is a valuble thing to use... but it can be buggy. Haven't had any problems with the current version in OS 9.2.2... so far...

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Norton nothing but trouble
Authored by: yoyo52 on May 02, '02 11:39:07PM

I installed System Works when I got it, right after it was released, and promptly got kernel panics--two in two days. I'd never ever had a kernel panic in any version of 10.1 before that. I deleted the software asap.

About DD: afer installing System Works, I booted off my DiskWarrior CD and ran it to check and fix the HD. It reported nothing wrong. I then ran DW from the System Works CD, and it reported so many problems that I couldn't count them.

Needless to say, I believed DW. Thank God for Alsoft!

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