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Use a Classic-only printer as your OS X printer System
Do you have an old printer that there is no OS X driver for? Well, I took it upon myself to use Acrobat to make a RIP-like device. While writting the AppleScripts for this, I discovered an easy way to print to your Classic printer from X.

First, you need to setup the printer in Classic and make sure it is chosen in the Chooser. Then get a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader and in the Show Info dialog box, chose "Open in the Classic environment" (it might be a good idea to have two copies of Acrobat Reader; one for Classic and one for OS X).

Then do a Show Info on any PDF file in OS X. Pick the "Open with application" dialog box and change the preview app to the copy of Acrobat Reader set to run in Classic, then click "Change All" to apply the changes to all PDFs.

Now, when you try to print from an OS X app and select the "Preview" button, it will open it up in the Classic Reader, where you should be able to print it just like normal.

[Editor's note: The only possible downside I see to this tip is that if you ever have a PDF you'd like to open in OS X, you'll need to drag and drop it onto the OS X Reader (or Preview). Other than that, this seems like a really easy way to use your Classic-only printer as your primary OS X printer.]
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Use a Classic-only printer as your OS X printer | 8 comments | Create New Account
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A little help please
Authored by: shawnf on May 02, '02 10:44:35AM

I attempted to do this through Acrobat 5.0 and it does not give me the
option to "Open Application in Classic" under the show info window.
Are you useing a different version of reader, or am I doing something
wrong? Any info would be appreciated, thanks.

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A little help please
Authored by: andrewgreer on May 02, '02 05:22:05PM

Try 4.0 instead. I just set Acrobat 4.0 as the application to open a .pdf, set it to change ALL .pdfs, and it worked perfectly. I chose Print in Word for X, then Preview, and 4.0 opened it right up! Hope that helps.

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A little help please
Authored by: stevep on May 03, '02 04:29:45PM

I have a pismo laptop w/partitions for 9 and X. It is used primarily on wireless (Airport) ennironment.
I did all this from the OS X environment:
1 Go to Appletalk Control Panel on 9, set to proper ethertalk for normal operation. (port 1 for airport card.
2 Go to chooser and make sure printer is selected in normal manner. If you can't see printer, re-set Appletalk for other ethernet port until you can see printer in chooser.
3 Install Reader on OS 9 Partion and using 'get info' you should be able set the 'Open in Classic' option.
4 Back to 10 environment, find any PDF document and using 'get info' and "Open with Application", navigate to READER on OS 9 that you just modified. Don't use listed programs as you may have several different with same name.
5 Now anything you want to send to the printer you will select PREVIEW and you should notice the rainbow apple in upper left corner and you will be able to print to previously selected printer.

I've had this laptop for 1 1/2 years with out being able to print at home. I'm using an HP 870CSE with a appletalk to ethernet converter and also have an Epson color Printer shared off a iMac and can now print from my laptop to either!!!!!!! Believe me, I've tried every trick in the world to be able to do this. BTW, make sure that you have the driver for the Classic printer and are able to print from that environment. Reboot into OS 9 to verify. WOW

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A little help please
Authored by: bernardreischl on May 03, '02 09:19:48PM


I'm using Acrobat 4 and printing works like a charm. I do love the OSX preview/save as PDF feature. Not really losing any time at all. I do wish Epson would get off their lazy butts and work on OSX drivers for printers like the Stylus 700.

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A little help please
Authored by: wesleykonrad on May 08, '02 02:58:32PM

Wild, That is the exact printer I was trying to get working when I figured this workaround out.

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There has to be a better way.
Authored by: twenex on May 02, '02 08:25:18PM

This has been a big thorn in my side regarding OS X: Not being able to print to classic only printers (like my Sony UP-DP10 photo printer).

This hint, while well intentioned, is a pretty desperate fix if you ask me. There has to be a better way (and it would just be best if Apple fixed thius once and for all).

I've tried using Appletalk, sharing the printer in Classic, and trying to use it from OS X (which can act as an Appletalk printer client), but to no avail.

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There has to be a better way.
Authored by: wesleykonrad on May 03, '02 05:36:07PM

Yes, this is a workaround and not a real fix but that is the best we will ever get. There is no motivation from apple to add more OS X drivers since people will already have to migrate to X and a big chunk of their prime market use postscript printers. The printer manufacturers have zero motivation since they are in the business of selling NEW printers. The only way around this is to get a community with some experienced coders to teach us how to write our own drivers.

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More fatal ...
Authored by: eriks on May 05, '02 05:29:55AM
Instead of starting the Acrobat Reader always as a classic app you may install a second older version of Acrobat reader, I took Acrobat 4.
Now choose the OS X version in the dialog box "Open with application".

Everytime you want to print via "Preview" simply quit the OS X version of Acrobat and start the Classic Version before you print. The preview function of OS X will always choose the running version of Acrobat Reader, whether it is the native or the classic one. If no Acrobat is running the OS X version will be choosen, so you don't need to drag and drop your PDFs on the native version.

All the best!

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